Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A Wet, Cloudy, Cool Day for a Change 😊 Two Special Birthdays, Trip down Memory Lane

The Ridge

On Tuesday, May 11th, you must know when I make that statement that I am being totally sarcastic. We’ve had so many wet, cloudy, cool days lately that when we get a sunny one, it will be like drinking a few margaritas! We’ll be giddy as heck. Well, I will be for sure!

At least the sun was trying to greet us

enough already!

Bill was up early to the bathroom and took Gibbs out for his first piddle. He brought him up to our bed at 5 but I was still tired and all Gibbs wants to do is play and nibble on our fingers and faces. He put him back in his crate and rejoined me in bed until 6 when he got up again for work. He seems to think after being in his crate all night that the bed means playtime. Well, it is but not for puppies. 😊

he was shivering this morning so I covered him up

After my sweetie left, I made my tea and sat at my laptop. It isn’t a nice day out there at all, windy and a cool 2C with the odd pouches of rain. My desire for being outside for any length of time has gone out the window right now so I’m really looking forward to Thursday when sunshine is ‘promised’. Gibbs was out for a run around and his business and I fed him at 9. He sure is feeling good, gobbled it right up.

A lot of winged visitors today

I'll be picking up more oranges on Wednesday
By the end of today, he'd emptied the jam

Around 7:30 I called my daughter. Today is her birthday and I knew that she works from home these days so wouldn’t be driving anywhere. 

Happy Birthday, Bridgette 
My brown-eyed girl 💗

We had a nice chit chat again and it sounds like her sweetie is spoiling her right and proper too! 😊 After our catch-up conversation, we said goodbye and I called my step-daughter. Today is also her birthday – 14 years apart.

Happy Birthday, Jess 💗

Proof of our lazy day and this is early

Changing positions a few times to get comfy

He slept and played and slept some more in his bed for a couple of hours giving me the opportunity to bake some healthy desserts for us. I found a recipe for Keto Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars and a Keto Peanut Butter Pie so they were my challenges this morning. I was finished by 11 and that made me appreciate getting up at 6:30. The day was still young. They are both in the fridge and/or freezer, looking quite tasty.

This is a good one

This one is even better

Better yet

The very best 😂

The winged critters are getting more familiar

The crowned sparrow

Keto Chocolate chip cheesecake cookie squares

Keto Peanut Butter Pie

I started my blog and then sat in my chair with my crocheting. That is one good thing about the cool weather, it is getting closer and closer to being something. LOL It was after my blog was written last night that we had a lovely phone call from our Illinois friends. We met Ken and Nancy our first year (2012) in Silver Lake, MI at Silver Creek RV Resort but didn’t really get to know them.

Our 2nd year at Silver Creek RV Resort

Ken and Nancy across the street from us

The second year, we camped across from each other. This was our second trip with our 2011 29’ 5th wheel Cougar. They had their Frontier travel trailer. We had Clemson, they had 2 boxers. We got along well and planned a yearly meetup by booking our sites close to each other a year in advance. 😊 It seemed that each year after, we all had a different RV .

Third year with our Jayco Designer and first King Ranch

Their new trailer in 2014

The third year, 2014, we met them with our 2010 35’ Jayco Designer, they had a Windjammer travel trailer. See the pattern? We were very much alike! My recollections and pictures of our journeys together make me smile and even laugh. We’d talked a lot in our weeks spent together each year as well as over the phone from our home bases.

2015 We were able to secure a spot beside each other
with our new units

In August 2015, we arrived with our new home, our current Model Suite and Black Beauty. Were we surprised when they pulled in after us with a brand new Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel! 

Rick and Amy were on the other side of us

The connections continued and we enjoyed our new friendship. We traveled to Michigan one more summer to meet our friends and this year, we each had the same trailers but their son and daughter-in-law joined us with their White Hawk travel trailer. Rick and Amy stayed for just a few days.

Nancy and Ken

At noon hour, Gibbs and I went out again to take care of business and he was rewarded with a treat. When he came inside, he was wandering looking for something to get into so I had to stomp my feet a few times to distract him. Gosh, he’s so darn cute! I made a coffee and had a nibble of cheese and pepperonis. I’d had a bowl of cereal with strawberries earlier so wasn’t too hungry.

Someone found my slipper and dragged it around for a while
trying to keep it from me

The sky is getting darker, heavier with clouds as the afternoon wears on. The wind isn’t dying down any either so it is a good choice to stay inside except for the little guys business. I’m glad we found him, it is giving me a responsibility that gets me up and out for a purpose on a day when I have no desire to move! 😊 Of course, that isn’t the only reason. In his bed, Gibbs continued to sleep in many contortions. We laugh because Clemson never ever slept on his back when he hung his head over the edge.

That wind never let up all day

When the little guy finally moved, at each time he moves after a sleep, we go out. We have a little bell hanging on the door as a few have suggested this as a way to teach him to tell us when he has a need to piddle. Gibbs isn’t quite getting the hang of that but we are persistent and will do our best to have him touch it when we take him out. Yes, we’ve had a few little accidents and some ‘no-no half accidents’ but no, we don’t really want to have piddle mats in the Suite as I believe that encourages him to go in the house.

It was a lazy day and there’s no better proof of that then  my pictures of L.J. Gibbs. I made my afternoon tea around 4:30 and Bill was home by 5. 

Supper tonight was sloppy Joe’s for Bill and sloppy cauliflower rice for me. I’ve eaten quite a few carbs recently so thought tonight I’d go easy on them. Gibbs indicated that he wanted up on Bill’s lap in a subtle way (something we want to encourage) for their naps so I started supper around 5:30.

My sloppy rice meal

We heard a noise outside and it was FedEx dropping off my Wayfair parcel. Yay! There are still a few more things to come over the next few days. Supper turned out to be very tasty and it was also an easy meal. For dessert we each had one of my newly baked keto cookie bars. Another success. With dishes done and Bill’s lunch made, the evening was ours to enjoy. I worked on my blog and we watched NCIS at 8.

Bill's sloppy Joe's

This was a really lazy day for Gibbs and I but we enjoyed the time together with no distractions. 😉

We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset
Maybe this is the start of something special 💗
Good night y'all!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Always fun to watch all the different positions that pets put themselves in.
    Like you we can't wait for the more seasonal weather.
    Belated Birthday Wishes to Bridget and Jess.
    Nice going back down memory lane.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Baby.

    It's about time.

    1. We feel our lives are truly enriched and i try not to wish for more but warmer weather is at the top of my list. :)
      Thank you Rick, memories are wonderful especially at times when we can't 'live the travel' life.

  2. Aww. that Gibbs is so precious. Love how he is trying to walk in your shoes. LOL

    1. He has really started following us around more now, we have to watch where we step. :)

  3. Gibbs' sleeping patterns... too cute! The desserts sound great and look delicious!!

    1. Pretty funny, he is an entertainer, more than his namesake. :)

  4. It's funny how some kids sleep on their backs. Cooper has never even rolled over, let alone slept on his back. The bell is a good idea. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, we can only hope it is sinking in to his little head. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Bridgette and Jess! Cute pics of the both of them :) Your desserts turned out awesome! Love the heart. That puppy stage is so cute, kinda like babies :) Gibs is adorable :)

    1. Thank you for the wishes for the girls. The desserts are quite delicious again guilt free. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughters. Little Gibbs is sure a cutie! I'm guessing he's wanting some toys to play with. But of course, he'll chew on a slipper too. :)

    1. Thank you Maebeme for the wishes. I picked up more chewy toys but slippers taste better! The spray is handy and I think it helps.

  7. Ken and Nancy? What? Jerry's cousin is Nancy with hubby Ken and they are RV'ers. Lol. I love all the cute Gibbs positions. Those cheesecake bars....oh my. Those look delicious. I love all the memory photos of the different RV's. It took us awhile to figure out what would work the best. Beautiful sunset....

  8. Wow, that is one cutie pie! I think he's one cutie doggy! We know, because we have a little one, and she's not full of herself, in other words, humble! Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. And if I reguge it out I will send you a picture of her!

    2. He is the new ruler of the house, all wrapped up in 4.4 lbs! :)
      I'd love a picture of your little one. Not sure how to do that either.

  9. Gibbs' sleeping poses are hilarious but I think he is content and happy. I tuck my dogs in with blankets at night. If they get hot they will push the cover off but mostly they cuddle with it.

    1. I like how quickly he adapted to a snuggle bed and blanket. Clemson is happy to share, I'm sure. :)

  10. I'm sure you enjoyed the sunshine today! Send that Oriole up here, will you? And tell Gibbs he looks awfully uncomfortable!

    1. I sure did!! Hopefully less wind Thursday. Sorry, we only have one Oriole, you can't have him! :)
      Looks are deceiving perhaps, I've never tried sleeping like that so maybe it is REALLY comfy! haha