Thursday, April 14, 2022

Day Three, On the Road Again

Cherokee Casino & Hotel, Roland, OK

Thursday, Apr. 14th we slept until 7. Gibbs likely wouldn’t have moved if I hadn’t and therefore Bill likely wouldn’t have moved if Gibbs hadn’t. 😊 I was surprised we slept that late. In the scheme of things, actually, I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was 11 when Gibbs and I went to bed, so that was late for us. I knew Bill would have a rough sleep, he hardly ever sleeps great but this would be worse since we had a noisy transport beside us.

Gibbs and I walked the lot
Here is last night's snuggle spot
I think we were in the trucker's 'lounge'

I made the mistake of looking out my bedroom window and the truck driver beside us was parked so close to our slide-out, that I freaked and envisioned all kinds of horrible things when he pulled out in the morning. Plus, he ran all night long. Bill said there was only about 6” between us. With ear plugs in, I finally put my mind at ease, being tired helped, and dropped off.

I'm not sure I recognize anything out there, Mom

Bill told me this morning that the trucker pulled out between 4:30 and 6 so I was relieved we were still all in one piece. 😊 That’s the closest anyone has ever been to us. The day is dawning bright and beautiful so all things are good. We had our cereal and I made my tea with the kettle. John made a coffee for Bill and we got the fridge straightened around for the day’s travel.

The top picture could be framed (without the window glare)
The familiar cross along the route
John driving through the smoke as they burned grass along the highway

When I read that our friend, Lori, has been a month without their fridge I felt like such a wimp. A week for us and we’re ready to give up! So, we hit the road at 8:20 and it seemed like we were hitting wind as our fuel dropped quickly. We stopped to fuel up at 8:50 at a Conoco. $4.69/gal.  The drive was pretty low key with the exception of the winds.

Woops! Just about missed the Oklahoma welcome!
The Clinton water tower because I've not taken many
shots the these towers this winter, plus
it's sleek and proud

Coming onto our north side or our front corner, the winds may have had an effect on our fuel mileage overall but they weren’t jostling us at all. At noon we stopped at a Phillips 66 travel station near Canadian, OK for fill ups and ate our lunch. It was a nice 45-minute break and the weather reached 66F/19C. No discounts for our nationality though. 😊 Back on the road before 1 with Bill in the lead this time.

Some views deserve their own picture
Isn't this parent devotion adorable?

Plus, of course Garth's home town deserves recognition

Our destination for today is another 3-hour drive. We made no other stops, just motoring through the panhandle of Texas and crossing into Oklahoma! The drive was a good one and we withstood the numerous bouts of construction through the last of Texas and near Oklahoma City. It is to be expected, we can count the number of times we travelled with NO construction on 1 or 2 fingers. 😊

Sights of Oklahoma City
Nicely built overpasses and construction

Blossoms and budding leaves
Spring has arrived in Oklahoma City too

The SkyDance Scissortail Bridge
Passing the airport

Prices on today's drive varied between $4.93 and this low of $4.42/gal
We paid $4.75 and $4.65 on our fill ups

The mighty Arkansas River (in Oklahoma)

Arrival time at the Cherokee Casino & Grill, Roland, Ok was 5 o’clock. I think we’ve made a trend here. We travelled about 410 miles today and we were tired when we arrived. This casino just off I-40, Exit 326 onto Hwy 64 and nestled close to the Arkansas border. It has 5 free full hookup spots at the back of their lot for first come, first served. Bill and I have stayed here once before with Rob and Pat and it looks improved since then with nice wide spaces.

Cherokee Casino & Hotel

My first and only entree plate
Dessert was Apple Crumble and Praline Bread Pudding (oh my!)

Neither of us had the need to plug in to power
If our fridge worked, different story

We arrived at a good time because 2 more 5th wheels came in after us. 😊 When the discussion came up about casino food and should we eat out again, the consensus was ‘heck yah!’ For a reasonable $14.99/pp we got an all you can eat supper and it was very good. Tomorrow night, I have to cook! LOL We said goodnight around 7 and settled in for the evening.

My pretty sister on the hill 💓
Good night!

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  1. I still feel blessed to have the space you made for me in your freezer. It made a worlds of difference. One day at a time girlfriend. Makes us realize and respect the luxuries in life. I have a sick feeling I may not have a fridge for at least another two months. Sure hope I am wrong this time. Hugs, one day at a time and next season we will sit together and laugh about this challenge we were given when our fridges went bang!!! safe travels

    1. Oh no, i hope you are wrong about that too. We sure do have to go back to basics. Hugs go out to you too.
      We will have a good laugh when this is all behind us!

  2. I bought a lot of boxed rice or potato meals, even Mac n cheese. No leftovers for the fridge and quick to cook. Nice looking dinner there. Eating out is a nice treat tho!!! I’d freak if someone parked that close to me. I think they do it on purpose. Stinkers!!!

  3. The picture of the mama and baby cows is so cute. We always forget about that Casino nice stop for sure. I always find it interesting as far as what each person focuses in on when we are taking pictures of the same place. I like seeing the differences and the similarities. Continued safe travels.

    1. Thanks Deb. The casino is just off the interstate but far enough for no sound.
      I laughed at some of our same pictures. Yours are arranged so much nicer than mine. ❤

  4. Glad that you are making good progress for getting back home. Sad about the fridge but it's good to be able to get it fixed back home. Its very windy here too!!!
    Safe travels on Friday. Gibbs does look a little lost. He'll love to be back at the Ridge.

    1. Thank you Loree.
      Gibbs does look sad, wondering where we are. 🤔

  5. Great pictures Patsy! So far so good traveling, except the darn fridge. Hoping that won't take much to fix once you get home! You place at the Casino looks great and for free with full hookups, even better! Oh that dinner! YUM!

    1. Thank you Shirley.
      Casinos are great for their food and prices.

  6. Another good travel day, despite the winds and gas prices. Safe travels!

  7. Parking at Truck Stops is always hit and miss as to how close the Semis park to you and whether they run their engines all night.
    Wishing you were having better luck with your fridge.
    Nice to have the Hook Ups when needed.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That's right about truck stops and although this was a welcome centre, we were in their area, i think.

  8. You are making very good time. So sorry that the truck stop was a bit scary for you.

    God bless.

  9. One night in a rest area, we had a truck go by and it sounded like something was hitting us as it went by. Woke us up. I thought for sure our slideout was damaged. I went out and it looked OK. There was no damage and since then we do not put out the slideout. We only put it out if we are parked by tree or some divider. Pretty scary. Be safe and I hope your trip gets you home safe.