Sunday, May 23, 2021

A Mixed Weather Day, Shed Purge, Rhubarb!

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 23rd we started our day at 7 am. It was good to just lounge in bed for the morning. Bill was up with Gibbs at 6:00, little sleepyhead, and brought him up into bed with us after he went out. No, he didn’t really want to settle down but after letting him wander between us and to the bed edges, he finally conked out. 😊 He’ll get used to it, I’m sure, especially once we get him out of the nipping stage.

A pretty morning

The day started out really sunny at 7, 8, 9 and then it got cloudy and drizzly. Bill had gone out before the fine mist started and emptied our black tank. The chore that he hates the most. Probably the only one he dislikes at all. Then he cut the grass at the back field, the berm, the corral and our sitting area before coming inside. By then it was quite damp out there but he was happy to have it taken care of.

Gibbs's new endeavour
Watching Daddy go upstairs

The attempt and hesitation

And some hesitation coming down

We had bacon and sausages for lunch and after dishes, he went upstairs for a snooze by himself. Gibbs curled up in his bed downstairs and I sat in my chair with my book. Getting closer to the finish line! I hope to finish it tonight. I’d contacted someone on FB’s Marketplace who was selling rhubarb from their personal patch. We set up the time for an afternoon pick up and while Bill slept, I slipped out. 

My irises are always beautiful and these are the short ones

I found their place along Hwy #6 easily using my gps and was in and out quickly. My, was it ever a big patch and about 3’ tall! He had it all picked for me which I appreciated. After telling him about my unlucky streak with growing it he recommended I give my rhubarb another year and I should see progress. 

The sky was about to change again

I have my work cut out for me

Bill was up when I got home and was outside in the storage shed. Gibbs was inside looking after things. I joined Bill and we made good progress out there. Mainly, we needed to clean it up, organize and move the table saw stand in there from the new shelter. 

I noticed the wee beginnings of a hornets nest
in the outhouse
It's gone now!

We have things to purge, some garbage and things to sell. I took pictures of the latter items and posted them on Kijiji and Facebook. Anything we can get for them helps us and we’ll be happy someone else can use them. Bill had moved out to the front field and finished cutting the grass there. Well, of course, he needed to find a bit of excitement in the process. When he came up half way through and said he needed my help, I thought oh-oh.

Gibbs had fun walking up the plank while we cleaned
and purged
He even had fun falling off a few times

Nothing surprises me much anymore when Bill gets on his Cub Cadet. With this new one now, it’s like he can venture just that much farther! 😊 So, with Ptooties backed up and a chain attached to both vehicles, I pulled him out of the muck and the mire down near the pond. Biting my tongue from saying “what the heck were you cutting in there for?”, I left him to it with a grumble but a chuckle at the same time. Boys will be boys.

Bill now has room for his table saw and stand

Garden tools are more organized and neat

On the window side, he still has some tidying to do
but it's a great start

We had chicken nuggets in Rosy the air fryer with a vegetable on the side. It’s a fast meal and we finished it off with black cherry ice cream. We made a call to Marilynne before dishes as we’d been thinking about our loss from 3 years ago today. We lost Bill’s Dad in 2018 and it is a tough day for all of us but especially her. It’s great to have the good memories and also good to know that he didn’t have to go through this Covid nonsense. We miss you in our physical lives, Dad! 💖

Pooped out after time outside

Supper was pretty simple tonight, we weren't overly hungry

After dishes, we watched the tail end of Pretty Woman, American Idol and then later on caught the episode of The Good Witch.  Gibbs had a good time outside with me, following me back and forth from the shed to the lawn. Such a great helper. Now, he’s been sleeping at our feet for a couple of hours. 😉 

The sky was pretty tonight too

What a great day, I feel we accomplished a lot. I think Gibbs will agree. 🐕

Good night!

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. That Gibbs is such a cutie! Every time I see a photo of him, I can't help but smile.

    Sounds like a productive day for everyone, even with a mishap with the mower. Question is, what will you be doing with the rhubarb? Rhubarb crisp, rhubarb and strawberry pie, stewed rhubarb, or maybe rhubarb relish? Can you tell I'm harking back to my childhood?

    Have a great day!

    1. You'll understand too why I laugh a lot at the little guy. :)
      With the rhubarb? All of the above with the exception of the relish. I will keep some out for a dessert tonight, the crisp or stewed. The rest will be bagged and frozen. Childhood memories for sure! I don't know anyone who doesn't like rhubarb.

  2. We got our mizzle very early this morning. We hsd that beautiful sky too.

  3. Forgot to mention that I'm making strawberry/rhubarb pie tomorrow. One of Mike's clients gave him a big armfull!

    1. Wonderful!! Bill has asked for stewed rhubarb first so either that or crisp tonight. :)

  4. Yes Gibbs puts a smile on my face every day too. It's nice that he likes to help.
    Where did you get your Oriole feeder Patsy. A raccoon pulled ours down and broke it. I miss seeing them.

    1. Ah, Gibbs, So loved and so good at sharing it back. It's like we've had him longer than 2 weeks! :)
      I bought the feeder at Home Hardware. It is a nice metal one, my plastic one was stupid and I didn't like it at all.

  5. I hate to say it, but isn't it nice when they just sleep for couple of hours? I meant Gibbs of course!! Happy to see Chippy hanging in there!!

    1. Ha ha, I do have to admit that about Gibbs too. I get to relax. :) I meant to comment under those pictures of Chippy but hanging in is exactly what he's doing! :)

  6. Looks like you got a lot of great spring cleaning done, good job, always so gratifying. I haven't had rhubarb in years and years, what will you do with it? Gibbs is cute, he seems to bring you and Bill a lot joy.

    1. We have been talking about cleaning that shed since we brought the bike home especially. The small shelter only holds the bike, the mower and a shelf unit for our helmets so we had to get the table saw/stand out of there. Now, there is room again.
      Freezing most of the rhubarb, but pies, tarts, crisps and stewed. We love it!!

  7. Love the colour of those Iris. And I can almost taste the rhubarb crisp already!