Sunday, April 17, 2022

Day Six - A Nice Wake Up, Laundry, Fuelling Up in Town

Arrowhead Lakes Resort

On Easter Sunday, Apr. 17th Mom was on my mind when I woke up. She would be 96 years ‘young’ today and although I can go through my daily life without her ever-constant on my mind, on days that I am reminded of her, I’m sad for a moment. I can’t and won’t hear her laughter, her little ditties or see her lovely smile or feel her embracing hugs again. I miss her so much it hurts, during these times.

I love this set of photos of Mom and I
She had a double sandwich cookie and
before eating it, she pulled it apart
I still do that at home! Now I know where I got it from!
A year after this date, she was gone. 😢
Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom!💓

We woke up to sunshine and with the wonderful feeling that we could sleep in if we wanted. There was no driving involved today. Gibbs and I got up at 7:15 and went for our walk. I hoped Bill would be able to go back to sleep. 

You may not believe me but this is a robin
Our first
the sun blurred out her rosy red breast

Gibbs was having a ball and wanted to walk right in
this stream

We walked through the wet grass, I walked at the end of the leash and Gibbs ran and jumped. Who’s walking who? 😊 It was brisk, around 28F/-2C, but since the wind wasn’t present yet, it was nice and refreshing.

But this is a better picture of the robins
I didn't even realize there was a beautiful cardinal in the tree
behind the building! 

Bill got up after we were home for about 15 minutes, Gibbs sat on the step at the closed door and pined for Daddy. With wet paws, I wasn’t letting him go up onto the bed. Poor deprived little guy! He has been really ‘off’ with his eating again, sometimes only taking food if we hand feed him and other times, sniffs it and walks away. This morning, at 11:30 and he hasn’t eaten yet. He will when he’s hungry, I guess.

We were going to cross the stream on this bridge
but every step creaked and I didn't want to get wet!

While Bill showered in this AWESOME water pressure, I walked across the lane with 2 loads of laundry. When they’d been transferred to the dryers, I had my shower. We had them folded and put away by 10:30. This was a good idea so we don’t have to think about it for another week. It is the closest we’ll be to a laundromat for 6 months! 😊

Now, one of these park models would be even nicer
on the Ridge
They are the perfect size!
You could stay in a cottage here if you didn't 
have an rv
(These are too small for Ridge living!)

A nice laundry room, with lots of folding room

With the fridge pretty much holding only bags of cold water, Bill got 2 bags of ice at the corner truck stop. The office here sells them but weren’t open yet. Once more, the freezer is doing awesome with very little left in it to keep cold. Eventually, things up above can be moved down there, things like condiments etc. Hopefully, it is a quicker fix than our Dryden friends and we’ll have a working fridge soon.

I should have only ate 2, but couldn't stop there

I had a pkg. of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (from Nancy) and a Pillsbury pizza crust in the fridge that both ‘popped’ open overnight so guess what we’re having? The rolls were already on the menu but I guess we’ll have pizza tonight for supper! 😊 Suits me just fine but I need to buy a couple of ingredients this afternoon.

Nice fuel price and nice blossoms!

The trip into town was quick and Gibbs got to go along for the ride. Sometimes we wonder why we take him; he doesn’t enjoy the short stop and go trips. The fuel at Murphy USA was one of the best priced ones we’ve seen since leaving Oklahoma. At $4.77/gal we were happy Black Beauty chose there to be thirsty and took 26 gallons. 😊

Pizza preparations

Ready for the oven

15 minutes later, voila!

Today, while snuggled inside, we reached the high of 46F/8C. It has been an overcast sky for most of the afternoon with sunny periods later in the day. We dozed and read our books and at 4 I began prepping items for the pizza while we each had a cup of tea. Supper, at 6, turned out pretty good. Not quite up to Silly Al’s standards but close! Hahaha We each ate half of our half; mine with black olives and Bill’s with pineapple.

If I hadn't seen the name on this car,
I could never have told you it was a Jeep
But it's so cute!

Security says that everything is okay outside 💕

After loading the dishwasher, Bill walked the garbage over and before supper, he’d dumped tanks and checked on our fresh water. The forecast is rain for early morning and although it is not what we want to hear, the wet snow shouldn’t accumulate anyway. Our plan is to be on the road by 10 but it will likely be sooner than that.

A bit of an afternoon walk
I hope the guys in the tent have a good heater!
It looks roomy at least.

We have one more overnight stop before crossing the border at Port Huron. This has been a nice break for all of us. 😊 It was a great day.

As promised, The park's entrance sign

From the back side of our site

Good night!

Thank you for your visit. P.S. My sister, Gayle and her husband, John made it home safely today after lunch. 💗


  1. Gotta love those rolls!! As to your security guard, I cut someone’s food in half (don’t tell him) and now he eats without hesitation. I do think traveling makes him a little sick too. Looks like a nice park.

    1. I wonder if the dish full is intimidating all of a sudden? Travelling could be the culprit.

  2. Nice park. I agree with Nancy about Gibbs. Lots of changes and riding and new places. He sure is a good little pup.
    Glad that your sister and husband are safely back home.

    1. Thanks Loree. He seems to eat once a day now but that will likely change at home.

  3. A park model would be perfect for you two! They're so cute! Those rolls look oh so yummy and so does your pizza! It really is a nice park and glad you guys had a couple of rest days before heading home! Glad Gayle made it home safely. You'll be there soon! :)

  4. I understand your feelings over the loss of your mom. Mine passed in 2003 and often finds her way into my mind. Thankfully as time goes on, the memories are more sweet than sorrowful.

    Oh, I love those park models. I so wish our city would consider providing space for these smaller homes. They'd be a great option for first homes and for those who want to downsize in their later years (like me). :)

    Safe travels!

    1. Thank you for the words of sentiment. I love our memories together. ❤
      Park models are the perfect size for us retirees.