Friday, July 21, 2023

A Bit of Taping, A Little Bit of Farmers Market, A Decent Walk

The Ridge

On Friday, July 21st we all slept in. After Bill took Gibbs out after 6, they both came back to bed. I had another night full of dreams and don’t laugh but Blake Shelton was in one of them! I haven’t even seen him on tv for a long time! Anyway, I just wanted to remain in bed and doze and was pleased that Bill did too. Once Gibbs realized that we weren’t moving to get up, he, too, settled down.

I think my favourite picture today
I might have to print and frame it. ♥

I got up at 7:30 just in time to receive a call from M. Could I come in for 9 instead of 9:30 or was it originally 10? Doesn’t matter. We let Bill sleep until close to 8:30 and I made a coffee in my thermos and said goodbye to my boys shortly before 9. A quick 20-minute trip into town and then back to the shop to get the VW taped and papered. With both of us working on the windows, I was on my way home at 10:50. Two hours were enough for a Friday. 😊

Riverside Park is a peaceful
walk but it would have been better
with a partner or buddy.

Gibbs met me coming up the lane so I slowed down and let him hop in the car to ride up together. Bill was at the Hangar and I just sat outside with my book until noon hour. We had our lunch together and while they had a snooze, I changed and drove into town, this time for me. Every Friday in the summer, Durham has started a Farmer’s Market at Riverside Park and I’ve missed it for the last two weeks. I wanted to check it out.

Oooh! Such a big market.
I admit to disappointment but may try
another Friday or not.

Obviously, I expected more than I got as there were a total of 5 vendor tents/booths set up with very few items for sale. Some veggies, some fly fishing gear, and to be honest, I don’t know what else as there were only about 5 of us walking around. I was disappointed and sure didn’t want to hang around any particular booth when I wasn’t inclined to buy. Too bad, it was busier last week but nothing interested me there.

I took a picture of this on our first visit
and commented on how it needed to be tidied up.
The weeds have indeed been taken care of 
and it looks quite naturally inviting now. 

Rather than head straight home, I walked back through the path that I took Gibbs on a few weeks ago. It was a lovely day with a beautiful breeze and I enjoyed the walk. Then, I came home to relax for the remainder of the day. I got deeper into the new book I’m reading. I’d read The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker last summer and gave it to Duncan and Patty. They liked it and in return, brought me this one by the same author. It’s called The Gilly Salt Sisters. It’s good!

It's a very private trail but I 
didn't know where it led so didn't venture 
too far on my own.

Across the river, a private seating area.
I saw 2 bikes and heard voices.
I loved seeing 2 young lads fishing!
Now that reminds me of my youth.

Now, what's going on here?
I don't know what these bugs are but
are they mating or pollinating or both?
Look closely, they are doubled up.

Bill worked away on his planes and then decided to hop on Jazz (for the first time since he hurt his arm) and drive to Home Hardware in town for a couple of things. I said a prayer for a safe ride and he returned within the half hour with one of those items.

Some Chickory and wild sweet pie
blossoms added colour to the lush green of my walk

Maybe tomorrow afternoon, we’ll get out on the bike together to pick the other one up. 😊 He was happy to get out on it again and that he had no difficulty or discomfort in his injured ‘wing’.

Gibbs watched him go but
then ran down this far
He stopped at my call - finally.

For supper, we had our grilled bacon cheeseburgers, loaded once more. Yum. For dessert, another piece of raspberry cheesecake.   He did his exercises, without help tonight, and went back to his hobby. I did find the movie,’ Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’ last night and if you just want to melt into a sweet little tale of life, love, hardship and fulfullment, just watch it. I will watch it again – and maybe again. ♥♥♥

You've seen this before
and it didn't disappoint.

What a great day! We reached a pleasant 23C/73F under mostly sunny skies with a brisk breeze up here on the Ridge. Who could ask for more than that? I hope your start to the weekend was just as pleasant! In closing, I pass on my heartfelt condolences to a fellow blogger who has lost a dear friend and pray for some comfort for her and the family.

Stretched out in the cool grass,
Gibbs holds his garden glove
while he waits for Daddy to come back out.
He doesn't garden much but he looks
after his glove!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit, my friends.


  1. Lovely photos of your day as is usual with you. Such peaceful scenes. Too bad there weren't more vendors at the market.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. The market was surely a disappointment. I'll try once more in August.

  2. Looks like a nice day. Glad Bill's arm is healing up and Gibbs keeps a close eye on his glove. You never know when he may need one!

    1. Ha ha, if I could only teach Gibbs how to weed!
      Thank you, from Bill. :)

  3. The park is lovely, it's a shame there were so few vendors.
    Hope you get your ride today.

  4. The area is beautiful and too bad there weren't more vendors. We have one every Thursday during the summer, but oh the prices! Just can't do it. Glad Bill is able to ride Jazz with no issues, hopefully you got your ride!

    1. You're right about the vendor prices. I would hope the veggies would be reasonable though.
      Thank you Shirley, Jazz is calling me too!