Monday, May 31, 2021

Stacking up the Days, Online Shopping, Responding to the Bell, Vegetable Plants

The Ridge

On Monday, May 31st (last day of the month!) Bill was up early and I’m surprised I didn’t hear him get up. Maybe I did, I’m not sure. I woke up chilly at 2:40 and had a fitful sleep from then until 6:15 when I heard Gibbs barking downstairs. He was trying to grab Bill’s boot laces while Bill was trying to tie them. It is a morning ritual, it seems. Sometimes the spray works and sometimes not. It is a game to Gibbs, more the ‘thrill of the chase’ rather than trying to actually chew. LOL

after Daddy leaves for work, Gibbs takes up post
at the door for about half hour

I got up but I have to admit that I enjoyed the feeling of not having to be anywhere at any time today. My body was protesting somewhat with achy legs and upper arms so the walk and the work in the garden caught up with me. It is always much improved after doing my leg stretches before getting out of bed so by the time I’m downstairs, I don’t need to take anything for easing the aches. 😊

We relaxed in my chair together and these moments
are rare, when he actually sleeps 

After Bill left, Gibbs curled up at the door and slept for a while. I sat at the table with my tea and finished yesterday’s post. I just had pictures to download. The sky was a little ‘iffy’ first thing, looking dark blue but all that did was convince me not to walk right away. Gibbs rang the bell just before 8 so we went out for a short walk down the hill. He had to piddle right away and then pooped on the return trip up the other side. This tells me that he full well knows the theory.

It was a lovely morning

He does love being outside but I kept him on his leash as I wasn’t ready to stay out just yet. I fed him, he ate every morsel rather quickly and then about 15 minutes later, he rang the bell so we went for another walk on the leash. I knew he’d done his business and it was safe to leave him loose downstairs while I had my shower. Sure enough, he slept most of the time. He loves my clogs and drags them around the floor to chew on them. I’d sprayed them with the Bitter Cherry spray before going upstairs and they were left untouched. Good boy!

Another one of Clemson's leftover toys

I went online to my niece’s Norwex party site. I know I’ll be hosting a party on June 11 – 13 but still wanted to place a small order to support her party. Maybe she’ll do the same for me. 😊 After placing the order, I got my Norwex dust mitt out and did all of the woodwork. It actually worked great in the bedroom too, to remove the dust from the closet mirrored doors. Once we take the ‘storm’ windows off the door, I’ll use them on the screens. Supposed to work great.

Gibbs and Ducky (get it? Ducky is the ME on NCIS)
but he is actually chewing on a rubber duck

It was noon hour so I made myself one of my wraps and a coffee. That was filling with some tuna on the side. Bill called to update me on Black Beauty. That was the reason for his early wake up call at 5:30. Our back up camera has stopped working – again. Last spring, summer? We took it to Heinz auto body to get the tailgate fixed and they ordered in a new camera from Leslie Ford and installed it. So, today at L.F. they say they have to replace it. The waiting game of whether or not it was still under warranty begins.

Gibbs is very attracted to our rubber clogs
so I sprayed them today

I wasn’t feeling too energetic today and a had a hard-enough time keeping up with Gibbs each time he wanted to go out. So! I sat around a fair bit and just enjoyed the day. After lunch, I went into Durham to see what vegetable and annuals Foodland had in their greenhouse. I filled up with fuel at Colpepper’s Pioneer station and then went plant shopping.

It seems everything I make is messy and my wraps are
no exception but they taste good!

I found 2 kinds of tomato plants so bought 4 of each. Their peppers didn’t look good to me and were individually potted so I chose some Salvia and some Celosia instead. The latter I’ve had before in London but couldn’t have told you the name. I just think they are pretty. I also found a hanging plant called Bacopa that would work for one of my planters, not in white, as I’d hoped, but in pale purple. 😊 It will have to do.

My new plants will get planted this week

When I left there, I headed for home. It was a lovely hot day and once I returned and let Gibbs out of his crate, the laziness took over. It was a quiet afternoon, in and out, with my book and just relaxing in the sun. Bill got home after 5 and we relaxed watching NCIS until 6. I made omelette sandwiches and they were jam-packed! Eggs, bacon, cucumbers, pepperoni, onions, peppers and cheese. Boy, they were good!

My rhubarb - it isn't as big as it looks

Hardly enough for a pie! But next year there could be

After dishes, we watched one of our favourite movies. The American President came on at 7 and we haven’t seen it for a long time. I think we have our own copy but with nothing else on tv, it was a perfect evening to enjoy it. 😊

A simple supper and we got our eggs and bacon for the day
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around, this was a wonderful slow day. I’m going to be busier for the next couple of days.


  1. Ha. I really like the second photo of Gibbs chewing on the toy. You can see the whites of is eyes!! Serious chewing going on...fierce.

  2. I'm so glad to learn I'm not the only "mom" who sits on the couch while the puppy sleeps. Oh to have a garden again .... but about the time everything gets ripe, I'm gone. Add some strawberries to that rhubarb to make your pie. It would be delicious!!

  3. Gibbs is definitely a smart pup! I guess dogs would have baby teeth too so they're like small children, needing something to teeth on? I don't know as I've never owned a dog.

    Enjoy your planting!

  4. It is always lovely to have a day where you don't have to do anything. It looks as if you enjoyed it.

    I need to pick my rhubarb as well. Perhaps tomorrow.

    God bless.

  5. Nice to have a slow day now and then.