Wednesday, July 5, 2023

A Hot Day but it is July!

The Ridge

On Wednesday, July 5th we were up and mobile by 7. I didn’t have to clean so none of us were moving too quickly. I had my tea, Bill had his cereal and Gibbs and I then went for a walk. Because ‘Daddy’ was down in the Hangar, the little rascal wouldn’t go any further than the corner of our front field. He wanted to go back to his other master. 😊 Mama’s boy my ***! I was all geared up for a nice long walk too!

Two more Moonflowers this morning
They make me smile even though they only
last the day.
My sister had 37 bloom in one morning!!
I need more plants!

Bill moved Black Beauty into the shaded spot on the corral hill and that was a bother to Gibbs all day long. It was like he knew it shouldn’t be there and couldn’t determine if it was company or just out of place and would occasionally bark at the truck. What a character! Our lives are fuller and full of entertainment with him in our family.

My favourite picture of the day
I didn't expect it to turn out so lovely. (it would make a nice puzzle!)
My tiger lilies are blooming steadily down by the road.

I drove over to M’s at 10 and put in 45 minutes of town shopping. He shopped, I Uber’d him around and then worked on the VW in the second shop bay. With two fans blowing at all times, it still got ridiculously hot, especially when I hand sanded but soon (not soon enough!) it was 1 and I returned home to my boys. Bill had been outside working on his project for an hour and a half (too long in that heat) so I was happy when he texted that they were inside together. Good!

Gibbs was very unsettled that there
was a vehicle parked here.
It didn't matter that it was B.B.

We had lunch after I got home, just chicken sandwiches, and after his snooze, he went to the Hangar. I stayed inside until my daughter called and we had a very nice ‘wedding’ chat. Her plans are coming together and I hope to be part of them and I was happy to hear that she wanted that too. Then, I went to the Bunky. It wasn’t very cool out there so after working for an hour in the heat, I sat with my feet in the pool watching Gibbs move from shade to shade in suitable security locations.

And it's another good puzzle.
I'm enjoying it too! Are you surprised?

For supper, I had Rosy, air fry two fat chicken thighs and I fried potatoes and cooked corn for Bill while I ate some bean salad (last night for it) and potato salad. After dishes, Bill returned to the Hangar and Gibbs and I stayed put in the a/c where it is nice and cool. Today, we reached 31C/88F and that is a little much for us, however, it IS July and we are never surprised by this month’s weather.

Around 6:30, as I was making supper,
the winds picked up as a dark cloud moved overhead.
I brought the awnings in, closed umbrellas, put
cushions away and closed the Bunky.
Bill went out to bring his flag down.
Um, should I also be standing at attention? 💓

It was a good supper but the remainder
of the bean salad went into the disposal.

I watched the first episode of Reacher last night and Bill watched it in the Hangar this afternoon. We are both hooked and unlike the movie with Tom Cruise (that’s just a laugh) Alan Ritchson is exactly like we picture him from our Lee Child stories. We’ll carry on with this series and no doubt enjoy each one. Thank you to those of you who recommended it! This ends another great day.

And as we cleaned up, we had about 25 drops of rain
and then it was back to the heat.
Tomorrow promises some relief from that
but may bring more rain. 
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. Yes the Reacher series casting is spot on, Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher was just a laugh.

  2. It's warming up! Gibbs is funny ... Cooper notices those kind of things also. I have to say though, your beautiful green area looks cool to me!!

    1. Yes, it gets hot here, then cools off sufficiently which is great. We whine just because it's what we all do, right?