Thursday, April 7, 2022

Busy Morning, Enjoying the Afternoon

Yuma Lakes RV Resort

Thursday, Apr. 7th arrived in a similar fashion to Wednesday. We all got up by 7, wide awake, no point in staying in bed. It’s a beautiful day! With a forecasted high of 95F/35C, Bill had his coffee and cereal before 8 and was out the door. He had a few things he wanted to do in Yuma that were things I didn’t need to be part of. Before anything else, I had my shower, loving the water pressure here. I finished my tea, had some cereal, then started with my ‘list’. 😊

It's a beautiful morning - again!

Gibbs and I tried for a selfie this morning
Okay, I tried, Gibbs was just extra playful

We had a conversation and tried again

The list was in my head but I had a couple or three or four things to get done today. First, I made a batch of Baked Keto Oatmeal so I’ won't need to be eating Bill’s Cheerios so much. While the oven heated up, I pulled the vacuum hose out from under the bed and pulled Madame IP out of the cupboard.

the oatmeal turned out great and
since I used a different protein powder
it isn't green this time 😀

With the a/c set to run at 74F/23C and we don’t want to ‘overtax’ our electric hookup, things would be done in order. We're just not sure if we are getting 50 or 30 amps. When the oven turned off, (yum that fake oatmeal smells wonderful!) I put 10 eggs in the IP for 5-5-5. While she cooked them, I caught up on recording the expenditures over the last 3 or 4 days. Every penny, with the exception of laundry, gets recorded and receipts filed.

The eggs are ready to be peeled
One was anxious and is already half out of the shell

Bill wanted to get things in order today with lists of what each of us have bought in case we’re asked at the border. We are usually asked how much we spent and we are never over. Well, we never claim more than our allotment of $800/ea. Ssssh! It sure doesn’t seem like much of an allotment for 5 months down here and unless we’ve splurged on some big items, we’re okay and don't overly worry about it. Crossing the border with their questions can be intimidating.😊

Not a bad little library
Look at all those puzzles!
I need them at Park Place

With the eggs cooling in ice water, I began upstairs with the upholstery brush end and vacuumed everything from floor to ceiling. That was a big start up there without emptying cupboards. Then I moved downstairs and was just finishing up the floor when Bill came in. We'll be emptying all of the cupboards back home for a thorough 'spring' cleaning. Gibbs behaved pretty good around the vacuum wand today until Bill asked him if he’d been helping Mom. Too funny!

I wasn't the only one who got a shower today
Black Beauty, you look awesome! 💓

So, my work was almost done for the day, lastly restocking our week’s worth of vitamins. We got our lists made with receipts attached before I cooked bacon and eggs for lunch. Bill bought a fair bit for his hobby since it saves on shipping costs and most RC items come from the U.S. I sat with my sweeties for a while, reading and they both fell asleep. Gibbs across my lap which mean I couldn’t (wouldn't) move until he woke up.

This is a favourite spot for Gibbs
sometimes it lasts ONLY until I sit down

I headed to the pool at 2 and it was wonderful! ♥♥ Better than yesterday, maybe because it wasn’t quite as windy. I floated around the pool for a while, with 5 others, and then alternated between chair and pool. My book is keeping me entertained and I didn’t notice the distraction of the others’ conversations around me. That means a book is really good, although I did join in when it was called for. 😊

It was a pretty tasty supper

Two hours later, I returned home after a quick walk into the Activities room. I found the library and puzzle room but no puzzle was started. Not by me either. I don’t have time. I found one of the beginning J.A. Jance novels with Sheriff Joanne Brady and brought it home since we haven’t read it. Bill picked it up right away and was turning pages, just like that. He does like her stories.

the day ended with a pretty sunset
Too bad we can't see it in full view from here

We had a cold drink together, Zero Coke for Bill and Diet Mountain Dew for me. For supper, we had a shared ribeye steak with salad and devilled eggs. A nice change.  It was delicious and our last steak from the freezer. After a couple of walks around the immediate block with Gibbs, we settled in for the night. This has been a great day, fingers crossed that it continues into the evening. There may be a story to tell later. 

A memory picture
Apr. 7th, 2018 we were already back in Canada
sitting at CanAm RV in London
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. That $800 isn't much when you consider it is $800 CND! We are usually more than okay because we go home at Christmas and take a lot of our gifts home with us then.

  2. So just curious .... the $800 is just for gifts to take back home, right? Yeah, that's not much!! It sure looks like a nice park, far enough away to be quiet, yet close enough to get what you need in Yuma. It's funny how Gibbs must lay ON you. Probably so if you get up, he obviously knows so he can follow!!

    1. Yes, the $800 is whatever we've bought for us or others or the rv etc. Ridiculous.
      It is a lovely park, nice pool and clubhouse.
      You understand Mr. Gibbs very well!

  3. I recall it wasn't that many years ago the limit was $400. My daughter and I did a trip to Minot one weekend, and I bought a camera. I figured it would cost me big bucks but I declared it along with my other purchases and the agent waved us through. Very nice of him.

    That park is definitely a very nice one!

    1. I'm with you, I remember when it was much less than 800$ too. I think the trick is declaring it and in most cases, you're fine. :)

  4. Nice RV park. I am glad you are enjoying your swimming time.

    God bless.

  5. I'm confused about the expenditures stuff but that's OK. Next year we will sit down and talk about it. Elva

    1. Ha ha, we'll have to do that. Just as long as we get to see you next year! :)