Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sunday Drive and Sunday Ride for Mother’s Day

The Ridge

We were up at 5:30 on Sunday, May 9th. Ah, it’s Mother’s Day. There is a feeling of sadness when I remember that I no longer have a Mom here to wish that message to. So, I posted a message on Facebook for all Mom’s, heavenly or otherwise and moved on with our regular day.

Lovely to see the sun rise this morning

I’d woke at 3:30, removed my ear plugs and listened. I couldn’t hear a peep coming from downstairs. I could see the night light but the crate was tucked out of sight. You know how you are with a newborn baby? If you hear something from the crib, you are almost more relaxed than when you hear nothing. Same thing here. My mind took over and I worried a bit. “what if, what if?”

With the overnight frosts we've been having, I've been moving
my Dragonwing begonia and Dianthus out during the day
and in the Bunky overnight
Soon, it should be warm enough to plant them

Common sense got the better of me and rather than disturb him by checking, I put my plugs back in and went back to sleep for another 2 hours. Bill brought Gibbs out of his crate and took him outside for a piddle and then brought him to bed with us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He was just fine and dandy! What a good little guy! He was happy to be ‘free’ though as he was very rambunctious on top of the covers, rolling and trying to nibble our ears, noses and fingers.

First ride in Black Beauty

Gibbs wanted to sit up on the console
King of the King Ranch

But Kings get tired too

When we got up around 6, I stuffed two pillows in the open spaces where he was getting behind our chairs. Then we let him roam. He likes the bit of carpet left under our dining table and chairs so slept there for a while, in his bed for a while and wandered for a while. He sure appears to be a happy little camper! When Bill wished me a sweet Happy Mother’s Day, I realized that I was indeed a Mom again.

Now you see them peepers

Now you don't

After I finished posting yesterday’s blog, I caught up on everyone else’s writings. Lots of things going on. I read a few posts on Facebook too and saw a picture of someone I hardly recognized! Love the new look, Doug! Shortly after 8 am, we called Marilynne and wished her a special day. At 9, we fed the baby and were both pleased that he ate a fair bit, indicating that he was feeling better today. Yay!๐Ÿ‘

Ptooties got her pretty tires back

My daughter, Bridgette, called at 9:30 to wish me Happy Mother's Day and we had a nice little with her and Chris. Then, the next thing on the list, was to take Black Beauty into town to get some bread and look for something for the little guy to chew on. Gibbs got his first ride in the big truck and sat on the console. Foodland had what we needed but no toy today. In Walmart this week, I’ll find something suitable for Gibbs to play with. 

The cloudy skies didn't make for a perfect ride
but we still enjoyed getting out

Back home, Bill set to work changing Ptooties tires. Time to get rid of the snow tires, maybe that has been the problem with the weather! The sun was out so I took Gibbs outside with me. We ran around a lot and rolled in the grass. He followed me everywhere which is a great sign. It made my day! ๐Ÿ˜Š Bill was still working on the tires when LJ Gibbs and I came in. I prepared a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and also made Bill’s lunch sandwich for Monday’s work.  At 11:30, my son, Patrick, called with his Mother's Day wishes. We chatted about Jazz and Gibbs. Patrick has a Labradoodle so we shared stories.๐Ÿ• 

He favours a snooze under our chairs on the carpet

When Bill finished with the tires, he suggested that it was warm enough to hop on Jazz for a ride. Okay! I bundled up and after securing Gibbs in the crate, we drove to Hanover. We waved hello to Gerry, Donna and Joanne and got back on the highway for home. It was only 10C/48F and since the sun had disappeared behind the heavy clouds, it was chilly. I still forgot my neck scarf which I would have been able to pull up over my nose and chin. Chilly is hardly the word but we still enjoyed an hour-long ride together.

After playing for a bit, we had our snooze on the bed

When we came home, it was only 2:30 and little Gibbs was happy to see us. He came out of his crate and went promptly to his bed. He did pretty good at looking after the house too! He took turns sitting in the chair with me and later with Bill when they had a snooze, Gibbs enjoyed chewing on his rawhide stick. Good! That’ll keep him occupied but he won’t be getting it in the crate unless we’re home. I’d be afraid of him choking. If nothing else, I’m always a Mom.

It is too bad that he just can't relax and get comfortable

There were snoozes in the chair, some crocheting happening, some rawhide chewing and then at 4:30, I went upstairs with Gibbs for my snooze. It’s like he thinks the bed is playtime as he went a little silly. ๐Ÿ˜Š Jumping, rolling and nibbling on whatever he could and then woops! He piddled. Our fault, we should have taken him out after he got up off the chair with Bill. With a "no-no" tap on his nose, we took him out to prove a point.

While sitting in my dining chair, Mr. Jay was watching
me from the back window

Back upstairs, he calmed down and we dozed. I get such a kick out of his little antics. At 5, we came downstairs so I could preheat the oven. Mediterranean chicken breasts with cheddar rice and vegetables for supper. The rice was so-so and neither of us enjoyed it with the cheese soup but we were full when finished.

Supper was good and even though the breast looks small
it was quite enough chicken

We did the dishes and I remembered the strawberry ice cream that I made a couple of weeks ago so I set it out of the freezer to let it soften. We had some later on. While we ate, Gibbs wandered around the Suite seeming quite comfortable. Bill and I were very relieved that our little boy was feeling better today. He is learning where his water dish is as well as his bed. He doesn’t shy away from us now when we approach him, recognizing his new Mom and Dad.

His hearing is incredible, he hears the camera ping before
the click and seems to pose

There is never anything really important on tv Sunday nights so I had my shower before settling in for the evening and Bill followed suit after me. This was a fun day. I enjoyed playing with Gibbs and our ride on Jazz was cool but still a treat to get out for a bit.

The sky was gearing up for a lovely sunset but we were too busy
playing with Gibbs to get a picture.
He chased us both around the front yard.
Good night!

Thank you for popping in. Best Mother’s Day wishes for those to whom it applies!


  1. Gibbs hit the jackpot!! Such a cutie pie!! It's funny how many pictures we take of them sleeping!! He sure looks happy. Keep lots of chew toys around!!!

    1. Thank you! We did too! Crazy isn't it about the pictures? They grow up too quickly.
      I need to buy chew toys, Clemson destroyed most of his. haha

  2. I love the photo of him sprawled out on the bed. What a cutie! Glad to hear he's feeling some better and settling in well.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Clemson never slept on his back but this little guy sure has no problem! :)

  3. Glad you had a Happy Mothers Day with all your kids.
    Gibbs seems to be getting into the routine you need for traveling.
    Be Safe and Enjoy taking pictures.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, it was nice for the kids to call. Bill's girls texted. :)
      Gibbs is training us right. Ha ha