Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Weather Should Have Everyone Smiling Today in Ontario!

The Ridge

Sunday, Apr. 24th we were all up shortly after 7. Today, we’re not going anywhere. There’s work to be done outdoors and we want to get at it. A Bunky, storage shed, outhouse and Hangar need to be emptied over the next couple of weeks. We know that after Monday, we will see some cold temperatures again so trying to take advantage of today. A high of 25C/77F today, but we think it is only a tease.

It's going to be a warm day!

Bill's Hangar in the beautiful glow

Going for our morning walk

Are you ready for the pond pictures this season?

Gibbs and I walked down the lane, w/o his leash, then I put his leash on and we walked down North Line onto Baptist Church Rd. We walked past the church to the north and turned around once we got to the first hill. It was as we got into our lane that I stopped him and removed his leash. 😊 I need to get him used to not going past that point unless he has it on. Wish me luck!

The Baptist Church on the corner
giving the road its name
or visa versa

Over the hills, I could see this wild turkey
and he stopped so he could see us 
I had to zoom in to see what it was

We had our tea and coffee made by the ‘new’ Keurig, yay! The other pot worked okay but this is so much easier and what we’ve gotten used to in this life. There was a scheduled power outage in the area from 8 to 11 ish so we put the inverter on and used our solar for the remainder of the day. Some kind of replacement and we did have notice to the effect.

Before everything takes off, a beginning picture
of the garden at the lane's end

Bill had cereal and I had a banana and cream for breakfast before we all went out around 9. It was already warm, 20C/69F! Puttering around in the Bunky, we made some decisions about what to keep and our reasons for it. Bill wants me to be happier with it, having a better puzzle and craft area. He’s a keeper! It does mean getting rid of something we thought we’d use more of. More on that later.

While I pulled the dead leaves and stems
Gibbs found shade
He's such a helper!

This was a surprise! 
I forget what it's called again. LOL

Sadly, mice got into the storage shed again this year but Bill has yet to find their nest. Thankfully, that is the only outbuilding that they got into so this winter he’ll put mouse cubes (for lack of their proper name) out there. They only damaged some of his blue shop towels but left poop in a couple of spots. Once the weather is nicer and here to stay, it will be a thorough clean out.

Anyone know what kind of bird builds nests like these?

Our pussy willow trees are filling out

Not only do we have the sheds to clean up but also the Suite will be cleaned from tip to rear. We have carried 4 months of desert dust far enough, no more free ride! 😊 Gibbs ran free the whole morning and came in when I notified Bill that our grilled cheese sandwiches were ready. Mine with onion slices, of course. Out we went again with Gibbs almost the first at the door.

I gave the patio chairs a scrubbing
They were showing 'green' spotting

Bill put up the motion sensor lights
this one is on the Bunky

Bill got our motion detector lights up on the Bunky, his Hangar and the Outhouse plus his latest purchase. It’s a weather vane that was delivered to Donna and Gerry’s the day after we arrived home. It’s quite cute and we finally decided on the best place for it where it would be visible. Nope, not the Hangar, surprisingly, but the back of the Bunky. We’ll see it easily our windows, patio and firepit area. 😊

He got a couple of his wind socks up
BTW, my hats from last summer are still looking 'healthy'
but no birds nesting in them - yet

Early on, I had removed my fleece top and was plenty warm in my tank top but because I was crawling around the gardens, removing dead stems and leaves, I didn’t put shorts on until I was done for the day. It was around 3:15 when Gibbs and I came inside. It’s been a great day cleaning up and planning what to do next.

Bills weather vane πŸ’•

We’re expecting some rain and possible thunder storms this evening, after 8 pm. We’ve had some winds all day with the occasional strong gusts. I’m sitting inside at 3:30 and already the chorus frogs have started singing. Boy, they’re busy little critters! 

I'm anxious to see how my hill garden comes up this year

Rhubarb is making an appearance too
I wonder if it will amount to anything

For supper, we plugged back into power and I air fried the last of the chicken strips and cooked some vegetables. I don’t have any potatoes or fresh veggies so we’ll clean up what we have before buying any until we need it.

Kind of a mixed up supper but we wanted to start
cleaning things up from the fridge too
Maui fish, chicken strips, the last of the carrots
and some eggs

We’re sure loving this weather today and got a lot done. Donna and Gerry went to the Acreage this afternoon so at this point not sure if they’ll stop in before they head home. We have American Idol to watch tonight so hopefully the storm doesn’t bother our satellite. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day, wherever you are spending it.

Still seeking shade today, Gibbs and I had a great time

Good night!

Thank you for taking the time. I do appreciate all ayour comments although sometimes I’m slow in responding.


  1. Love the weather vane!!! Several birds make hanging nests including orioles. Keep an eye out and let us know!!

  2. You must have brought AZ winds home but it's still windy here. Snow there on Wed.?

  3. What a cute weather vane. Sounds like you had the same kind of weather day as we had here. I do agree though, looking ahead, it was a tease but a nice one just the same...😎🌞 You and Bill certainly took advantage of the warm day and got a lot accomplished. Gibbs did a good job finding the

    1. Bill says thanks. He's wanted a vane for a long time. Glad you had a good day too. We're not that far apart!

  4. I believe the plant is a primula.

  5. Nice weather vane and nice weather, we also had a nice Sunday :-)

  6. The weather vane is very nice! Cletus has given you the proper name for the plant, I call it a primrose. Your rhubard is looking good and everything looks so green already. I'm still looking at the bare trees and yellow grass.

    My daughter bought herself an air fryer this week and absolutley loves it. She's used it for all sorts of things already. She has said unless she's baking she won't be using the oven for much anymore.

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you. Bill loves the weather vane.
      I knew i didn't recognize that plant name but primrose, that's it! Hehe, why i can't remember them, is a mystery to me. Lol
      I love my air fryer too for certain things. Glad your daughter likes it too.