Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Mexico, Pool, Chillin’, in that Order

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

It was forecasted to be 97F/36C today so getting things done early was the plan. The whole family was up at 7 and Gibbs and I went out. Today, there was a whole lot of interest in the walk. Of course, there was! It’s a brand new park, the scents are plentiful and new. We walked the whole perimeter including checking out both dog runs. The furthest one had 2 small dogs and 1 big dog so we bypassed it today.

A brilliant morning sky

There are a lot of empty sites here right now
And a lot of new things to sniff!!

Up at the front corner, an older DRV Mobile Suite

I really like the way they keep the park nice with
these relics

At the east end of the park, are the permanents
Many are rvs with covers, really nicely done

Who wouldn't want to live there?

Bill and I had our morning brew and he had his customary bowl of cereal. I almost had some too but chose to wait. I can’t find the recipe I had for my keto ‘granola-type’ oatmeal so I’m disappointed about that. It was good! I do have the recipe for Baked Keto Oatmeal though so will make up a batch this week while we’re here. 

I'm not familiar with this cactus but it's lovely

The ever familiar Beavertail cactus with blooms
ready to pop ♥

It was nice that Gibbs wanted to walk this morning

At 9 we left the Suite for Los Algodones. We couldn’t believe how full the $6 parking lot was! Seems everyone had the same idea. 😊

Just before turning into the Andrade Parking, we've been 
watching this RV Park slowly come to life
It has been closed for a long time but improvements
are being made

Our last walk into Los Algodones, Mx this trip

We found our buddy, Andy, (why didn't I get a picture?) as soon as we walked to the first corner and the surprise on his face when he saw us was a sincere one. We asked if a particular vendor was around and he directed us to Snowbird Alley and that’s exactly where we found who we were looking for. I can’t spill the beans but we were getting something personally made by Israel’s son. Israel is Marlon Brando’s ‘boss’ and takes the $$ while Marlon paints his magic.

We sat at Maricosa's for a cold drink while we waited
for Mario to take care of our order

Mario said the ‘job’ would take an hour so we wandered back past all the vendors again, all anxious to sell their wares. The Purple Pharmacy is where I walked up and got my pills. 50 for $10, so I ordered 3. 😊 Now, I’ll not run out again. Bill walked to the other section of the Pharmacy and picked up his Appleton’s Rum, saving himself about 15$. We had a cold drink, not a margarita, in the little diner beside Israel and Marlon’s shop while Mario finished and we were on our way.

Another reason we enjoy this area
There is no shortage of fly overs
Bill and I both enjoy the rumble of C130's, choppers, Ospreys
and others I can't name ♥

The line up to leave wasn’t bad at all but the guards were only allowing very few inside at a time. It took us only 30 minutes to get through and out the U.S. side. 😊 That’s pretty good and with the heat, we were very happy with that. We took a drive further west to see what we could find out about Pilot Knob Resort but there wasn’t a lot to learn. I feel confident that we won’t be back there unless it is for a couple of weeks in November.

I think it's cool the way the family ranch house is right
in the middle of their field
And usually the homes are really nice looking surrounded by palms

Back home, I did a better job of frying my last 2 pizza slices and they were just as yummy. Bill had cheese and crackers and then I changed and headed to the pool. We never did make it last night, after supper isn’t a key time for me. I was the only one there for the first half hour and enjoyed floating around on a noodle in the bath-like water. We don’t get baths in our Suite so that suited me just fine! It was still refreshing but very hot to sit out in between dips.

You know who visited the pool today
It was long waited for and fulfilling

I was probably there for about an hour and a half and was cooked so walked back which got me hot all over again. LOL Inside the Suite, the a/c cooled me down right and proper. The winds have not abated at all, our weather station reported 28 mph gusts at 11 am this morning. Glad we didn’t have our awnings out when we were away. 😊 Grilled bacon cheeseburgers for supper and maybe a homemade salad – we’ll see how ambitious I am.

Gibbs has a bird's-eye view of Daddy
when he barbecues here

Turns out that I wasn’t ambitious at all. We just had burgers. These were different Sirloin burgers that we picked up at Sam’s Club and although maybe not quite as thick, they were bigger around and they tasted just as yummy. 😊 We set the dishwasher to run and spent the rest of the evening together. I could get my mixture together for the Baked Oatmeal so it can be baked in the morning but then again, will I get that ambitious? Nope, I'll do it in the morning, my book is calling my name. πŸ˜‚

Loaded burgers are the best!

This was a grand day. We’ve got things to check off our list, things we want to do while here and this was a big one. It didn’t take as long as we thought but we accomplished more than we’d planned on. Plus, we were able to get goodbye hugs from Andy and Israel, not to mention an invite to Israel’s for a barbecue!  Little things make big days!

We are here until Saturday,
you can see what we'll be
Good night!

I hope you had a great day too. Thanks for your visit.


  1. I can't believe there are still so many people in Algodones! Glad everything worked out for you. Stay cool :-)

    1. We couldn't believe it either! Last minute shoppers like us, I guess. :)

  2. I just made a comment but alas google shuts me down sometimesπŸ€—

  3. Was wondering what kind of pills do you take for shingles?
    Always enjoy your posts!

    1. The pills I get from Mexico are Clorixan Aciclovir - 400 mg tablets
      They are the equivalent to what I took at home, which were called Famciclover.
      Thank you Linda A. :)

  4. One of these times I'll have to go with you to Algodones. I would love to have Marlon do some painting for me. Every time I go there, I get completely lost!! Sounds like a very nice park to stay at ... out of the way, yet close to Yuma.

    1. We'd love to take you! You'd love some of our regular Mexicans. :) And visa versa.
      this is a nice park, it has everything we need plus the bonus of Yuma. Only 2 week stays are allowed with our membership though so we don't come here often anymore.

  5. Oh no you went to Mexico and didn't have a margarita?! Sinful! lol. It'll be interesting to see what you bought! The pool looks so inviting! Your burgers look so yummy once again!!

    1. Ha ha, I know! We didn't have one margarita in Mexico this winter but I made up for it at Silly Als. :)
      I took a picture but can't show it because some of my home readers are their parents! ♥

  6. Wonderful to get stocked-up on med's the inexpensive way, and it looked like a fine browse-around while getting errands accomplished. Never beat yourself up over a lack of ambition. I inherited a small painting from my step-Mom that had this slogan on it; "How wonderful to do nothing at all...and then relax afterwards." Words to live by at this stage of the game.

    1. It was a good last trip for my meds and Bill's, I mean his rum! haha
      Thank you, I love that slogan! I'll remember it. ♥

  7. Goodness that was a very warm day. Glad you had the pool to enjoy, at least for a few days.

    1. Thank you, we are in for a fouple more warm days while here so yes, thank goodness for the pool!