Monday, April 4, 2022

Working on Trip Plans, Hot Afternoon, Silly Al’s Once More ♥

La Paz Valley, Az

On Monday, Apr. 4th Gibbs had Bill up at 6 but then we all went back to sleep until 7. Good boy! I know it was a sleep full of dreams for me so I welcomed staying in bed until close to 7:30. Blue sky, no clouds today and a slight breeze. Perfect! 😊 Gibbs was up for a longer walk today so we followed our noses, basically, for about 20 minutes. I’ve decided that 63F/17C is a good walking temperature.

I made a tea and attempted to sit outside with Gibbs while I drank it. LOL, the flies are crazy! We think we’ve determined why. We have a puppy who piddles all around the mat and sometimes dribbles ON the mat so they are likely attracted to that scent. Unfortunately, it has gotten worse making sitting out very uncomfortable even for short periods. We came indoors.

Okay, we've all had days like this, no?
Poor thing, but it's still standing!

We walked a little further today, which was nice

At 10, we drove over to La Posa South for a quick sit down with Gayle and John. We move on tomorrow, they don’t, and we want to have a trip route planned at least for a few days before we all leave on the 10th. Gayle and Bill are the main navigators but John and I are listening and agreeing with the decisions. We have a ‘tentative’ plan in place for the first few days when we all leave on the 10th.

We, well, someone, had a little snooze upstairs

We returned home and I tried once more to sit out in my lounger. I stayed long enough to finish The Secret Garden and then moved in for lunch. I have to say that I was disappointed in the ending of this book and really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It read slow, quite a bit of detail where it wasn’t necessary and at the end, after solving the mystery, it went on for another whole chapter of unnecessary confusion. Anyway, I initialed in the front cover and will drop it off at the next clubhouse.

Trying to get as much of the fresh air as possible

The temperature reached 88F/31C today. We’ve been hotter but not out in the desert with no hookups. I give my sister and her hubby a lot of credit for sticking it out in this heat. I feel hot enough myself but can’t help but think of our little furry kid. Bill put the tv on for a couple of hours this afternoon at the same time as running the dishwasher. The batteries didn’t budge. 😊

It doesn't look packed but these tables
weren't empty for long

I would have liked to have been outside but instead went upstairs with my next book and lay at the window. The breeze was coming from the northwest today. At 4:15, we pulled blinds and left all but one window open and drove back to La Posa South. John was driving us all into Silly Al’s for one last pizza fix. I could do it once a week, because they are so good and also because back home, we seldom have pizza.

Don't forget the cherry!```

We walked right in and got a good table. The place was packed, at least to the point where people would leave and others would arrive, in and out, for the whole time we were there. Good food! Bill ordered a small Hawaiian and I ordered a small meat lovers. We also had a treat and ordered a Pina Colada each. Yum! Our waitress was only a ‘week old veteran’ of the place and we got great service. Funny thing is, with all newbie waitresses tonight, we were in the door at 4:45, served by 5 and out the door by 6. Fastest service we've ever received. She got a nice tip.😊 

Apparently, Gibbs likes pens

Looks like he tried writing us a note of apology?
If you can read 'Dog', please let us know what it says.
We can't worry too much about where the refill went πŸ˜“

She was hoppin’! As we were sitting there, we noticed Rich our Park Place neighbour . When we were done eating, Bill walked over to him and Johnnie at the bar. They leave the park tomorrow and head home, slowly, too. They are from Iowa. 

A sliver of moon tonight too

We picked up Black Beauty and hugged my sister and her hubby goodbye - for now. Back at home, Gibbs was waiting for us BUT he had found my ballpoint pen on the table. There wasn’t much left of it so we can only hope he poops it out.

The beginning

It’s hot in the Suite(90F/32C) and not much cooler outside (85F/30C) and it’s 6:30. Could be a hot night for sleeping.  I sat and finished my blog with a thermos of water beside me. I’m reading James Patterson’s NYPD RED now, just starting so I hope it grabs my attention. This was an awesome day, our last here at Roadrunner BLM. I think we might see it again in the not-too-distant future.

and The End

I sat outside, watching it change while I finished my blog.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. I am catching up as usual. I was pretty sure from the pictures you were not in the same spot but it does look like a nice one. We have enjoyed every spot we have parked at out there. Glad to read you seem to have enjoyed it out there except for the flies. Which surprised us both; we have never had a problem with flies out there. Maybe a couple while we are outside but that is it.
    Those were some unusual clouds. We are missing those sunsets enjoyed your pictures. Safe travels as you move on.

    1. Thanks Deb. The flies could be the time of year, it is spring after all. Plus the smell of piddles around us, I wonder why? :)
      Gayle and John have the flies now too just not as many.

  2. That is to hot for me to out stay out in the desert, I admire you for doing it! And I am jealous that you got to go to Silly Al's :-)

    1. It is too hot for us too, so we're glad to have only stayed 4 days. My sister can endure much more, obviously!

  3. A Pina Colada and Meat Lovers is my absolute favorite!!! We head out tomorrow as well!! Safe travels. The note says "bet you don't know where I hid the inky thing from the pen!" It is probably leaking all over something nice or expensive. lol

    1. Yup, can't go wrong with that combination!
      Thanks for deciphering the message for us. I only wish that's where it is!
      Safe travels!

  4. Ahhhh Gibbs latest conquest ... the always scary ink pen. He probably buried it in your bed, like the bone. I guess he showed YOU!!!! LOL He's just too funny. I think Cooper absorbed a little of that ... he now sits on the couch staring out the front window, barking at the birds, cars, people, dogs ... anything that walks or flies by!

    1. Trust me, we've searched the bed and we think if he hid it or it's under something, he'd be scratching trying to get it. LOL
      Gibbs and Cooper have obviously shared secrets and lessons were learned!

  5. Always nice going to Silly Al's for a meal with Family and Friends.
    That Pen is Gibbs way of showing "Separation Anxiety". If it happens again you might need to use the crate again.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the Adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. We enjoyed Silly Al's all 4 times this winter! That's the most we've ever been. :)
      Gibbs is an imp and will get into things if we leave them out. My fault, forgot the pen. We wouldn't put him back in a crate, just need to be more careful. ;)

  6. It's a shame that you can't be outdoors with all the flies bothering you. Hope your next stop has fewer bugs.

    Oh Gibbs, I hope the rest of the pen isn't in your tummy.

    1. the flies were disappointing but it is spring. If they smell his urine, not much to be done about them. Glad they are behind us!

  7. Be careful with what Mr. Gibbs is chewing it could be really bad for his tummy when he goes to the bathroom as well. He is like a little child getting into everything but he is a cutie pie!

    1. We try to keep on top of things that Gibbs gets into. He's improving so this was a surprise. My fault for leaving the pen out. Bad Momma and yes he is a cutie pie.

  8. Oh that pizza looks so good. I hope Gibbs is ok. Elva

  9. I'm so jealous, love Silly Al's. Haven't had a pina colada in years, but that one looks so yummy! Those flies sound horrible!

  10. I have a cold drink most mornings at Hutch's convenience store and watch the RV's coming thru on Hwy 54 here in Guymon. Many many rigs and they run the gamut from small trailers to multi million dollar rigs. So good to see them on the road traveling home. I may get the itch yet!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. Sounds neat! One day we may surprise you and go home that way. Bill looked up Guymon and we could travel that highway for a change. :)

  11. It looks like you had another lovely day in the desert. Hope your trip back is wonderful as well.

    God bless.