Wednesday, July 19, 2023

A Good Start to the Day

The Ridge

On Wednesday, July 19th we woke to a really nice day. It was semi-cloudy but a warm 12C/54F with the promise of clearing skies. We slept until after 7 and then slowly got things moving. Bill needed more help with the ‘thing’ so that was how we spent our morning. I had nothing else going on and was glad to get my hands in there too. 😊

I made a salad plate for lunch today

We stopped for lunch and that was enough of that for the day. We made progress and were both hot, dirty and worn out. Bill and Gibbs snoozed inside so I went out to work on and eventually finish the puzzle. It was fun but a bit easy. I particularly loved the funny shaped pieces. With that done, I came inside with indecision. What to do now? I got out some wool which was in the yarn barrel that Nancy gave me. However, the mood didn’t hit me to crochet.

All done!

I wasn’t 100% into starting the new book although I know from Duncan and Patty that it is a really good story. That left baking so I got the ingredients out to make a cheesecake – or two. I blended the almonds for the crusts and put them in the freezer. I was interrupted twice when Bill texted and said we could go get our riding mower. Finally!

He rode with Gibbs and I in Ptooties but brought the Cub Cadet home by riding it down North Line. I just got back and out of the car when Bill waved me down and said that it needed to go back. Wha? The belt came off as soon as he put the ‘whatchamacallit’ (as Daddy would say) down. Crap! So, I hopped back in the car and took him back up. Rob said they’d look at it right away and let us know.

Bringing the C C home

Within an hour and a bit, Mary called that it was ready. Back we went at 5:30 to pick it up. I’m feeling very discouraged with this old machine by now but at least we got it home and Bill did a bit of cutting. I can’t explain it but while I worked away at the cheesecake ingredients (told you I was interrupted!) Bill carried on with the mower. Next thing I know, I hear an uncomfortable noise and he is parking it beside the Suite.

It might be pretty but the 
yellow flowers up the lane
need to go
Soon, we hope!

Something underneath broke and now it has to go back again in the morning. This sounds like a story of Nancy’s, sorry my friend, with her sprinklers! Anyway, trust me, if we had the $$ we’d be buying a new one so as not to have to deal with a 2nd, 3rd or 4th hand mower. I can see that we’ll be cutting the rest of the lawn by using my small mower or not at all. LOL

For supper, Bill grilled the last of the two small thin steaks from the freezer. I prepped red potatoes for the grill and inside cooked corn for him and warmed up the carrots and squash leftover in the fridge. It all tasted great. After loading the dishwasher, I finished mixing the cheesecake, two of them, and popped them in the convection oven. They’ll be dessert for another night.

Supper was another success

I know Bill is feeling discouraged too as he poured himself a rum and coke and went to the Hangar. Can’t say I blame him but I’ll stick to my water tonight. 😊 Gibbs missed his walk with Mom today but he was out running around while we were working this morning and later when we played. His feet told the tale of how much fun he had.

I watched a few episodes of Rizzoli and Isles while baking and after my blog, I will find another movie to watch. This has been a mixed-up day but it started out really well at least! I hope you’ve enjoyed your hump day.

A pretty evening sunset
Good night

Thank you for the visit.


  1. A shame about the riding mower. I hope it can be repaired and last a few more years. You've got a fair amount of property to be mowing with a push mower.

    1. Thank you, yes, a push mower on this bumpy landscape would be too challenging for the mower and our bodies!

  2. I definitely feel your lawnmower pain. I'm in the same boat!! Even worse trying to get a new roof put on this house!! Maybe I should try a rum and coke. Here's to finding a new gently used mower!!

    1. Thanks Nancy, yes, I thought of you and your troubles too. A rum and coke sounds good to me too!

  3. Your lunch looks so refreshing and perfect for a summer's day! Think it'll be my lunch today :) So sorry about the lawn mower, how frustrating! Hopefully won't take long to get it fixed and be right! Dinner looks yummy too!

    1. Thank you Shirley, the lunch requires a bit of prep but is very good!
      The mower situation is very frustrating, back and forth. Not their fault but just an old mower.

  4. Yes, the lawn mower fiasco is really frustratingly! Sorry!
    Your driveway does look really pretty so green and with flowers. There trouble
    for you?
    Thankfully Bill is able to do so much. Will he go back to work soon?
    Thought your puzzle was pretty but looked like a tough one...... probably
    not for you. 🤗
    Linda a.

    1. Thank you, it is frustrating. Ha ha, the driveway is pretty but the grass is getting too high in the middle. :)
      The puzzle wasn't as hard as it may look. I'm not that good! haha