Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Going Backwards? 'Gibbs, We're Not in the Desert Anymore'

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

On Tuesday, Apr. 5th we were awake at 6 but didn’t get up until 7. Gibbs has been quite good the last couple of mornings and maybe because I’ve kept my little blind closed, he goes back to sleep for the hour. He’s our watch dog and doesn’t go back to sleep if he can watch out the window. I'm onto his tricks. πŸ˜Š

This was last night where I sat to cool off and to finish
my blog
Gibbs kept watching for Daddy to join us

This morning's walk

So, L.J. Gibbs and I went for a walk. It was a short walk. He did his business and I think I saw a bit of pen nib in there, LOL, sorry for that picture but pet owners do all kinds of weird things for their kidlets. Then he turned back for home. Bill rushed to get his breakfast ready when he saw us coming and after watching me go back out for a couple of minutes, Gibbs gobbled it up.

Looking towards the east

All ready to hook up

We didn’t make our morning brews first thing but not because we were in a rush. The batteries were low so we waited until we could safely run the Keurig. Remember our residential fridge kicks in too. At 9:25, drinks finished, we were hooked up and pulled out of Roadrunner BLM. We knew we could check in to our park anytime between 9 and  so no point in dawdling. We headed backwards, kind of, on I-95S to Yuma Lakes RV Resort.

In case you're wondering how Gibbs was on the drive

He didn't lay down the whole trip but he was very good once we got on the highway

He relaxed in the back while we enjoyed the drive
from the front seat

Yuma Lakes is a Coast to Coast park for us and we have points saved making it free and worthwhile going there for a few days. It’s on the northeast (?) corner of Yuma, out towards Mittry Lake so no downtown travel with the Suite today. 

It's a lovely drive with great views
Lots of blooming Ocotillos and teddy bear Chollas
Too hard to get a picture at 63 mph

For 4 days we’ll relax during these hot 90+F days and I’ll get as many dips in the pool that time allows. 😊 It’s the only thing I’ve missed this winter, since Pilot Knob.

First clue that we're getting close to our destination
and that we're out of the desert
Can you spot the Aerostat blimp' in the lower left sky?
It's hard to capture on my cameras but it is on the job,
surveilling the southern U.S. border for illegals

Another clue, Yuma Proving Grounds battle cannons

fruit trees

freshly planted crops

Yup, we're definitely out of the desert

We've seen bales of it, but never have seen fields 
of wheat here
Looks like someone forgot to slow down, eh?

We arrived and were set up shortly after 11, minus the satellite dish. After a brief discussion, we decided to live without it. Yes, we’ll miss some programs but we’re going to miss some on the road home anyway. That’s why we have dvd’s and got our antennae freed up this past summer. It’ll be a good trial for us and I'm sure no real hardship being without our regulars. 

Once I saw the lines of tall palms, I knew our corner
was coming up

We had some lunch and Bill helped a couple across the road boost their small car. What a way to meet your neighbours! If you're curious, why are we here, south of Quartzsite? I need to get back into Los Algodones once more to stock up on my pills. We were only there for our glasses and Bill’s dental which took a lot of our available cash at that time. We also want to pick up a bottle of Bill’s Appleton’s rum at the Purple Drug Store. You can't get it down here otherwise.

I fried 2 pcs. of my leftover pizza 
but got distracted

You know what? It still tasted darn good!
I have 2 left so I'll try to do better

Around 1 pm, we left Gibbs in charge, in the a/c, and drove into the Yuma Palms mall. First stop, Michaels for yarn and Target for cash from their Allpoints ATM. Judy suggested Michaels for a better selection of wool and although I didn’t find the variegated colours I wanted, I got a couple of plain that will match just fine, for now. My afghan has been tucked away for a couple of months. I’m going to check Hobby Lobby and Walmart again near the end of the week.

You can tell one of us is outside
It isn't me

Michaels is pricey, their large balls were $11.99. Ouch! I’m almost glad they didn’t have all that I wanted! The good thing is that waiting in the checkout line, I pulled up my Michael's store app and got 20% off each ball. 😍Every bit helps! Pet Smart was next for food for Gibbs. Last stop was Sam’s Club and we left a small mortgage payment for a cart full of food. Some things are just a better price here, even with the exchange, than back home. We found 95% of what we had on our list so we were both ok to have the dent in our pocket books.

My tin foil is always too small for folding!
so, I needed two pieces

The fries were top notch and the salmon was so-so

Back home, we found space for our groceries and although I had time for the pool, Bill said he’d rather go after supper instead. I knew he had a snooze in mind. 😊 He set everything up outside after we arrived, in that heat, so I wouldn’t begrudge him that at any time. I poured my last beer margarita and started today’s post. Bill set up a trip map on his laptop. Gibbs slept on the floor beside us. We were all quite comfy indoors, it reached 93F/34C outside.

Our back view up to the front entrance
but far enough away

Not desert sunsets but pretty all the same

I didn't have to go outside for this one
It's out our dining room window

For supper, I cooked salmon on the bbq and Bill did fries inside in the Fry Daddy. My salmon wasn’t as good as last time, I’d turned it down too much I guess. It was still good enough to eat and the fries were quite tasty! We loaded and turned the dishwasher on. No need to wait now. That was our day. We’re out of the desert and now seeing palm trees all around us instead of Saguaros. Both beautiful.

We landed a pull-through end site
The park isn't even half full, which is kind of nice
Good night!

Our plan for tomorrow is Mexico for the last time. Thanks for stopping in to see what we’ve been up to today! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Nice to get those last few things done before your trip home. I am guessing Algodones will go well tomorrow and the line up will be short. Enjoy the pool before you head home.

  2. It's beautiful where you're staying. My, it is getting very hot. Only low 50s here. Enjoy your visit.

  3. It is quite pretty here. We like it.
    That's why we don't want to rush home.

  4. It just cracks me up the way Gibbs sits on the chair looking outside!! Your pizza looks normal to me ... that's always how mine turns out! Definitely Walmart is cheaper on yarn, but you might check Michaels website for coupons. Sometimes you can get 50% off. Enjoy the shopping there ... even if it is a little warm!!

    1. Me too! It's my favourite pose of his. ♥
      I did get 20% off at checkout by using a coupon on my phone app. :)

  5. Safe travels to Mexico today.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Hoping the line back home will be quick. :)

  6. That's a nice RV park and a pool! Awesome. Elva