Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A Truly Beautiful Day, Greenhouse Visit, Outdoor Fun 😊

The Ridge

On Tuesday, May 18th Bill followed standard protocol and was up early, letting Gibbs out for his business. He was crawling up on the bed to kiss me goodbye when I woke. It was 6. Since I was in no hurry to get moving and knew Gibbs was okay downstairs in his bed, I rested for another half hour. I made my tea at 6:30 and by 7:15, I was putting the little guy in his crate and heading off to work.

On my way to Durham, the solar panels at
the corner are soaking in the sun

I only had to clean at the Mat today and the rest of the day was free. So, I finished cleaning by vacuuming the carpet we put out for winter and then rolled it up before damp mopping the floor. I drove to Foodland and visited the greenhouse. I was looking for Spirea shrubs. One of my readers is responsible for this discretion as they posted a beautiful picture. It was enough to make me want a couple for our corral hill.

Superstar Spirea
I have high hopes for this one for
obvious reasons! 😂

With the help of one of the knowledgeable staff, I found two. One Magic Carpet Spirea and one Superstar Spirea. Once we get the hill trimmed with the weed eater, I’ll plant them. Hopefully, they will like their surroundings and become lovely happy shrubs.

I think the colours of this one will 'pop'
down on the hill

When I returned, a Mom and her 2 babies were relaxing
in the lane
Mom was resting but soon got up and scurried her 
family into the pond

Back home, I let Gibbs out and on cue, he piddled for me. We always play a bit but I’m sure challenged at getting him to ‘come’ to me. Sometimes he does for the treat, and other times he lays down and looks at me.

In a very short time period, Gibbs changed positions
many times out in the yard
He'd run, flop in the shade, run some more and so on
He had me moving too

In the left picture, he is hiding under the fence
just below the mailbox
What a goofball!

Was I ever thrilled to find that there were little to NO black flies out there today. With the hot temps and a light breeze, Gibbs and I spent a lot of time outside. 

Lunch was tasty and filling

Someone is getting a brand new shed
There goes about $4,000 on that trailer

At one point, I got Bill’s folding bike out of the bag, set it up and took pictures of it. He no longer wishes to keep it so we’ll try and sell it. I am not convinced to sell mine, yet, but Bill is finding it harder to find room for it when we go south. Maybe next year, if we can’t take it and I don’t ride it here, I’ll consider the sale.

Bill doesn't use his bike anymore and there isn't room
to take both when we go south

Bill thought that it would be a short work day for him and so I wasn’t surprised when he pulled in around 2. Gibbs and I were inside and I knew I was dozing off. 

I'll slow down with the baby pictures one day - maybe

I took the little guy out while Bill changed and then after a snooze, I cut Bill’s hair out on the patio mat. It has grown a lot since the last time I cut it. I think that was in Paisley. Each time I cut it, I do it differently and never quite seem to get the same result. But, he’s an easy customer and I make him promise to love me regardless of the result! 😊

His hair is so thick at the back so I had to try and think it as well
It was resting below his shirt colour so needed to be cut

He went down to the Hangar and did some puttering while Gibbs and I hung out up by the Suite. Gibbs was playful and chased around from sun to shade, his own little game. He’s getting braver and ventures under the cedar rail fence to the corral and waits for me to call him before popping his head back in. It was fun but when I needed him to settle down, I put him on the rope leash attached to the step and I sat and read my book. As long as he’s outside and has shade and water, he’s a happy pup.

With those little legs, he sure covers a lot of ground!

We were outside again for a couple of hours, and I managed to get more into the J.D Robb mystery, Kindred of Death. It’s a good page turner. We came inside at 5:30 and I got supper ready to reheat. When Bill came up at 6, I warmed the lasagna in the microwave and we were eating by 6:30. Tonight we had our first piece of the cheesecake that I made on Sunday. M got half and we got half. 😊 We did the dishes and after Bill’s lunch was made, the evening was quiet and together.

Inside, after all that fresh air,
Gibbs gets comfy and sleeps a lot

The fresh air has tired our pooch out completely, he has been sleeping in various positions under the table and chairs since we came in. He didn’t eat worth a darn today, although everything else is seemingly normal, so we hope he eats a good supper. We’re slowing inching his feeding times to a better hour that works for us. Nothing drastic but 9am and 9 pm wasn’t fitting into our schedule. At 8:30, we tried him again. With much encouragement from Bill, he ate his allotment. It’s a better feeling to know he has a full tummy for overnight.

Another successful supper

This was a wonderful day, reaching 25C/78F. The next 3 days are going to be hotter still with warm overnights. Time to remove our duvet for a few nights and maybe for good.

Our weeks forecast looks pretty nice
with warm temps, sun and some rain

Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.



  1. Those plants are beautiful! Gibbs is just cuter and cuter! Curious, how did the Norwex work driving towards the sun? We have the same problem with the bicycles taking up room, but not ready to get rid of them yet. I so enjoy bike riding when we can. Dinner and cheesecake look so yummy!

  2. I have the second spirea, color Autumn Joy. It has done well in a shady spot but sadly the rabbits love it so it while it has spread, it hasn't gotten very tall. But every year it comes back so I'll leave it alone...bunnies have to eat too, right?

    That Gibbs is just so much fun - no worries about sharing too many photos of the little guy.