Tuesday, April 26, 2022

No Such Thing as a Slow Day Right Now 😊, Family Birthday

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Apr. 26th we slept in until 7:30 or a bit beyond. That was nice. It wasn’t raining so Gibbs and I went for our walk. We went down the lane, leash on, down North Line, left onto Baptist Church Road as far as M’s house and auto shop before turning back. It was chilly, only 4C/39F, but on our way back the sun popped out for a few minutes and it felt quite warm on my face. As we turned into the lane, the school bus went by and I put his leash back on. 

It wasn't raining but from running in the ditches
Gibbs came home with wet paws and chinny-chin hair 💓

The sun didn’t last, it was gone by the time we finished our morning drinks but we weren’t expecting it at all today. We’ll have to snuggle tonight, only -5C/23F! So the question is: “What are we going to do today?“ It won’t be anything outside, at least not for me. The Suite cleaning is still only in the beginning stages so that’s where I’ll be! The bedroom is almost done and Bill offered to do the bathroom medicine and lower cabinet if I’d do the towel cupboard. 😊 Good trade off.

It was a picturesque morning walk

But hard to know what that sky was producing

Then he puttered outside a bit, the trailer needed a bit of levelling to settle the bathroom door and he had some water still in the bladder to transfer to our fresh water tank. He measured an area in the Bunky for coat racks before coming in for lunch. I worked on the one pantry just inside our door where I keep all my baking staples, cereal and dried fruits. It involves emptying everything from the cupboards to wipe shelves down.

At one point, I thought Gibbs was going to join these two

After an omelette with some apple (still cleaning things up), Bill and Gibbs went up for a snooze. I was surprised but Gibbs laid behind him and didn’t move the whole time. He had a bird’s eye view of what I was doing downstairs until he fell asleep.  


It was a good time to climb up on the couch and empty our ‘seasonal/games’ cupboard and I’m happy to finally get at that mess. Bill doesn’t play but one or two games up there but I won’t get rid of the Scrabble and Rumnikub game.

Looks like he's hiding his face from the camera
Enough Paparazzi!

Next was the ‘Memory’ cupboard with the photos we’ve kept in albums. I get distracted in this cupboard because I love looking at our wedding, cruise and vacation pictures. However, I refrained from doing that today. 😊 Lastly, while Bill was down in the Hangar, I got the vacuum out and now all the floors are clean too for a few days.

I made a tea when I was finished and had a couple of Bill’s Nutter Butters. Gibbs sat beside me with one of his peanut butter cookies. It wasn’t long when he came up from the Hangar and did the same. For supper, we had air fried chicken thighs with a nice coating on them, making them crispy. It has been a dull day but we conserved on propane heat because we’ve been working and creating our own. 😊

A little rearranging when things got put back
gives it a fresh new look

The meal was great with corn and some Stove Top Stuffing, which we haven’t had for a while. A bit of leftover stuffing went into a container that actually fits in our little fridge. We loaded the dishwasher and watched the recorded American Idol from last night. Bill set up the PVR to also record tonight’s This is Us because I have one to watch from last week. Where did the week go?


This was a good day and we’ve got at least a couple more ahead of us. When I went out with Gibbs at 7:15, it was snowing. Blech! I hope it doesn’t amount to much. 

The cute picture of the day
I was loading purged items into Ptooties
Gibbs thought I was going somewhere and
jumped into each open door 💕💕

This morning, before the day got away from us, we called my sister-in-law, Bill's younger sister, Carol. It's her birthday. No age reveal but she's younger than both of us. She got lucky to hear the Happy Birthday rendition as it's never been sung before. We're not ready for American Idol yet but we got the response we wanted. 💖

Happy Birthday, Carol! 

Good night!

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  1. Good for you for organizing everything so nicely. I seem to just throw stuff in and close the door. I'm putting in an order for NO MORE SNOW!!! Gibbs is so photogenic ....... and happy birthday Carol!

    1. Thank you for the order. I hope Old Man Winter or Mother Nature listens. :)

  2. Love the photo of Gibbs in the back of the car. What a cutie!

  3. You have a really nice pantry. I love how Gibbs always stays right with either you or Bill. Elva

    1. Thank you! Gibbs learned a lot over the winter south. He grew very attached to us which is a very good thing.