Thursday, April 28, 2022

A Gorgeous But Cool Day!

The Ridge

On Thursday, Apr. 28th I woke up from a rough night. I didn’t sleep well, having gone to bed last night with a sore throat. I had it on Wednesday when I woke up so spent the day gargling with salt water and it seemed to have abated by 10:30. Not so. Why is it when it hurts to swallow, I just keep swallowing. It wasn’t until I got up at 3 and rinsed my mouth out a few times that I was able to drop off, a few times at least.

It was pretty frosty this morning
Even the most shallow edges of the pond were layered in ice
King of the Hill ?

We were all up at 7:15 to greet the day. I gargled again and my throat felt a bit better. It was bright outside with full sun embracing the sky. It didn’t look like much wind and of course, Gibbs was anxious for his walk. I put on my heavy fleece coat and opened the door. I tucked his leash and treats in my pocket. 😊 At the end of the lane, I put it on and we walked to the west. We didn’t get very far and he stopped walking.

I do love pond pictures with the sun reflection

No encouragement helped but when I asked if he wanted to go home, he turned around and headed back to the laneway. What a goof! I took the leash off and after checking out the geese in the pond, he beelined up the lane. He wastes no time at all running up the stoop to the door ahead of me. Bill had made his coffee so I made my tea. It sure is nice to have the Keurig even though there is some adjusting to get a full cup.

My 2nd hand shoes were bought a few years ago
and this morning the soul is falling apart
Time to retire them

If this is a cold, I knew the saying ‘stuff a cold, starve a fever’ so I made myself a bowl of hot oatmeal with dried cranberries. It was good and hit the spot. We went outside with Gibbs and as we worked in the Bunky, he ran around the place. Not too far and always running back to see if we needed his help with anything.

I don't like the cold of frost but it makes for
lovely pictures

😊 We’re feeling more confident every day that he won’t run far but haven’t had the experience when a vehicle comes up the driveway – yet.

Our peony bush in the berm garden is
sprouting leaves 

Tiger lilies and Evening primrose up on the berm

Bill installed a bar in the Bunky for the clothes we store out there for the winter and then he removed the inside door. It was an added feature in 2016 when we changed it from a storage shed to a place for guests and storage, but the door has seen better days. It was falling apart and becoming more annoying than worth it. We haven’t had overnight guests in there for at least 3 years now so want to change it up, more for our own use. My use.

A strong rack for our heavy coats

Bill removed the inside door and I took what
I could apart and removed the small nails
Stay tuned for the next step

We came inside at noon and made a sandwich for lunch. Then we took a drive into Hanover. We needed to pick up some greeting cards and a small gift for Gerry. His birthday dinner is tomorrow night and it’s a special one. We want to take something for him. We stopped at Walmart for some milk, while in town, these trips are going to become fewer and fewer and more combined now that the price of fuel is so ridiculous. Diesel jumped .15¢ overnight.

The grader make a few trips down North Line

Back at home, we were all ready for a snooze. I knew I was tired after that restless night and know I dropped off for at least 30 minutes. Bill was gone within 5 minutes of laying down, he’d worked harder than me this morning. We had a cup of tea together when we got up at 4 and then for supper, we had burgers rather than the leftover spaghetti. Was I surprised when Bill found one of my very favourite movies on tv!

This morning, I noticed ice from the drain pipe
into our water barrel
No, the whole pipe was not frozen, just a couple of inches
from the bottom

Bridges of Madison County never disappoints us, no matter how many times we’ve watched it together.  Tonight was no different. It brings back wonderful memories of our holiday in 2011 to visit the town of Winterset and the Roseman Bridge. 

A normal evening sunset about to happen

This has been a beautiful day, temperatures reached 8C/46F. One more cool night and then we’re on the upward climb, back to spring. 😊

Our own memories on Roseman Bridge in 
Winterset, Iowa
Good night!

Thank you for coming by! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Hope you get better soon. M had C, which he caught in Myrtle Beach. 3 days of coughing and feeling very tired, then it was gone as fast as it arrived. I never got it. Yay for vaccines.

    1. Thank you, I have no doubt this is just a cold. Glad you didn't get the Covid!

  2. Our township did our road yesterday. Worse now then before.
    I had C a few weeks ago. Two days of feeling absolutely wretched, fatigue, cough, then gone. The cough is taking it's time leaving though.

    1. Our township does a good jo on our roads, no complaints here. :)
      Why it shows up as C when it is the symptoms of a cold is beyond me. It's on it's way out, this is Sunday. ;)

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. If not Buckley's taste terrible but works as the advertisement says. It's been my go to for Forty Years.
    Gibbs is trying to train you when he doesn't want to go for long walks but wants to play instead.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, on the mend! That's what Bill said about Buckleys. :)

  4. Hope the cold or flu goes away soon. All three of you sure had a super busy day with so many chores done. Walking off a slight cold or fever works but not over here where it is so hot and humid, we prob add on heat stroke to our fever!! Good to see the peonies bearing leaves, we can't get peonies here and they are really lovely flowers. Hav seen pics of ice forming on taps, roofs and other places, even waterfalls and it does do a fair bit of damage. In this aspect, I am glad I do not have to shovel snow etc, just put up with the heat. Relax and hope your sore throat clears.

    1. What a nice comment, thank you kestrel. Heat and humidity do play havoc on our systems as well! I do like fresh air even it sometimes it is cold. :)

  5. You'll heal up quickly I'm sure. Drink lots of fluids, gatorade type stuff if you can. And snuggle up with Gibbs to keep warm!! Hope you feel better today!

    1. Thank you Nancy, it's all in my head (isn't everything!?) I'm sure it will pass soon.

  6. Hope you're feeling better today. Enjoy the warm up.

  7. Gatoraid is good. Better than water. Hope you get over this quickly.

    1. I never buy Gatorade but maybe I should have some in the house for these colds. You're the second to mention it. :) Thanks Becky.

  8. I am just going to say it, this weather sucks. The only thing that helps is the occasional blue
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Hugs, Tom and Deb

    1. You nailed it but we've had a few good weather days and more to come! (please!!) :)