Monday, April 25, 2022

The Switch Over to Winter

The Ridge

On Monday, Apr. 25th we woke to a damp morning. We were all up by 7:30, Bill earlier as he wanted to get the garbage and recycle bins down the lane. We don’t remember what time the collectors come. It’s every 2 weeks so we don’t want to miss today’s pick up. 😊 It looked like it could rain anytime so Gibbs and I missed out on our walk.

When I went to pick Bill up down the road
Father Goose was fully in charge of the laneway
He's a big boy!

We made our tea and coffee and then Bill called down the road to Northline Repair about getting either new or sharpened blades on his riding mower. He rode it down right away and decided to get a whole service check on things. I picked him up so it could be left for them. Back home, we realized it was another semi-mild day but then the rain started before he was able to get much done.

We took a skip into town to drop off our Income Tax paperwork with Tim. Then we topped up Ptooties.  Yeuch! $2.03/litre at the Pioneer station in town. That works out to $7.71/US gallon in Canadian $$’s. I’ve soon got enough points to get my .07¢ off and that will help a bit! No happy dance though!

Different folk have different forms of
this little guy is mine 💓💓💓
His Daddy is outside, but I didn't need to tell you that!

Bill wanted to work on the water pump, it still needs some tinkering/finessing, so we can count on it when we need it. I left him to it and headed upstairs to our closet, the start of the thorough dusting, cleaning, purging. 😊 I got q garbage bag full and haven’t even looked under the bed yet! I’m sure there are things under there to get rid of.

Our late afternoon looked like this
Notice Bill's 'pillow'

We were originally planning on dinner out with 3 sisters but decided with the expenses we’ve got in the near future to stay put tonight. More meals out are already in the works in our future. I was pleased to see Jamie, my Mat boss, for a visit this afternoon. He’s had a rough winter trying to get things straightened around with the laundromat plus his normal routine.

Chili on toasted buns
No more chili left - yay!

We had a nice chat, the three of us and the bottom line is that it is still up in the air about me working for him this summer. There is a ‘tentative’ sale that is in the works but nothing sounds too definite. He says that business has been slow since he opened April 1st and unless revenue picks up, he may not be able to offer me my position back. I totally understand and support whatever he needs to do. I gave him a bit of a hard time about me being fine ‘out on the street’. Ha ha.

The rain has been pretty steady all day but so fine that it would only make you wet in a slow process if you were outside in it. Luckily, Gibbs slept a lot, not needing for us to take him out too much. On days like this, we use the leash so we can get him back indoors relatively quickly. I’ve already had my shower for the day!

This is what the day looked like
The geese enjoyed the pond
We got to 16C/61F today
without sun!

We sat with our books and since I had one container of homemade chili left, that’s what we had for supper. We recorded American Idol tonight and watched 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star. NCIS was not a new one but still one we missed so we recorded it as well for another night. This was another one of those dreary days but good days for doing things inside.

I borrowed these pictures from 2 years ago
I haven't yet walked down Baptist Church Road this way

Tomorrow, is the re-start of winter, with a high of 2- 8C/35 – 48F over the next 3 days. Overnight in the below freezing digits. Yeuch! We know it won’t last long so that is our focus. 😉

But soon! 😀
Good night all!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. Weirdest thing ever. Mr and Missus Goose were walking their brood across my road. No phone for pics, darn it. But no water around either except a drainage ditch. They must have been lost!!! Love that Gibbs. Least you always know where Dad is!!!

    1. Cute, watching the geese family. Those babies don't stray far.

  2. We're still in the below freezing at night but the daytime temps appear to be improving. It sure has been a rollercoaster of weather. Lots of wind here today so it's probably heading your way. :)

    1. I know you have no control over the weather, like we don't, but if you can keep the wind we'd appreciate it.

  3. Too bad about Jamie and the laundromat, hopefully he'll get the sale if that's what he needs! I'm sure Mitch will keep you busy enough lol. Dinner looks simple but yummy !

    1. Thanks. I wasn't Jamie happy to but is really like to still work there. 🙃
      Not sure what Mitch has going on. Doesn't seem like he has worked any projects over the winter.