Sunday, July 23, 2023

Birthday Wishes, Nothing! I Didn’t Have to do Anything!

The Ridge

On Sunday, July 23rd Bill was up before 6 and was in the shower when I first opened my eyes. Just the feeling of not having anything at all on my plate today felt wonderful. So, I slept, or at least remained in bed, until almost 7:30. 😊 Bill finished getting ready and packed a lunch today to take to the flying field. That makes more sense than coming home around 2 and then eating.

Last night's fire
Gerry was Gibbs' choice lap for much
of the evening
We watched the International space station 
fly over at 10:45 and came home.

Gibbs and I sat while I had my tea and played my games online. It was a mild morning, around 12C/53F by the time I was up and moving and we’d been unplugged from electric power for2 days. The batteries were still up pretty decent this morning, enabling us to turn the Keurig on for our morning drinks. Nice to have these sunny days to recharge. We’re both pleased with that, as we were thinking the batteries might need replacing. That’s great news!

The pond is getting harder
to see through the reeds

Gibbs and I went for our walk, shorts and a strappy top was all that was required. It is a lovely morning. We walked across Baptist Church Road on Northline to the first dwelling before we turned back. It was more shaded there with trees so he enjoyed it better. I was gung ho for walking so gave him a treat back home and asked him to look after the house for me while I went out on my own.

I took water, Bill’s small camera, my funky tripod and wore my large beach hat. I’m glad I had all those things as I walked quite a distance to the west on Northline and was able to get a couple of selfies, which I haven’t done in a long time, and my hat and water were quite necessary. I was very hot when I returned home, quite ‘glowy’. 😊 I couldn’t wait to get into something cooler.

Ready for my stroll

A couple of selfies
Can you see me?

I got bit the other day, on my left shoulder, and it is a repetitive irritation as I forget and scratch it. This morning, either before or after my walk, I took a Benadryl. When I returned home from my walk, I made up a batch of my Baked Keto Oatmeal so I’ll have something for breakfasts with my yogourt and then I sat with Gibbs. I kept falling asleep! I dozed through lunch and each time I’d wake up, sleep overtook me again. It has to be the Benadryl and I won’t take it again unless I’m staying put for the day.

It's a pretty walk through here
with some shady spots, sunny spots
and hilly spots making me work it!

This is a nice piece of property hidden
along here. The locals call them
The Hippies
They didn't have a vehicle for a long time
rode bikes or hitched rides into town.

this family makes use of their large
country property

I like the idea of the golf green

Bill was home by 2 and he and Gibbs had a snooze while I sat outside in the sun and then shade with my book. It was around 5 when the sky began rumbling and winds picked up. 

The wind and rain came
up quickly a few times

I was inside while Gibbs and Bill went out to
bring the flag down.
Sorry for the blur, it is in zoom mode.

I came inside and brought the awnings but the rain didn’t amount to much and soon after, the winds died again. It has felt hot today, 26C/78F, but the breeze has made it quite pleasant at the same time.

Supper was delicious!

We had chicken thighs, corn on the cob (US) and red skinned potatoes for supper with the cheesecake for dessert. One pan is gone. After we cleaned up, the thunder and winds returned so we brought the awnings in again and Bill went out to pull his flag down. One strong gust just at that moment had him scrambling to get it folded. 😊  The rain and storms ended by 8 but not before we noticed this rainbow to the east. Bill took the pictures for me when he went down to the Hangar. ♥

I tried to get the whole thing
from inside but the windows
were too rain-spattered

This has been a nice relaxing day and tomorrow the work week begins again. The rain became quite heavy between 7:30 and 9 and it bothered the Star Link. I had to leave the blog posting until it settled down. No problem, my book is so good!!!

Today is my sister, Donna's, birthday.
I tried to find a recent picture of her by herself
but came across this one from quite a few years ago.
So, Happy Birthday, my tree-hugging big sis!

Good night everyone!

Thank you for coming by to see what we got up to today! I appreciate each and every one of your comments.


  1. I share the same birthdate at your sister. How neat is that!!
    Don in Okla.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister, Donna.
    Your day off is what my days are like. You'd think I'd get bored, but I never do.

  3. I love that fire pit! Nothing-to-do days are nice! I'm still loving all the green around your place. It's finally starting to green up a little in the desert too.

    1. It's a nice fire pit for sure! Easy for Donna to add the wood. The desert always surprises me when it is displaying its 'green'.

  4. Wishing your sister a Belated Happy Birthday. Today (the 24th) is Harvey's and it is the hottest day so far this summer... Feels like 41 out there today.

    Off days are wonderful.

    God bless.

  5. I just finished The Gilly Salt Sisters by Tiffany Baker. I highly recommend it too!