Saturday, April 30, 2022

What a Great Day, Weekend Visitors, Birthday Celebration

The Ridge

On Friday, Apr. 29th I woke up feeling somewhat renewed after a much better night’s sleep. No more sore throat, yay! I felt great. Gibbs and I went for a walk to the corner and back, what a beautiful morning! It was forecasted to be a full sun day and we love the sound of that.

Our morning walk

Bottom right is Mother Goose on a nest 💕

I made a ‘to-go’ tea and after sorting laundry, drove into the Mat. I can’t say I was pleased, the floors were in need of a sweeping. That’s no fault on anyone but the users, it could have been cleaned as late as yesterday afternoon. I did our two loads and brought them home to hang. That felt good, using our clothesline again. It looked like most of the clothes were mine!

Gibbs helps me bring branches up from the laneway
Bottom right: the stone shack across the road in the cow pasture

With the laundry hanging, Bill was trimming branches and trees along the fence line and then he and Gibbs went to the Acreage to get a bladder of water. We have company coming this afternoon with their trailer and Bill wanted to have water for them if they needed it. I set to work emptying the Bunky. Darn, I should have taken a picture of the ‘stuff’ around the perimeter. Our fridge shelf unit, desk and the futon were the only things I didn't move out, I just shifted them to sweep under them.

company arrives!

I’m getting excited about the changes we’re making, turning it into (as Bill called it) a ‘She-Shed’. 😊 I managed to get rid of a few things, adding them to the SUV trunk with the clothes. Every time I open the hatch, Gibbs jumps up in there. He found his stuffed doggie that I'd taken away when he was younger. By 2, I had my 'cave' swept out and started loading things back in. We have a few things to sell and I’ll get pictures over the next few days. Bill had a fire going in our pit so between us, we kept it going for most of the day.

I'm so happy, Mom!

Gibbs discovers how close he can get to the pond
without getting wet

At 3:30, our company arrived. We met Duncan and Patty at CanAm last November. We were all spending the night in their parking lot before crossing the border the next morning. 😊 We clicked. They are new full-timers, on their boat in the winter and in their Airstream in the summer. What a great life! Bill helped get them set up with electricity. They had topped up with water before they came so didn’t need ours. We’ll use it so that wasn't a wasted trip.

He pulled the eyes out first (which I found)
and he can cart it around until the stuffing starts coming out

We chatted for an hour, showing them around the property. At 4:30 Bill and I said goodbye to finish getting ready for a birthday dinner. We’d showered earlier so we wouldn’t be pressured. We met family and friends at Tommy D’s to celebrate Gerry’s 70th birthday, which is tomorrow. Donna arranged a nice private little gathering and there were 13 of us in attendance. Gerry liked his card and gifts, the latter related to golf, which he and Donna play in the summer. 😊

The daffodils are finally happy enough to finish blooming
I only have a few so was happy to see their bright faces
The futon with 2 mattresses will be sold
Bottom right: Gibbs finds shade while I hang clothes

It was a good meal although the waitress forgot our drinks, which we all thought was odd. I think everyone is short-staffed. Bill and I enjoyed our thick Pina Coladas, sucking on the straws for that delightful smooth taste of the islands. 😃 He had ½ rack of ribs and fries and I had chicken fettuccini with garlic toast. Mine could have been hotter but it was still good. Desserts came with the meals so we splurged. We said goodbye to everyone around 8 and made our way home. It was a really nice evening.

It was a nice meal out with great company

Happy Birthday, Gerry!
Left side: b-i-l Bill, my Bill, cousin Harvey, b-i-l John, niece Joanne, 
nephew-in-law? Ted
Right side: friend Mike, sister Donna, birthday boy, Gerry, sister Gayle,
cousin-i-l Jennifer, my chair, sister Cathy.
It wasn't a total surprise but some of the guests were 💖

We sat with the tv on but I couldn’t stay up long and just barely managed to finish today’s post. We worked hard today and the drinks on top of that, had me ready for an early night. 😊 What a great day!

                                               didn't mean this to be a video but it is our

                                                    company's set up. First time for an 

                                                        Airstream on the Ridge! 💗

                                                                       Good night!

Thank you for stopping by! We hope to get a good visit with our friends tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a busy but fun day!! Can't beat time with family and friends!!

  2. What a great day! Hope the sun continues to shine for you today.

  3. Definitely a Fun Filled day even if it involved Work.
    Making new friends is what RVers are good at.
    Happy Birthday Gerry. You're a day older then me.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Gerry's birthday is on the 30th, so you are May 1st? His party was a day early so I'm thinking you are the same day. :) Happy Birthday to you too!

  4. MOM! You cannot throw his toys away!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Gerry! Nice that you all got together for a fun evening. That dessert looks yummy :) How wonderful to have your company! Enjoy

    1. Thank you Shirley. It was a really nice evening out. Overnight company like this means the beginning of a fun filled summer. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Gerry. Looks like a great party. Wonderful to connect again with like minded folks. You folks are definitely ahead of us weather wise, the daffs here are just starting to bud out at the top, no hint of opening anytime soon. Enjoy the warm days.

    On a long and lonesome highway…

    1. thank you Deb. Nice to hear from you as always. :) Tree buds are beginning to appear too, hope yours follows soon.