Thursday, April 21, 2022

A Rainy Morning and Sunny Afternoon

The Ridge

On Thursday, Apr. 21st we had a few things on our plate. However, first off, I need to tell you that we were sitting last night watching tv. I gave up my chair to Bill and Gibbs and sat in his recliner. The little fridge is in the way of a full screen viewing but I was happy. In a quiet moment, Bill said “is that the frogs already?” I listened at the window and have to admit that I snickered. “yes, dear, it’s the frogs.” They aren't Bill's favourite part of spring. I kind of like them.

One of the first major things today
was getting water from my sister's home in Hanover

The chorus frogs are singing up a storm and they just get louder and louder as the days progress. There are also spring peepers which only sing at night so it’s a toss-up what we’re hearing. They are calling for their mates as well as protecting their territory. That’s a big pond party going on from mid-March to mid-April and beyond! If you can imagine it, they are no bigger than a large grape, males a bit smaller than females. Bill will have to get used to it, they will be around for a while. 😊

And then Mary Poppins (donna) returned home

Bill was up at 6:30 with Gibbs and the little bum and I slept until 7:40! Wow! That surprised me, to sleep so late. Bill said he actually slept well too, 7 hours for him is excellent! We had our morning drinks by boiling the kettle and have gotten pretty good at making coffee in my little pot. Bill had his cereal and then tracked down a hose from the storage shed. We would need it to get water from Donna and Gerry. We both had our showers and felt quite refreshed.

I drove Ptooties home out of Murray's
storage barn but Jazz will stay for a few more days

Around 11, we drove to Hanover, about 20 minutes away, stopping on the way to get some Canadian cash from the bank. Donna and Gerry were working this morning so we first stopped at Ideal Supply to pick up the GFI breaker that we need. They have one but it was still on the truck to be unpacked so he can go back in the morning to pick it up. Donna was just walking home in the rain so we didn’t have to wait long for her to turn their water on. 😊

After the rains on Baptist Church Road
I could feel Ptooties smiling. 💖

We had a nice visit and although I meant to get a picture of the gift we bought them, I forgot. It is a garden/patio ornament of 3 brightly colour sunflowers and I knew she’d love it. Which she does. We picked up our bag full of mail and Bill’s 2 parcels before Gerry returned home. Nice to see them both and we had a nice visit. Of course, I had to sit with Donna for a few minutes and put some puzzle pieces in!

As I drove up the lane, I stopped to get this
'homey' picture

On the way home, we stopped at Murray’s and picked up Ptooties. It felt so good to have her back. We’ll get Jazz by next weekend, after Bill gets the shelter up. It was 2 and I was starving, having only had a banana, so we shared a can of clam chowder. That hit the spot and supper might have to be delayed tonight. Gibbs and I went out later and other than chasing leaves, he came back when I called and came in the house when I called. 😊 We need to practice daily.

Bill went through the mail
and handed me the catalogues

The rain stopped around 1 and by 2:30, the sun was out, dominating the sky. It is still cool but what a difference that sun made. Bill sorted through all the mail and we made a burn pile for the next fire we have. After texting with Jamie, about the Mat, he has made some changes and is waiting for a possible sale. This is not a total surprise to us so we’ll just play it by ear. I’m just happy to have the laundromat to do our laundry, nice and close.

On duty, it was a pretty nice afternoon
Could be my favourite pix today 💓

We were in and out for the rest of the afternoon and I figured, we weren’t hungry for a big meal later. Let’s just snack! We had cheddar and crackers with a cold drink instead, around 7:15.

The chickadees and finches are happy

He needs encouragement when just one of us
takes him out, so if we leave him behind,
he's soon at the door

Not only are we listening to chorus frogs after dusk but all day we are seeing and hearing many Canada geese frequent our pond. The turtles were evident yesterday but I haven’t seen them today and after lunch a beautiful blue heron made an appearance. I wasn’t able to catch him on ‘film’ but I can only hope he’ll be back!

Many sky changes this evening

Every one is lovely

My 2nd favourite picture toay

A pretty sky from the Ridge tonight
Good night!

This was another great day and we got a lot accomplished. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Hope you can take a deep breath and RELAX.

  2. Glad to read you are home and all tucked in at your Ridge. We were a couple of days behind you crossing into Michigan on US-23 and it needs major work. Though we turned onto I-94 just before Ann Arbor.
    We had the same weather here today rain and then lovely blue skies with big fluffy white clouds. Great pictures of the end of the day at your lovely Ridge.

  3. Wow, I liked the pictures in your post today esp the one with Gibbs just staring into the yonder. If dogs could talk, we would prob have some meaningful conversations with them. It must still be cold as the trees are bare. It must feel nice to be home but I think all of you will miss the adventures on the roads.

  4. I love those frogs!!! Don't hear them around here at all any more. It is rather weird seeing the hill without all the foliage. I suppose it will be back soon. I'm not such a fan of rain either, but the skies sure look beautiful with clouds!!

  5. Yeah, frogs aren't my favorite thing either Bill! Can sure tell from your writing you are happy to be home! Hopefully it'll be warming up soon for you! Interesting news about Jamie and the laundromat, kinda sad though. The sunset pictures are gorgeous!

  6. Sounds like a good and productive day. The photo of the pond is lovely, and Gibbs just makes me laugh. I looked at the photo and thought, "I'm the king of the castle".

  7. I'm sure it is nice to be back in your beautiful summer home :-)

  8. Love the sounds of Nature compared to the City.
    Soon you'll be spending more time outside and Gibbs will love it.
    Nice Pictures as always.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. I wish I could hear the frogs song once again. I haven't heard them for years.

    You are settling nicely.

    God bless.

  10. I love the sound of the frogs in spring! Do you not have Wood Frogs (they sound like ducks)?