Monday, April 18, 2022

Three Legs Left, Snow!? Grandson’s Birthday

BP Fuel Station/Truck Stop, Capac, MI

We all slept in until 7:45 on Monday, Apr 18th after Gibbs had his first ‘out’. 😊 It was nice since we weren’t in a big hurry to exit the park this morning. Big hurry = 8 am, Little hurry = 9 am, No hurry = after that. Bill took Gibbs out again for a little walk while I made the bed and closed things up in the bedroom.

Leaving the park

I'm sure we'll return another year
We very much appreciated them granting us access πŸ˜„

Checking the fridge, it was a wet sloppy mess again so I cleaned up what I could, salvaging as much ice as I could and after we ate, Bill went to the corner to get 2 more bags of ice. We’re doing okay, really, keeping things cold, which is the main thing now. Dairy and a couple of bagged meat items that have thawed. Gayle generously offered, when we parted company, to keep the items in her freezer until we get home.

Familiar territory

By the time I’d repacked the ice and wiped up the water from fridge basin and floor (I’ve sure loved having my Norwex wet mop handy!), we were ready to close up. After putting little Mr. ‘antsy pants’ in the truck, Bill said “it’s snowing”. We knew it was expected and also knew it would be wet and light so not too concerned. We pulled out at 9:30 and within 15 minutes it had stopped and roads were dry. 😊

Winds from the southeast this morning

It started accumulating - yeuch

The roads were just wet so the driving wasn't bad

It was a chilly 36F/2C when we got onto I-75N but no real winds to hamper our travel – yet. Today is a short day for driving as we want to stop once more on this side of the border. We have a reason as you’ll see in tomorrow’s post. Around Toledo we took the bypass of I-475N/US23N at Exit 192 and stayed on 23N by taking Exit 14 breaking off from the loop around the city. It was a nice transition and kept us out of any possible mid-morning traffic.

Stopped at a Rest Area
Black Beauty and the Suite doesn't like it

There were a few really bad sections of highway, enough to jar our teeth and loosen bra straps! It actually jarred the window gps off onto the floor. We thought we were skipping around Ann Arbor using I-94W but when our truck gps took us right downtown past the Michigan Stadium, we realized that Bill had put in a waypoint to keep us on 23N.

Some private stations are pretty decent

It was fine going through the city and we easily got back on US23N. “Let’s not do that again” he said. 😊 We stopped at a Rest Area at 12:45 for a leg stretch while Gibbs tried to figure out what the white stuff was coming down all around him. For about an hour or so, we lost internet connections and we remembered that Gayle was in about the same area yesterday when she lost hers. Must be the state, not our phones. Weird.

Woops! Ended up downtown Ann Arbor

It's pretty but we just wanted to zip through

Noon hour, wouldn't you know it

Once we took Exit 117 onto I-69E, we got service back and messages started coming through. At least we had phone service and texts if we needed them. With wet snow falling all around us and accumulation on the ground, we pulled off at Exit 176 onto Capac Rd. into a BP Station. It was across from a Love’s where the truck parking was larger but this smaller lot appealed more to us. 

Gibbs slept soundly after the Rest Area

After checking with the ladies in the office, we moved up beside the station where no transports can park. Now, I’m a happy camper! πŸ˜‰

Sitting at the BP station
all by ourselves

I'm sure these guys thought they were done with the salt and sand
or at least 'hoping' they were done
Nope, they're gonna need it

It was 2:15 by the time we were set in place and sadly it was white all around us. We’re warm, the furnace is running and the Blue Flame will be on throughout the night. 

We were quite cozy this afternoon with our quilts,
a tea, books and a couple of Nutter Butters πŸ’“
We didn't forget Gibbs, I found some of his own
Puppy Butters so he gets a cookie when we do!
Ps, today, he separated it first like Mom did! πŸ˜‚

Two more trips before we’re home on The Ridge. 😊 For supper, we decided on heated Chili and I’ll do toast on the burners. With no sun all day, it would be nice to hold onto our battery power of 12.6 and not use the toaster.

Chili on toast for supper

This was a short driving day and we can relax for the night and hope for a clear morning. 😊 Before signing off, I wanted to wish our #4 Grandson, Connor, Happy 17th Birthday! I’m sure he’s having a wonderful day back home. We love you!

Batter up!
From a cutie patootie as a boy

To a handsome young man 
Connor and his Grandpa
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today and your words of encouragement on our trip home.


  1. I think Mother Nature has gone a bit crazy. We are supposed to get another 15 cm of snow this weekend. I am beginning to wonder if we will be able to plant a garden this year.

    Hope you don't run into a heavier snowfall, I heard Boston was being hit with a bad hail storm.

    God bless.

    1. Mother Nature is definitely confused or upset with Old Man Winter.

  2. Thought that you would cut through Windsor on your way to London where you could get your fridge fixed. Waiting to see where you are going.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the Adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. We have a stop at port huron and our fridge is being fixed at home if possible.

  3. Yuck, say it isn't s'no'w! I hope your travels tomorrow are without the white stuff.

    Happy Birthday to your grandson!

  4. ya, that darn fridge and ice. We ended up picking up a couple coolers. a whole lot less work for the clean up. This too one day shall pass. safe travels

  5. We once ended up in a Travel Center and had snow. Just another experience and memory. Glad you are away from the trucks, makes for a better night.

    1. Thank you Becky. It was a good night, no worries and an early departure.

  6. My oh my. I would have turned around and headed back to the sunshine!! Yucky poo on snow!!! I guess Nutter Butters make it okay!!!

  7. Well I sure hope that yucky snow disappears before tomorrow!

    1. Stopped early morning and was dry when we pulled out. πŸ€—

  8. Little different than Arizona, but hopefully it all passes soon. Have a safe travel day.

  9. Happy Birthday Connor, what a handsome young man! Gas stations certainly like screwing the truckers don't they! Which in turn gets all of us at any store! UHH..You both look comfy cozy in the picture with the cookies! :) Ann Arbor looks like a cute town to visit, bet it's adorable at Christmas!

    1. Ann Arbor is a pretty downtown and yes, with those tall buildings, Christmas would be pretty. :)