Monday, May 17, 2021

Spring Continues, Black Flies Persist, Laundry Day, Jazz Ride

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 16th I woke around 5:30 and the house was quiet, Bill was still beside me. After dropping off, I woke again at 5 minutes to 7. Bill was downstairs, lights were on and the house was quiet again. Gibbs and Bill had already got their morning exercise. Gibbs did his business and then followed Daddy down the hill and all the way down the laneway and back up again! Yay! He is such a loveable pooch that he is attached to each of us equally. 

The drive into Durham this morning

We’ve noticed that he also seems to be understanding his name. We say it often when we call him and speak to him. Loud clapping and sharp quick commands get his attention and he knows when he’s doing something he shouldn’t. It doesn’t mean he is stopping, but at least he understands a bit more of what Mom and Dad expect of him.


When Gibbs and I went out, he could hear the mower
down in the field
He loves playing with his rope, even when not clipped to it.

I left the boys at home and I drove to the Mat to clean and get 2 loads of laundry done. The day was another glorious one so when I finished everything, I brought the clothes home to hang. I took Gibbs out with me when Bill went to cut the back field, the corral and our sitting area. With his long rope leash, he went up with me to the clothes line, close enough that he could get to the shade of the little evergreens. He’s so small he only needed a small area.

Cutting in the corral, see the nice big tires?

You can see the challenge here with cutting the slope in the corral
It it was all garden, he would't have to do this but that is
even more of a challenge!

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to wear my screen hat so the black flies were having a heyday around my face. I did wear long sleeves though. We watched Bill cut the grass in the corral and then Gibbs and I walked down the hill and back up the laneway side. He’s so fun to watch, running with his front paws but his back two seem to hop together. 😊 Yup, I could watch his antics all day, even as he sleeps.

Still keeping an eye on Daddy

Bill and his Cub

I'm not liking the extra clothing we have to wear
but it is necessary

When Bill finished, we moved the lawn furniture back in place and he checked out the break in the umbrella. Hmmm, it might be possible to fix the rib so I’m happy about that. 

I made us some bacon and eggs around 10:30 and stacked the dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on. We are taking full advantage of the sun and our solar panels by unplugging each day. Free electric! The dishwasher runs just fine ’unplugged’ in the middle of a sunny day.

                                                         he isn't clipped to the rope here


Around 12:30, we got dressed for a Jazz ride. This will be the warmest day we’ve been out so I was looking forward to it. Gibbs went in his crate and I gave him a treat to ‘look after the house’. He still whined as I locked up but we know now that he settles down. 😊 Bill just followed his nose in a different direction, and went as far as Teviotdale and then back through Harriston, Clifford, Neustadt, Mildmay and then we stopped at Walmart in Hanover.

We can go a long way on 1/2 tank of fuel

Heading home on CR 4
and the sky is looking threatening ahead

It was a lovely warm ride. My right leg needed to be stretched out at one of the stop signs but other than that it was perfect. There were sure a lot of bikes on the road. Now I remember the friendly hand wave we all give each other. I slipped my helmet off and got the potatoes we needed for supper and a pack of onions, which we ran out of. They fit nicely in the side saddle bag. We scooted for Durham where Bill filled Jazz’s tank ($13!) and we headed home.

Turning onto Baptist Church Road, you see how quickly
things changed

The sky was getting very dark and heavy looking up ahead of us and we had sheds open and clothes on the line. We managed to get everything closed and brought inside plus got Gibbs out for his piddle and leg stretch before I noticed some light rain drops on the back Suite window. That was it. It cleared again before it was time to cook supper. Yay! I’d taken steak out of the freezer for Bill to barbecue.

I tried not to chuckle but after attempting
to get Gibbs to lay down with him for a snooze, 
Gibbs had his own ideas and walked across into my chair
He seems to think Bill is a play toy 😃

Today is M’s birthday so Bill asked if I was making him his favourite cheesecake. Time allowed so while he and Gibbs slept in ‘our’ chairs, I put one together. I always have an abundance of cream cheese on hand and had enough of the other ingredients too. It was cooking by 5 and we had our supper around 6. 

We always have entertainment with our new baby

The steak was a disappointment, maybe I had my hopes too high. I can’t remember what cut it was but it was quite chewy with some grizzle. The potatoes were wonderful though and our last small piece of pie.

At least the cheesecake didn't turn out too bad

After dishes, we relaxed for the evening. I kept falling asleep so couldn’t crochet for very long. At 9:30, I went to bed and Bill took Gibbs out for his last piddle and poop before bed. I don’t know what time he came up, I was out like a light. 

And a lovely sunset again

This was another great day. Soon the blackflies will be gone and I’ll get back into the outdoor chores. A few of our friends are having anniversaries today so congrats to Peggy, Michael L and Lori and Roland!

                                      Another little video of a little monster

                                                      Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. I've never wanted a dog as I've always been a cat person, but watching those videos of Gibbs may very well change my mind. What a little doll!

    Glad you made it back in time before the rain fell. Darned black flies - I hope they disappear soon. I'm sure there are some birds that will eat their fill.

  2. He is such a sweet boy. Umm that rope might cause him some trouble if he gets wrapped up in it. Too cute!! Those black flies, are they gnats? No see-ins? Rarely do we have them but their bites are awful!!! Your new tractor driver is doing a great job!!

    1. He is. I'll keep an eye on him with the rope, don't worry. ;)
      They are like teensy house flies and they bite. We see'em alright, see 'em all over our bare skin!
      I'll tell him you said so! :)

  3. Still can't picture you racing around on a noisy bike! I've heard the drive up the 7th Line north of our old place is nice for bikes.

    1. I know, a couple of old folks on a motorcycle!! haha
      We'll have to check that ride out. Thanks!

  4. Black flies die off when the temperature hits thirty so I have high hopes for this week.
    The bike will be the economical way to travel with the cost of gasoline going whizzers.

    1. Good! I hope that is true about the flies. :)
      The bike sure will be the way to go but it's only for pleasure, otherwise Bill could take it to work.

  5. Just getting caught up with you.Gibbs is adorable!I'm so happy for you and Bill. Stay well and be blessed.-Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. Gibbs is keeping us on our toes and nibbling them too! LOL

  6. Prayers for safe riding. Enjoy the fun

  7. He's a character! That was funny when he or she got tangle up in the rope. Take care, Rawn Stone