Monday, May 10, 2021

Short Work Monday for Patsy 😊

The Ridge

On Monday, May 10th, it was 5:30 when Bill got up and went down to let Gibbs out of his crate and took him outside. What a good boy! I heard him whining at 3:30 am but only for a few minutes and he stopped. He did the same when we went to bed so he is settling down really good. It also means that he is getting used to us, and misses us when we’re not around. All good things.💕

Foggy day to start

An hour later coming home, the geese family
was crossing the road

Bill left shortly after 7 for work at Murray’s today and within 10 minutes, I was also out the door. I set Gibbs at the door to his crate but he put the brakes on and needed a little bum push. He’s not stupid! I gave him a little treat (which right now is just his food kibble) and asked him to look after the house. Boy, was it ever foggy out when we left! The country roads were worse but I made it to Durham by 7:30.

Hurrying the family off the road into the field

I wasn’t needed at M’s auto shop today so I was kind of happy about that. Especially with a new baby at home. At the Mat, I was alone so got it cleaned up and after damp mopping the floors was out of there in good time. It looked like Jamie had been in last night, and had emptied cash from the machines and must have done a quick sweep through.

Before eating

After 4 minutes, our little piggy cleaned it all up

There were some empty pop and supply cases so I flattened those and brought 2 boxes home. Back home, I let the little guy out of his crate and took him for a piddle. He’s getting better at ‘on demand’ and went right away. Inside, I filled his little dish with food and he cleaned it all up! Methinks someone is feeling just fine.

Only now do I notice the 3rd bird down in the left corner

Within 10 minutes, he went out for a good poop so that made me very happy too. I made myself a coffee and we sat together in my chair while I did some crocheting. He lets me know when he wants down and goes back and forth between his little bed, which sits by our recliners, and his water dish. Already in 3 days, he knows where to find things easily. Smart cookie! We are also learning, getting better at reacting to his motions.

A sneaky look while sending an email?

Getting warm by the fire

He piddles, he runs and waits for us to catch him

And then he collapses in the grass for a tummy rub

"You put me in a box, Mom?"

Then he slept

This wasn't a bad day but the clouds needed to go away

Gibbs and I hopped in Ptooties, after he had a piddle, and I saw a new side of the little gapher. I mentioned above that I brought a box home from the laundromat. Since we don’t have something for Gibbs to ride in, I was hoping to pick up a small pet carrier somewhere. I found one on Kijiji that didn’t pan out but I’ll keep an eye out. We have doggie seat belts for each vehicle but he’s too small right now for them. Donna suggested a laundry basket but it won’t fit on the floor or on the seat beside me. Otherwise that would have been a good temporary resolve.

Gibbs visiting Daddy at work

So! In this 14” high cardboard box, placed on the floor, with Gibbs and his fuzzy blanket, I started driving. The little squeaky noises and howls that came out of his mouth were hilarious. You’d think I was torturing him! Finally, by the time I reached Durham for fuel, he’d realized it wasn’t doing him any good and he calmed right down. What a character! We drove further to Murray’s. Gibbs wants to see where Daddy works and who he works with. 😉

Billy and Bill were putting a metal roof on Murray's Bunky

Playing with his rawhide chewy

Love this little look

Who me??

We had a short visit, putting a halt to Bill’s work for about 15 minutes and then I drove home to complete silence. Gibbs slept. In the same box. Another piddle before we came in and while he curled up in his bed, I made a cup of tea. I’d planned a decent meal (I don’t believe they are ‘decent’ very often, although Bill disagrees) of pork chops, potatoes and vegetable so the hard part was done. Preparing it is the easy part.

When I returned home the second time, Bill had company at his Hangar

They are sure growing fast

Supper was delicious, kind of like a Sunday meal. The right kind of pork chops, right thickness, fried on the stove has changed my opinion of them. For now. After dishes, Bill made his lunch and I took Gibbs out for a piddle which turned into more. He’s such a little stinker, does a bit of running around to activate things inside his tummy.

More work on our roads

He waved as he drove by

Grading and rolling

When Daddy got home, it was snooze times
for my two sweeties

Today's special visitor eating the orange

When he cleaned out the last of my oranges
I filled them with grape jelly and he came back

We had 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star to watch tonight and it will probably be an early night for me. Not sure why I'm so tired, I guess it’s the wee hours that I’m waking up with someone on my mind. 🐕 This has been a fun day and we know there are many more ahead. Part of my treat today was seeing these lovely birds who came to visit.

Supper was good, chops, mashed potatoes and spaghetti squash

On the way home from our drive, we stopped at Home Hardware
to buy Gibbs his new collar
Of course he got 'love' from the two girls at the door 😃

Good night

Thank you for stopping around!





  1. What a sweet little guy. He's so comfortable and earning so quickly. So lucky to have each other.♥️

    1. He is a joy and will keep us hopping for a while. Each day he is more active and likes to chase us around. 💖

  2. It sounds like you're on the right track with the training. I can't believe that little thing ate that whole scoop of kibble! He must be settling in for sure.

    1. Thanks sis. His little tummy looks like a barrel when he eats but he piddles and poops a lot so that helps. ;)

  3. Sweet and smart!! He's got you wrapped around his little pinkie toe. How could you not be, he's just too darn cute!! There's nothing more fun than watching a puppy play!! Clemson would approve!!

    1. He has us wrapped around all of his little parts! haha
      I agree, Clemmy would approve. :)

  4. Gibbs is such a cute little boy that you'd want to cuddle him all day long. You are doing a good job and I can see him adjusting quickly. The fog we had in our area also and the chilly temps are sure something else for this time of year. The orioles need all the nourishing you can provide as there is very little yet for them in nature.

    1. Thank you Marlene, we're trying our best with him. :)
      Thanks for the info about the orioles, I'll keep the food coming.

  5. Gibbs is a little cutie, and obviously a smart pup. He's a wonderful addition to your life.
    Pretty birds!

  6. The joys of watching Gibbs as he grows and learns what is expected of him. Some of the side shots look like Gibbs is wondering if he did something he shouldn't.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your new baby.

    It's about time.

    1. You're right about that little look. It looks like an "oh-oh". :)

  7. My favorite picture is Bill and Gibbs snoozing.

  8. Gibbs seems to be pretty well trained. He sure is a cutie!

  9. Gibbs is just too cute, those facial expressions! He will be such joy for you two, can't wait to meet him! Dinner looks wonderful!