Friday, April 22, 2022

Another Accomplishing Day! Now, This is Spring! Fridge Repair?

The Ridge

Friday, Apr. 22nd, I almost want to call it Good Friday because of the way it started out! 😊 I won’t, because that could be offensive to the real holiday. We were up by 7, after another awesome sleep. I think this being home and having no travel days on our plate is doing us good right now. Gibbs and I went for our walk and the little guy had fun walking in the ditches now before the grass gets too high. I let him off leash at the end of the lane and he raced ahead of me to the porch. πŸ’–

Here is the gift Bill and I got for Donna and Gerry
for receiving our mail all winter 

Bill was out the door at 7:30 on his way back to Hanover. He was stopping at Ideal Supply again to pick up a GFI breaker. These things aren’t cheap! Holy $200+ Moly! Anyway, it is a key component in running 5 of our outlets so worth it. Pay the bill and ‘fahgetaboutit’. Then he drove to Donna and Gerry’s for another bladder full of water. We wouldn’t need all of it but over the net couple of days, we would.

It was a nice little walk this morning

I have a fashion store that I rather enjoy shopping at, especially looking for sales, but sometimes just to treat myself. It’s called MacGregor’s Fashion and I am on their email list. Well! I knew they had their store, home and beautiful property up for sale all last summer so wasn’t entirely surprised to get an email mentioning their closing sales. I thought I’d miss it but when a second one came in announcing possibly the end of April, all things 70% off, I was tickled that I would get one more peek. 😊

I love their signs
Remember the Ikea commercials?

So, when Bill returned, I went. There isn’t a lot left, considering what they used to have, but even at 70% off, I didn’t need pants or tops enough to pay her prices. They start at $115 and it is really beautiful name brand stuff. Like Joseph Ribkoff (whom I’d never heard of before). I’m not a brand name shopper. 

Besides clothes, they have
some cool old 'stuff'

I did find a pair of ‘sweet’ looking shoes in my size, 2 glass hummer feeders and 2 dragonfly hooks from their ‘garage’ stuff. She gave me the shoes because they were hers.

I might go back and have another look

On the way home, M had asked if I’d stop to help him send an email to an insurance company for him, with pictures so did that. What he did all winter without me, I’ll never know. He has other computer related things he’d like me to help him and his friend with but I told him not until I’m done doing our own stuff. He was good with that.

Today's finds

She found these shoes on her trip to China
Now they're mine!

Bill and I got the bike and mower shelter up and because it was such a gorgeous sunny 58F/14C, we decided to go back to Murray’s and get the bike. Bill looked darn good riding ahead of Gibbs and I in Ptooties. I can’t wait for the warm weather to come so I can go too! We were home by 3:30 on time to wait for our fridge guy to come. The new time was 4 to 6 pm so fingers are crossed he shows.

The mower got moved over from the storage shed

That is a few big things taken care of today and Gibbs ran around outside helping where he could. He has been quite good at coming inside when called, as long as we are both coming in. 😊 We have my family side’s Easter dinner tomorrow at my nieces so I’ve been torn what to take. I don’t want leftovers as I have no more room in the small fridge. If it gets fixed tonight, yahoo, but too late to plan then.

Gibbs and I took Bill to get Jazz
Gibbs and Daisy had fun together

Murray has quite the sense of humour
This is in his storage barn

Bill brought out Coolatron inside this morning so the fridge is empty and all condiments are now packed in there with a few stragglers out in the Bunky, where it is still cold enough. I clued in while making lunch that we have a lot of eggs so I cooked 16 eggs for devilled eggs. Easter = eggs, so they should be fine. I might nip into town in the morning for a dessert of some kind. Leftover dessert is just fine if I buy something we like!

I followed this biker down the highway today

Then I continued following him home! πŸ’•

We received an email advising of a delay and our techs arrived around 6:45. This gave us time to reheat our precooked burgers. You know what? They weren’t half bad either! We had double cheeseburgers so we were eating them up quicker and they were loaded. Onions, cheese, pickles, mustard and ketchup. They were pretty filling and by the time we finished, Mr. Appliance’s van was coming up the lane.


David and Juliette seemed to know what they were doing and although I sat outside with Gibbs, who behaved very well, Bill filled me in that the news isn’t the best. The ‘mother’ board is shot but it isn’t evident exactly where it’s been damaged. See for yourself. 

even though they were late arriving, they still came as scheduled
and wasted no time determining what needed to be done

They had to remove the freezer door to get the fridge out and then in because guess where access is to the board? Up on top. LOL

You can see the mother board in the centre
at the top

I guess we'll be using our little fridge

and our Coolatron for a while longer
No more ice is a big deal! πŸ˜‚

We were quoted a price, the board will be ordered tomorrow and they pulled out by 7:20. As I said, they were good, knew their stuff and determined the issue fairly quickly. Hopefully just another week living out of a small fridge and cooler. We both know that it could have been worse so are counting our blessings. 😊

It was a calm evening and nice for Gibbs and I to be able sit outside while they were all in and out and in and out. We will be dipping to about 40F/5C overnight and another mild spring day tomorrow. Too bad there is rain in the forecast. The night was a quiet one and Gibbs is konked out on the floor under my chair. He is sure enjoying himself here with his freedom and the fresh air.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in to see how we’re doing today.



  1. Love how you picked up that biker guy!!! Glad you are getting the fridge fixed. At least you have an alternative now. Gibbs seems to be having a ball. Makes it nice when they konk out!!! Lol

    1. Lucky me with the biker!
      Thank you, hopefully the fridge repair goes smoothly.
      Love to see Gibbs for himself out like this. We don't have to do anything!

  2. Well at least your fridge will hopefully be up and running soon. Nice score on the shoes!

  3. Sounds like you will soon have your fridge running again. Though I must say it looks like you were able to fit a good amount in that small one. Really like your last picture.

  4. Always enjoy these Patsy. Your pics are wonderful.

  5. Sorry, that was me who just posted. Marie

  6. What a beautiful gift you got for your sister. Glad that your fridge will fixed soon. You all seem happy to be back at the Ridge. Cute how Gibbs wore himself out. Such a good boy.

    1. Donna loves the sunflowers, i had no doubt on that gift!!
      Yes, there's work to do but we are pleased to be home.

  7. I think Gibbs is happy not to have to dodge cactus thorns, but really, lots of exciting "new" smells to come home to. Loved the sunflower piece, it will surely be enjoyed. Good luck getting a speedy resolve on the fridge.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure happy not to be watching for thorns, snakes etc!!
      Gibbs is quite happy too! 😊

  8. Love the sunflowers! Hope you got something nice for you too! Glad the fridge isn't as bad as it could have been! Wow 200 for the gfi, amazing isn't it?! Sounds like a great day all around!

    1. I love the sunflowers too and yes, i spoiled myself too. Once it is out and hung, I'll post a picture. πŸ˜‰

  9. Glad things are coming together now that you are back at The Ridge! I love your attitude too, dealing with all of the issues, taking everything in stride. Best way!! Gibbs has sure grown and learned so much over the past several months. He sure has good parents!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you, Cheri. It's good to understand that things could often be worse. We are fortunate.
      Gibbs benefits from a winter meeting close by us. He knows he wants to be where we are.

  10. Glad things are settling in for you and you'll soon have your fridge fixed.
    The Progressive Industries Electrical Management would have saved you from these problems and if it had failed Progressive Industries would have picked up the bill. Our's has saved us a few times. You can't always trust the Campgrounds to be wired properly.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the weekend weather.

    It's about time.

    1. A lesson learned the hard way but nothing to be done about what happened but move on. 😊

  11. I'm happy to hear the issue with the fridge can be resolved, even if it is pricey. Probably cheaper than buying a new fridge.

    Cute shoes!

  12. You should enjoy the temperature tomorrow!

  13. Glad the fridge is fixable. Daisy is 4 times the size of Gibbs so it is great they get along.

    God bless.

    1. Nice to see that Gibbs likes the bigger dogs too and Daisy is mature enough to put up with him.
      Thank you Jackie.