Monday, May 24, 2021

Enjoying the Holiday, Family Birthday

The Ridge

Today, Monday, May 24th is Victoria Day in Canada. It is a statutory holiday for us and has been since Queen Victoria reigned in 1845. Initially in honour of her birthday, it has been celebrated as the official birthday of Canadas’s sovereign. Informally, it is considered to be the beginning of the summer season in Canada. Hmmm, yet we wait until June 20th for the first day of summer to be announced. Learn something every day. 😊

Another shot of last night's sunset

We call this weekend, with the holiday being the Monday between May 18 and 25th, as May 2-4 and is generally the first time many get out camping. For us, since we’re always ‘camping’ (glamping) we just celebrate that it is a day off from work – at least for Bill. After he got up at 5:30 to let Gibbs outside for his business, the little guy wasted no time hopping up those 2 steps into the bedroom. He knew I was still up there and is learning the routine. He played for a mere 5 minutes before settling down in bed with us and we all slept until 7:30. Yay!

The sky was pretty going
to Durham today

as I drove up the lane, I backed up to get a 
picture or two of our pond

When I got up, I washed, dressed and headed in to clean the Mat. It wasn't a day off for me, at least not a morning off. Bill and Gibbs stayed home together. When I returned home, I was thrilled to hear that Gibbs rang the bell a couple of times and sat and waited at the door for Daddy to take him out. He had to go each time. Double Yay! I do believe the little guy is catching on. Not every time, but at least some of the time and he will get there. (So will we).

Bill went out and started trimming weeds around the property and finished the back field by 10:45 when he came up for a coffee and cookie. Gibbs and I went out and sat with him on the patio. It started out sunny but windy, around 12C/56F. That doesn’t sound too warm but Bill said he was hot out there with the weed eater while decked out in his PPE so he sat in the shade. I was perfect sitting in the sun just on the edge of our patio mat. Gibbs was happy chasing his ball and chewing stones.😊 

At the Acreage
Gibbs found shade where he could while on his rope leash

He went back to work at the front field and when he finished that at 12:30, we had some lunch. Bill had an egg salad sandwich and I had one of my meat, cheese, and cucumber wraps. I didn’t feel like eggs again today, at least not fried. I did the dishes and Bill stretched out in his recliner for a snooze. With the two of them sleeping, I went for my shower and then we drove over to the Acreage to pick up the tiller. 

Bill helps Gerry with the batteries on his scooter

Bill helped Gerry work on his scooter and Donna and I sat with Gibbs in the sun first, then the shade. It was nice just to relax and that sun was beautiful!

Gibbs sits under Donna's chair

Before heading home, we helped them put the cover on their car shelter as we do every spring. Back home, I bagged 6 freezer bags of rhubarb that I had cut up earlier. About 12 cups of fruity goodness! I kept 2 out for tomorrow when I’ll make something for supper. Today turned out to be a perfect day. The wind died a bit and it reached 23C/78F. Gibbs was tuckered right out and fell asleep on the cool floor. Bill had another snooze watching tv and I worked on my blog and then also dozed in my chair.

And we kept untangling him

At 6, I started supper. Madame IP sautéed the steak and then cooked it for 5 minutes with potatoes, onions and mushrooms. This was the same kind of steak that we tried last weekend and didn’t enjoy from the bbq. It was sinewy and chewy. Tonight, I enjoyed mine 75% better but I could tell by the way Bill was picking at his, that he didn’t agree. I always feel bad when a meal doesn’t turn out, especially for him.

Supper was pretty good

We didn’t need dessert tonight so did dishes and then Bill made his lunch for tomorrow. The heat from today had me exhausted by 7:30 so I did what I could on my blog, only time will tell if I get it published tonight. This was a wonderful day and a great long holiday weekend. It could only have been made better if we had been allowed to see more of our family and/or friends.

Today, is Bill’s oldest daughter’s birthday. We called her around noon to pass on the good wishes. 

Happy Birthday, Yvonne!

Gibbs has been eating all of his meals, breakfast and suppers and we are gradually getting them scheduled to a better time slot. Tonight, after eating, he went to the door and rang his bell. Then he sat down and waited for me to pick him up and take him out.😊

The sunset was fairly mild in the west

The sky to the east sure looked like storm clouds

A bunny rabbit!!! On the Ridge!!
This is the 2nd one we've seen in 5 years

Thank you for stopping in today. I hope you enjoyed your weekend too!


  1. Your little dog is so cute! How can we little Peanut Joy to the same do that which is remarkable little Gibbs is doing, I believe we have a little bell. Thanks for the tip, Patsy!

    1. Thank you. I will post what we've done with Gibbs re the bell in today's post (Tuesday). Thanks for your comment. How old is Peanut Joy?

  2. Yay for Gibbs!!!! I guess it takes patience before they finally "get" it!! Good Boy!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Yvonne! Cute pic! Dinner looks delicious, maybe that cut of steak would be better in the slow cooker :) Gibbs is just too cute and very smart obviously!

    1. Thank you. I'm thinking of the steak isn't good in the IP, there's no hope for it! haha, I think that was the last of it. :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Yvonne.

    Gibbs is certainly settling in might not see many bunnies again if he spots them first. He'll chase them away.

    Steak seems to be so hit and miss these days - often gristly or just plain tough. We don't have it often as a result.

    Oh btw, I do want to change my header on my blog but I haven't shot the photo yet. Soon, I hope!

    1. thank you Maebeme. You're right about the steak, we never know what to buy and it is so expensive.
      Ha ha, thanks for the tip about your picture, I'm looking forward to the perfect shot! :)

  5. Twas a very good weekend here too.