Monday, May 31, 2021

Lovely Spring Day, Tilling the Gardens, Peony Pop!

The Ridge

When I woke up on Sunday, May 30th it was 6:30. I woke first and was surprised not to see Gibbs in bed with us. Nope, both he and Bill were still sound asleep. 😊 The furnace was running so I waited for it to stop and took my ear plugs out to listen for any sounds downstairs. Someone was tired! Within 5 minutes, I heard a whimper and I slipped out of bed and took the little sleepyhead out.

For the first couple of weeks, we had pillows here so Gibbs
couldn't get behind our chairs
He would crawl under and get confused
Now, he goes behind here to sleep or play 😂

I then went about sorting the laundry while Bill got up and about. Unfortunately, I must not have kept him outside long enough, as Gibbs while running around upstairs had a couple of accidents. Darn, we were doing so good! He does ‘leak’ when he gets excited but who am I to berate that? The poop was unacceptable though and we scolded him appropriately and put him outside right away.

After working outside all morning, I made one of Bill's
favourite things
Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns 

Bill stayed home with him while I went into the Mat to clean and do our two loads. It is a gorgeous day so I brought them home to hang. With that done, I took my tea and laptop outside to the patio table in the shade and worked on yesterday’s blog post. My laptop wouldn’t open for me last night, just gave me a black screen. I have no patience for that so just closed it up. Gibbs was out with Bill so I wanted to be close enough so he would leave him alone.

Gibbs and I went for a walk down the lane on his
leash and I took him off it at the corral point
He runs right to Bill's Hangar looking for Daddy

Bill keeps saying he is Momma's boy but he sure
loves his Papa too, don't you think?

Bill was putting trim on the porch and putting the carriage bolts in to secure the deck to the posts. Both of us are so pleased with this change, having a nice level entry like this is wonderful! Then, when he’d gone as far as he could, he took the tiller up the hill and tilled my garden plot and a couple of spots down the corral hill where it is very uneven and rocky. This will make it easier for him to cut with the riding mower.

Finding noisy things he can play with safely outside

Once he can get pieces off, it gets taken away
I won't bring his inside toys outside yet as they end up
under the Suite and he isn't of the mind at this point
to go get things when prompted 

Now, I can clean the areas up and buy some plants for my vegetable garden. I won’t go crazy with the tomatoes this year since I don’t need to make anything extra. I haven’t fully decided what all I will plant. Tomatoes and peppers for sure. Maybe cucumbers and/or zucchini. Bill isn’t a big veggie eater other than corn, I’m sure you’ve noticed, so no point in planting peas. Hmm, beans maybe?

Bill tills a few hilly rocky spots beside the corral

and along the fence line
I'll pick up the rocks later

I will decide in the morning. Green onions, lettuce and radishes are always a pretty good price when they are in season so I won’t bother with those. I spent the rest of the day outside, pulling the few weeds out of my freshly tilled garden. The earth is so nice now, after 4 years of planting. There are still rocks, mostly the size of an egg or smaller so I picked those out. Gibbs was a big help, playing in the dirt and grabbing the weeds and stones. LOL 😊

The Supervisor making sure things are done properly

Finally, I had to put him inside as I couldn’t keep things out of his mouth at the same time I was working. I do get a laugh out of him and enjoy the time we spend together. Bill was down in the Hangar, making progress on his plane. I’m glad that he is taking a break from the outside work. We could have also gone for a ride on Jazz, it was warm enough, but both decided the priority today was to lay low and relax.

this is the freshly tilled plot on the hill

Our London peonies are popping! Yay!
I wish the flowers lasted longer

I haven’t heard from the fellow who was going to stop in to see the chain saw so maybe he changed his mind. Oh well, I just think he should have let us know. The night isn’t over yet and maybe he’ll be in touch, he seemed nice enough in his texts. 

The garden is ready for planting

Working up on the hill gives me a nice view over our property

With the wagon, I was able to cart my chair up easily

When I finished the garden and was on my own (no Gibbs), I raked and removed the stones and grass/weed clumps from the newly tilled area up on the berm. I didn’t have the energy today to clean up the mess but will get a fresh start tomorrow on that.

Where other trees suffered from the odd spring weather
Goose the Spruce flourished

He is covered in many new pale green sprouts

I came down from the hill and brought my book and Gibbs out. We sat near the Suite and I had him on his long leash so I could relax. That worked for about an hour and I put him back inside. Around and around the base of my chair he went and I had to keep untangling him. What a goof! 

In case you were wondering, the goslings are growing
like crazy!!

Bill joined me around 4 and when I went up to bring the clothes in, he stretched out in the hammock and fell asleep. He didn’t want sun so it was a good spot although he woke up a bit chilly.

The new flower garden is raked, I just have piles of rocks
and grass clumps to remove

At 5:30, Bill lit the Weber Q and began barbecuing the burgers. Inside, all I had to do was get the condiments ready and warm up the buns at the right time. The burgers were good but I didn’t have anything for dessert tonight so I hoped he was full enough. Maybe strawberries, cream and cookies later? 😊 Gibbs ate all of his supper again and when we went out soon after, he took care of business pretty quickly.

Snooze time

I’ve started him using the retractable leash again, the first week was too soon. He just laid down with it then. Today, he walked really good with me down the laneway, staying beside me most of the way. Slowly but surely, we’ll get this little guy trained. There are so many new things for him to learn and he’s doing pretty well!

A side view of our set up
It was lovely today with very little to no breeze most of the day
My kind of day! We reached 19C/66F but felt hotter in the sun

The evening went well, I watched 2 episodes of This is Us that had been recorded and Bill watched a movie upstairs until 9. We came together to watch The Good Witch and that did it for the night. This was a great Sunday, spent with my two sweeties. Accomplishing a couple of things was a bonus! At 9:40 we went out and looked up at the clear sky. It was the first time we've seen the ISS (International space station) this spring. 😊

A juicy loaded burger was more than enough to fill me
but maybe we'll need a salad on the side for Bill next time

A memory from 3 years ago
A visit from Pat, Rob, Ellen, Scott and their pooch
whose name I've 'misplaced'
May 30th, 2018
Clemmy must be hiding
Good night!

Thank you for your visit. This ‘summer-like’ weather can last forever. 😊


  1. It's funny how some puppies really like to chew. They do take a lot of watching!! But he's so cute, how can you scold him for anything? Your peonies are gorgeous!! I may just have to try planting some here. A beautiful day indeed!!

    1. I know he is a puppy and we're trying to scold firmly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. He definitely knows the word NO.
      Peonies are beautiful and pretty easy to grow. ;)

  2. Oh that Gibbs, he's sure an entertainer. Your porch set-up looks great.

    I belong to a gardening group on FB, and someone mentioned if we added up the cost of seed, water, fertilizer, and the time we spent on our gardens we probably wouldn't plant them. But there is nothing better than fresh produce straight from the garden.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Yes, we are kind of suckers for punishment, aren't we? I stuck to peppers and tomatoes this year and may consider cucumbers yet. Can't decide.

  3. Those cinnamon rolls look yummy and then later the burgers! The new flower garden will be lovely! I love a garden, but we'v tried and last year gave it our all and got very little and some plants never grew..oh well. Yours always does so well! Time is certainly flying isn't it?!

    1. the cinnamon rolls are a no no but oh so, yes yes. :)
      I guess our earth is better than some then.

  4. Looks like you had a filling weekend around the Ridge and with Gibbs. That's a tasty looking Burger. Hoping Monday was just as fulfilling.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer weather.

    It's about time.

    1. It was a busy weekend for sure and burgers were a good choice for a meal.

  5. Yup, we do have big geese, male and female. :)

  6. I am coming to your place for a cinnamon bun!!! They look wonderful and now I think I may have to make some.

    Gibbs sure keeps you busy. You will definitely be getting your steps in.

    God bless.

    God bless.