Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A Soup(y) Kind of Day (Inside and Out)

The Ridge

Bill was up and out the door by 7 on Tuesday, May the 4th be with you! Yah, I’m sure you’ve heard that many times. It is another cloudy, wet day. It is getting tiring. My arms are turning into wings and my feet have webbed toes! Almost. Grumble grumble, I know. We got spoiled in March, as my sister says, with a good bit of weather.

The kind of day

Oh well, look on the positive! We are alive and healthy here, sheltered in a beautiful rv, with food and everything else we need out here in the country. Plus! We have nature surrounding us at all angles. There, I feel much happier. I left the house at 7:20 and got to the end of the laneway when I remembered that I forgot (?) the empty water bottle. It’s good practice to back up the lane so that’s what I did, using my mirrors. 😊

These guys come in groups, it seems
The pretty little Crowned Sparrow

The Mat was empty the whole time I was there, yay! I was able to move quickly and get everything done within 45 minutes. After getting the bottle filled, I drove home in the rain spatters. Not enough for the wipers to go full but enough to get you wet if you were outside in it. At least the temperatures are pretty mild at 10C/50F. The sun would sure b nice but that ‘ain’t’ gonna happen!

Some of God's creatures are pretty amazing
Look at the perfection of this crown

I made my tea and sat and perused the 3 (!!) open auctions. Yes, there are 3 in our neck of the woods, or at least close enough to pick up from and they begin closing on the 5th, 6th & the last one on the 7th. I’ve put bids in on a couple of the auctions but I know in the last day I’ll probably lose out. It’s all part of the fun. I’m also watching the items Bill and I have put in for consignment but the clothing is never a guarantee to sell. At least it is out of our place.

Beginning my soup

The finished product

I can vouch that it is delicious too

What to do on another wet day. Hmm? First off, before noon, I made another large batch of Broccoli Cheddar Soup. I loved it so much and having it in the fridge for easy lunches was wonderful. This time, I used more mozzarella cheese than I did last time because it was my only choice. That means a stringier soup but it is only me who will eat it and I love cheese. I’ll get through it with no problem. 😊

The Mourning Doves are coming more and more often too

I put the dishes in the sink to wash but the water needed to cool a bit so I started writing my post for today. I also began a grocery list for Costco. Just in the nick of time too! We are going to run out of our coffee pods for the Keurig tomorrow or Thursday and it just so happens we have to go to London tomorrow. Bonus! It helps us to take care of a couple of things we need to do and Costco and a CanAm visit are two of those things.

Good thing we're going to Costco!!
We like their Kirkland brand of coffee and it's a great price

The day will go fast making for an exhausting one but we always enjoy the trip. Since it is going to be another wet day, we aren’t missing much here at home. We’ve both taken the day off work. At 1:30, I put in a dvd of Sex in the City episodes from Season 6. I used to watch these a lot and they also always bring a chuckle. Sometimes more like a good belly laugh. As soon as I got settled, I heard a vehicle door. Bill was home.

Cute, huh? Hi Chippy!

That is too funny! I thought ‘as soon as I start watching something, he will come home’ but then dismissed that since it was so early in the day. Don’t get me wrong, it is always nice when he comes home earlier than expected but it just gave me a laugh. He had a parcel from the mailbox, for himself, so I paused my show to watch as he modelled some new clothes. Very nice! It’s a new vendor that we received a catalogue for a couple of weeks ago. We’ll order from them again.

I'm ready for the Baltimore Orioles

He went upstairs, quite happily, for a snooze and to watch some of his own stuff. At 4:30, I began making supper. Something new. Stuffed peppers in Madame IP. It is quite the ritual but as long as they taste good, I don’t mind the prep time and work. Now, what to have along with them? They are huge so pretty much a meal in themselves. I decided on mixed vegetables.

3 large stuffed peppers

Doesn't look like much on my plate

But now it does!

They were so filling and so delicious! I’ve never made stuffed peppers before so it was a bonus to have them turn out so well. We didn’t need dessert. 😊 After dishes, we watched Jeopardy! and then at 8, we watched NCIS. Today, while I was watching my dvd’s, I continued working on the ‘it’ll never get done’ crochet project that I started over the winter in Paisley. Funny, there, sitting on the bed, after 2 lengthy rows, I’d had enough. Today, with a tv in front of me, I easily finished 8 rows. I’ll keep it here beside my chair and maybe it WILL get done!

This was a pretty quiet day for me, a short one for Bill and a dull, damp wet one for May. I'm happy to say that it was still a good one.

The fog rolled in after supper

Warm air meets cold or visa versa
(the red on the left is a reflection not a firey bush)
Good night everyone!

Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Your soup looks REALLY good. I love home made soups.
    I've been working on a scrappy turtleneck pullover all winter. It sits in a basket by my chair upstairs so I pick it up and knit a few rows now and again. It might be ready to wear by next winter! I have a MATERNITY sweater than my daughter wore when she was carrying my 21 year old grandson. I love to wear it in winter with leggings, but I got to thinking it was time to retire it and knit something new. This new bulky pullover should hit me about mid thigh.

    1. Thank you, the soup is awesome, just too bad Bill doesn't like broccoli. ;)
      Your sweater sounds wonderful! I love pullovers like that.

  2. Stuffed peppers look so good. Soup too.

  3. Oh yeah .. the soup looks yummy!! So do the peppers. I've never made them with red peppers ... I bet they were delicious!! As for the crochet ... it's like that. I always start off working like crazy on it, then maybe ten rows a day, then I'm down to two before it ends up in a drawer somewhere. I'm going to cheer you on to finish it!! Love Chippy ... he's so darn cute!!

    1. I made 2 with red pepper and 1 yellow which Bill had. :)
      I need something to keep my mind occupied or I get bored with one large project. I hope I don't tear it out down the road!! haha

  4. I do most of my knitting or crocheting in front of the television - it's very rare if I pick it up just on its own. No idea why, but like you I get more done that way.

    Hope the sun appears soon for you. We could use the rain!

    1. So, the tv is the trick. :)
      thanks for hoping some sun comes our way. Still waiting..........well, it comes after 8 which doesn't help the daytime heat much. haha

  5. Looks like a cool week before it warms to seasonal.
    Stuffed Peppers looked tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. You are definitely in a beautiful place! The soup does look yummy! We love stuffed bell peppers! Nice to have something different isn't it? Lately my mind just doesn't think of new and different things to cook..when all else fails it's tacos..hahha.

    1. Thank you. You are the last person I'd think has trouble coming up with new things. Your food always looks wonderful!

  7. I'm getting grumbly too. Higher temperatures, sunshine and less rain please!

    1. Glad we're on the same page, F.G. Two of us begging for it should help! :)