Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Back to Work – Me Away, Bill at Home

The Ridge

On Wednesday, July 12th I once more slept through my boys getting up early. I did, however, wake up when I heard Gibbs come back up to bed. It was 6:20. I figured that I would just lie there until 6:30 and then start my day. Bill was tired, so was relaxing in his recliner. Of course, that 10 minutes turned into 25 when I fell back to sleep. I guess I was still tired too, yet I was in bed by 10 last night.

We were under a heavy blanket
of clouds when I left for the Mat
at 7:10
Thank goodness, that didn't last the day

I left to clean at 7:10 and found no customers in for the whole hour. I did walk out of there $2.60 richer from cleaning out the big dryer’s lint. 😊 I was done in a little over an hour today.  As I pulled up to our lane, I noticed that Alex was there with the back hoe and he and Bill were chatting. That means our post holes have been dug making Bill happy.

Gibbs checks out the dirt that came
out with the tree stump
By the end of day, Bill had the stump bits

I was happy to see also that he pulled out the tree stump that we’ve had to cut around for 2 years when the storm blew that tree over. We were chased out of here with tornado warnings and spent the evening at Donna’s. When we returned, the only damage (thank God) was the tree across our lane. Seems like forever ago! Now, we just have the stump to get rid of and clean up the area to grow grass down there. 😊 All in time, the hard part is done and it took Alex the blink of an eye.

I wasn’t home for long and had to go over to M’s for a town run and then a couple of hours of work on the VW. It has been moved into the big shop and I sanded the roof until he need my help to move the Lincoln. He sure has his vehicle troubles but we managed to move it by him pulling it with his truck. LOL Now it sits on gravel which is better for it anyway.

M's pride and joy is his 2010 Lincoln
although the gear linkage (don't know what I'm talking about, really)
is gone plus it wouldn't start.
I put it in neutral and his old Ford truck pulled 'us'
into this space beside his shop. 
All I had to do was use arm muscles to steer. 

I had a quick bite to eat when I got home at 1 and after a shower, drove to Hanover for some food items. I stopped in Giant Tiger first, checked out their clothing (of course, I love their clothes and prices) and then got a few things in the grocery department that were a better price than at Walmart. That’s hard to do but even saving a few cents while I was there was worth it.

A quick and easy supper

After a stop at Walmart for the last items on my list, I drove back home. It was around 3:30 when I left Hanover and by the time I got home and things put away, Bill was ready to stop as well. We were both tired. He dozed and I worked on the puzzle for a little bit. I just wasn’t into it so closed the Bunky up and came inside to read.

It was a bit soft from sitting in the car for
the whole time I was in Walmart.

For supper, we had toasted bacon, cheese and tomato sandwiches and they were quick and delicious. We topped it off with a Black Cherry ice cream cone. Bill tried to do his exercises after supper but Gibbs had other ideas. It’s hard to do them when you’re laughing so I did my best to distract the little guy

Bill has one exercise where he squeezes his
shoulder blades together while pretending to hold a pizza
(with green olives on it for me!)
Gibbs kept putting his paw in Bill's hand. 💓
and doing his chair rolling thing which
means 'look at me, rub my tummy!'

This has been a good day. We reached a high of 22C/72F after a cooler overnight of 9C/48F. Rain is forecasted, about a half an inch but that could include Thursday’s rainfall. Sounds like tomorrow will be a washout and we have company coming for a brief visit.

Distracting Gibbs is my pleasure.
He appears to be admiring his
handsome little face, doesn't he?
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Tornado warnings? I'll take the heat here! That ice cream!!! WOW!!! I bet it was worth every bite. Gibbs is just helping ... and with that face, how can you say no!!

    1. No tornado warnings here, that was two years ago when our tree came down. :)

  2. Another busy day for you. I was disappointed when the landscaper wasn't able to get the stump grinder into my back yard. The are is in gravel and I've places a container on top to cover it but I sure wish it were gone.
    Gibbs is.such a good helper. :)

    1. Some of those stumps that are left over are such a nuisance! It took a back hoe to get ours out and it left a mess but we're still happier without it!

  3. Of course Gibbs was admiring his cute little face! Sounds like you had a busy day so ending with a yummy ice cream cone is well deserved.