Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Day Eight – Clear Sailing to our Home Land, One Leg to Go!

CanAm Parking Lot, London, On

On Tuesday, Apr. 19th we woke up early. Gibbs and Bill had to take care of business and that was at 5:45. Bill didn’t come back to bed but I rolled over and tried to get more shut-eye. Gibbs dropped off right away and I rested. My mind was non-stop, not worries, just things. 😊 It was a quiet restful sleep last night.

I meant to share this picture with you yesterday
Bill is trying to type comments
and someone was desperately trying to get his attention
In the pix on the right, his paws are on Daddy's back

I got up at 6:45 and I’m glad I did. We were dressed and had had our cereal right away. As we were making our thermos drinks, with a plan to leave at 8, the State Police pounded on our door. He must have thought we were still asleep by the force of his ‘knock’. “This is not a Rest Area; you need to be parked back where those trucks are”. Bill answered politely that we had permission and that we were pulling out shortly. We still were grateful for our peaceful slumber.

At 7:45 we pulled out under cloudy skies, 33F/0.55C and onto dry pavement. Yay! The snow had stopped last night around 8. I meant to get out and take a picture of our location last night when I took Gibbs out but I was too busy laughing at him playing in the snow. ♥♥ Gosh, that was hilarious! He loved it, throwing it, eating it and poking his nose in it. 😊

On the road again
with 2 stops for parcels

A commentor wondered why we were coming to Port Huron and not crossing at Detroit/MI, which would be a direct route to London where Can Am is. We have a shipping address in P.H. and have a couple of parcels to pick up at Bluewater Shipping. Also, this year, because my brother-in-law has a parcel at SCC (another parcel pickup) on Lapeer Rd., we’ll pick his up too. SCC was closed on Sunday when they needed to leave the U.S.

Because we left the BP Station earlier than expected, we had to wait until they opened at 9. No worries, we are parked right across the front of their building. 😊 It didn’t take long to get all our parcels and at Bluewater we opened the trailer to use the bathroom and I brought Gibbs into the front seat with me. It would annoy Bill (& me) to have him barking in the back. This way, I can control that.

Approaching the Blue Water Bridge
over the St. Clair River

The crossing guard was pleasant and spoke to Gibbs right away. Always a good sign. He asked where we were and how long, he asked for documentation/receipts of what we spent and he asked if he could take Gibbs off our hands. We were prepared for it all, obviously he saw the ArriveCan info on our passports. It was 9:30 and no line ups. Took 5 minutes and we headed for the 402 and London. 😊

The drive was clear until we got closer to the city and the brisk tail winds were bringing snow into our vision. They have more snow than we had in Ohio. It isn’t what anyone hopes to receive as a heartwarming greeting! Oh well, we’re back in Canada and we’re happy to be here regardless. A welcome smile and hug from Peggy made the cold weather disappear, even temporarily.

O' Canada!
Ontario's spring welcomes us - blech!

She had a spot right in the front north corner of their building allowing us hookups for the night or however long we need it. Inside, we discovered that gfi breaker was not in stock at their supplier so we’ll pick one up back home. We had sandwiches for lunch and sat back to relax. Remember that we picked up a huge 76 lb. geode for our friend, Monica? She wasn’t in today so we put it in her office. She’ll be a happy gal when she returns. 😊

CanAm for the night
It's ccccold!

We were happy when Keith, from Aylmer, drove in for a visit and then surprised when Ken and Kim texted that they were in the area. They stopped by also for a visit. I think the biggest surprise was Gibbs. With some ‘serious’ admonishment from Keith to stop jumping, he behaved so well! Then when Kim and Ken were here, he was also quite good, actually sleeping on Kim’s lap. 😊 He’s getting better!

He sat pretty good on Keith
knowing this man won't put up with his nonsense 😍
I appreciated Keith's tips

Bill was trying to sneak a picture of Gibbs being a good boy
on Kim's lap but unfortunately Kim is hidden in the photo 😌

Bill and Ken chatting it up

For supper, we had cut up sausages air fried and I made mac and cheese for our side. No potatoes in the house and the vegetables are shrinking. It was good and I’ve discovered a new, quick way to cook sausages. 

These sausages were delicious done this way
and cooked in half the time

After dishes, my son, Patrick, who works in a countertop/cabinet shop in London, came in from St. Thomas. We wanted his opinion on how to replace/cover/repair our table top and/or hutch. 

I couldn't resist this picture
Two πŸ’“men in my life
on their knees 

Thank you Patrick for coming out tonight
after a full day of work 

This has been a full day from beginning to end. Seeing our friends and my son all in one day just added the cherry to the top!

Our spot for the night
Good night!
(*sigh*, we're almost home)

Thank you for stopping by and all your encouraging, welcoming words on Facebook and my blog.


  1. Glad to hear you arrived back in Canada and what a nice way to be greeted with family and friends.

  2. Almost home sweet home. I bet Gibbs loved that snow!!!

    1. Gibbs had so much fun, wish i could have taken him off leash.

  3. Welcome "almost" home! What a nice day with lots of visits with friends, and an easy crossing. I hope you're able to get things repaired soon.

  4. All that company, how wonderful! Hopefully Bill and Patrick were able to get things figured out! Handsome son you've got there! Keith is looking good too! Ken hasn't changed a bit! Nice that your crossing was so easy! Almost home! Is CanAM going to look at your fridge while you're there?

  5. Glad you are almost home and in Canada. My grand dogs love the snow too and they do the same things Gibbs did. One is just a little older than Gibbs and the other one is younger. They are small poodles. Hope you get your fridge fixed. I know that would be a hard thing to deal with.