Friday, April 15, 2022

Day Four, Travelling 4 States in One Day

Walmart Super Centre, Vandalia, Illinois

On Good Friday, Apr. 15th it was 6:45 when I heard Bill talking softly to Gibbs. He slept in again. I think we were in bed by 9:30, Gibbs and I. Bill read for a while before joining us. We slept well; it was quiet with no outside disturbances at all. Bill noticed our fresh water tank was dropping quickly so he topped us up to 50 gallons since the water was available. 😊

Leaving the Casino
Gayle sets her gps while we fuel up
Following the Montana through plenty of greenery

While he did that, I emptied water from ice bags in the fridge, salvaging what ice I could. Things up in that section are staying cold at least, which is the general idea. The freezer section seems to be holding very well, the ice bags are still doing a good job. It is a more solid compartment and doesn’t get opened as much. I got a bag of ice cubes from Gayle, they’re making them daily, plus I retrieved the 3 ice packs.

Tunnels are cool as long as there is a light at the end!
 Bobby Hopper Tunnel

We were on the road by 8 and just pulled into the Cherokee’s fuel station in basically the same parking lot. Topped up at $4.79/gal, still a decent price for the times. 😊 What can you do but buy it when you need it, regardless of cost. We followed the Devall's as they are needing to put more of a push on for home than we do. We’ll stop when they stop today. It’s 56F/14C under half cloudy skies.

Leaving Oklahoma behind
Slight winds from the southwest today
Jumping into Missouri

Travelling along I-40E we soon caught I-49N which is a decent road. As we left Oklahoma and Arkansas behind, we both lost our GPS and truck compasses. Entering Missouri, they eventually returned and it is a pretty straight forward route to our next ‘hopeful’ destination. Speaking of decent roads, the update on my clothes closet situation is good. With the hangers turned to face the bed and back of the Suite, they didn’t budge! Yippee, yay, yahooie!

Just as I left them 💕

Some beautiful scenery along the drive
Redwoods? Why not Purplewoods?

So, we have turned onto I-44E towards Springfield and stopped at a rest stop for a leg stretch and then at a Hood’s Truck Stop for fuel. This was very sweet as it was full service, windows done and free coffee all for the low low price of $4.59/gal. 😊 First time for that! The boys did have to get out to go in and pay which differentiated from the way we did it in the 'old days' when it was cash. We were on the road again at 11:45 and ate our lunch while travelling since we both made sandwiches this morning.

I often wonder how these roads originated
It boggles my mind to think of their creation
Full service is almost a lost luxury these days
It was appreciated, he did an awesome job on 3 windows

A stop at a Rest Area mid afternoon for a leg stretch again and then a fuel stop to top up before St. Louis. Bill led around the I-270S/I-255E & N bypass/loop and we smoothly transitioned to I-70E to Illinois. 

It's Good Friday and the highways were crazy busy
near St. Louis especially
We took the 270S Loop/Bypass around the city
Jefferson Barracks Bridge, if you stood at the state line
with one foot on each side, you'd be in two states at once
The Mighty Mississippi River
and a blurry Illinois welcome

Someone didn't have a good day 😌
His cab was pretty banged up, I hope he's alright

This has been an easy driving day and I was more comfortable than yesterday because of the cloudy skies and I didn’t have the hot sun on me. We experienced some winds this morning but they eventually moved all around us and were not bothered at all.

A favourite flower for someone
Gibbs, my favourite thing
My favourite water tower, Lebanon

We took Exit 61 onto US-40 at Vandalia to a Walmart Super Centre for the night. Arrival was around 5 and I’m beginning to see a pattern. 😊 We easily found 2 spots facing each other and put our slides out, set for the night. I had to do the fridge thing and clean up water but then we went ‘next door’ for a drink. Bill and I had a tea with Gayle and John had a beer to wrap up another great day.

I'd been trying to get blossoms all day with no luck
so here are some near where we're parked

Look what is across the street!
I refrained from going in even though it was open today
It's been a long few days and I'm too tired to shop

Our little bum is tired right out again
Bless his little ♥
He is such a good little traveller

My 'definite, no changing my mind' plan was to cook supper tonight so at 6, that’s what I did. With one package of thawed ground beef left, we had one of my favourite ‘Mom’ meals. Hamburger gravy with potatoes and mixed veggies. Yum, it was delicious, even more so since I hadn’t eaten much all day. That’s why I didn’t dare have an alcoholic drink when we arrived. I’d be a mess and no supper would be prepared here!

We cleaned up dishes and since I had found a bag of thawed rhubarb from the summer, it got stewed and that was dessert. The winds seemed strong when we arrived but tucked inside our home, we don’t notice them at all. It is going down to 41F/5C overnight so Bill pulled our Blue Flame heater out of the closet and lit it to keep the chill off. Temperatures we have to get used to all over again.

Good night!

This was another wonderful driving day of 493 miles and it was our last full day together as we part company tomorrow. Thank you for stopping in!


  1. You guys are moving right along. If you remember Chuck and Angela from Quartzite, Vandelia is where they live. Say safe travels to John and Gayle as they leave you tomorrow. Safe travels to you and Bill and Gibbs as well.

    1. Funny, if never heard of it before. Good Walmart to stop at. I'll pass your message along to Gayle and John. Thanks!

  2. Good to hear that you are moving right along. Hamburger gravy....we love it. Sweet dreams! Elva

  3. You are making good time as you head north. I'm enjoying your pictures. It's such a beautiful time to travel with all of the flowering trees right now. I had to look Vandalia up because it sounded familiar. We stayed at the Kaskaskia dragon park a couple of years ago. While there, a young man came over and asked Dean where in KS we lived. In their conversation, he ended up being from Dean's hometown, and the son of one of Dean's classmates. What are the chances? I love how things like that just fall in place. Continued safe travels!

    1. It's a good Walmart stop, easy off the highway.
      I also love those chance meetings. ❤

  4. Moving right along ..... this is the route I traveled on the way to Maine. It's bringing back lots of memories. I could have stood and watched the Mississippi all day long. That's a long haul ... I could never drive that far in one day!! You're handling the fridge with grace ... much better than I probably would!!

    1. The roads are pretty good along that stretch.
      I'm waiting for the day to travel to Ontario and come to the Ridge!❤😁

  5. You're definitely moving along at a good clip. The blooms are pretty!

  6. You're making good time and the weather seems to be cooperating for you.
    Gibbs looks like he'd rather be running around rather then traveling.
    Wishing you all Safe Travels. Enjoy the scenery.

    It's about time.

    1. Gibbs is so content in the truck until we stop. I'm sure he'd rather be running and Sue goes when we walk. Our weather has been perfect!

  7. Loving all the pictures! Sure brings back memories..:) Arkansas, my favorite state! Hamburger gravy, yummy reminds me of high school!

    1. Thank you Shirley, we have to stay overnight in Arkansas with the Suite to get our sticker. Maybe next year! :)

  8. Wow, you are really moving.

    Love the purple blooms.

    God bless.

    1. We would be slower if not travelling with my sister. They waited for us so we're moving quicker for them and for the company. :)

  9. Glad the winds have not bothered you much. Been very windy here and cool. Moving along at a quick pace. Safe travels.