Friday, April 1, 2022

Moving on Down Da Road

Park Place RV to Roadrunner BLM, Quartzsite, Az

Gibbs, Bill and I were awake with the birds, heck, before the birds! It was 6 when the kid needed to go out and then I didn’t go back to sleep after that. Gibbs crawled over me to sit at the window and breathe in that fresh air. 😊 So, at 7, we got up. I think I was a bit anxious, in a good way, because it was a move day for us.

We don't usually cut across any desert areas
but today we did, to get back on the park road

Our last walk in Park Place RV until the fall

Gibbs and I took our morning walk and after having our hot drinks together, Bill went out to finish packing outside stuff. The barbecue, the table, the patio mat and the satellite dish were the last items. He went over to the office to pay our electric bill for the month and when we returned, we had a gathering of new friends to say goodbye. 😊

Our friends beside us
Rich and Johnnie
I foresee a lot of good times when we return

The couple across the road, of whom we don’t know their names but we’ve spoken to often, were also leaving.  Johnnie and Rich, next door, Don, a co-host, behind our site and Patty the main host all came over to wish us well on our journey and our ‘see ya laters!’. What a nice gesture that was! I don’t remember that treatment anywhere else. Everyone is happy we are returning as we are too.

Almost ready to pull up stakes

Since we were all ready to go by 9:45, we pulled out of Park Place RV. Gibbs was in a little bit of a tizzy, trying to understand what all the hubbub was about. 😊 

How much is that Doggie in the window?
Sorry, he's taken!

These pictures will only mean something to regular
Quartzsite visitors
This is looking west down Kuehn Street 
It looks 'nekked'
they walked to the entrance to wave us off 😃
Bill is enjoying the moment but ever-watchful of what he's
towing ♥

The Big Tent area

To give you an indication of how far we went this morning we were unhooked at Roadrunner BLM (Bureau of Land Management) by 10. We’ve never camped here before but it has been recommended to us. Tom and Deb come here often, sooooo, we think we might have moved into their spot since they left Tuesday.

It's a lovely flat area
We're going to enjoy our time here

No one to our left 

No one to our right 

By the time 11:30 rolled around, everything was set up AND I even had finished duct taping my webbed lounge chair. It has been out of commission since Pilot Knob in December. I needed to do something as all the webbing was breaking. It is an old chair gifted to me by our buddies, Rob and Pat, and I hate the thought of putting it to rest. For the time being, I have temporarily taped it up enough to sit on until we get home. I’m going to buy a kit to redo it.

It will get an overhaul this summer 💗

I was sitting in it, in the sun, in my swimwear at 11:45! There hasn’t been a lot of sun sitting this winter, for one reason or another, so these 4 days will give me a head start on that tan that’s fading! This was a perfect day. We walked a bit, (yes, careful of what might be lurking out here), read a bit, played on our phones and also dozed. It is a hot day, 84F/29C, but with all windows open and a lovely breeze from the south/southeast, it was pretty nice all around us.

My Sweeties

He was so good all day that he finally
decided he wanted attention

I'm playing, Mom, are you watching?

Look at me now, I can even do this! 💓
I just love this little guy so much!
He has me laughing every day with something.

For supper, Bill bbq’d butt pork chops and inside I fried leftover potatoes for him and leftover cabbage for me. Nothing else was needed with these large chops. It was a delicious meal. Our generator is still acting up a bit so we just need to conserve as much solar/battery power as possible for the time here. Today, we had sufficient of that power. 😊


It was a quiet evening, with our books, and we are happy to be here in the peace and quiet. Note: Since we arrived at 10, Gibbs didn’t bark at all until about 6:30 and then just a quick bark when he heard a faraway vehicle and he stopped. It’s just a dream to think that will last but we’re enjoying it for now!

Our first Roadrunner sunset
I love the view with Saguaros anytime

This would make a lovely framed picture
Good night y'all!

Thanks for stopping by. I went a bit crazy with pictures.


  1. Its nice to see you slowly moving on. We parked at Road Runner once but only for a couple days. It sure looks peaceful right now.

  2. So glad to hear you made it to your destination after that very "long" drive :-) Enjoy the peaceful desert.

  3. Gosh .... now is certainly the time to be there before it gets too hot!! Maybe next year on my way through I can camp out a bit ... since I have solar!! Duck tape is my friend also ... and I'm looking for a lounger like that!! Enjoy and give the pup a squench for me!!

  4. It looks like you've found a lovely place for a few days. Enjoy!

  5. Enjoy your time there, it looks like you have the place to yourself. Love the duct taped chair.

    God bless.

  6. I've never seen a duct tape chair before!

  7. That's awesome that you have friends to look forward to seeing next year. Elva

  8. Great boondocking spot. Enjoy your stay.