Friday, July 7, 2023

One Down, Four to Go, Beautiful Day

The Ridge

On Friday, July 7th we took our time getting up out of bed. Waking around 7, it was what you would call a lazy morning. Once up, we got ready for our day. I had to be at M’s for 9 and Bill wanted to leave the Suite by 9. He had his first physio therapy session in Walkerton this morning. He was a little concerned but only because his arm has been improving by the week and usually physio makes you sore for the first few sessions.

So, after I finish my blog, I usually
sit in my chair to watch tv.
Last night, my chair was fully occupied.

When I tried to rouse him, he made himself
more comfortable so I sat in Bill's chair.

He left, I left, Gibbs stayed home to look after things. I had a pretty easy morning, first M and I drove down the road in his old truck to get skids from Alex and then back at the shop to do some taping. M had almost covered the van completely but I needed to paper the remaining sections that he will not be painting. We took a run into town for him to stock up for the weekend (I hope) and then I finished my job.

While we occupied ourselves today
Gibbs found a middle ground, as per usual. 💓

I was home by noon and Bill was home soon after from his appointment. He was smiling and was feeling just fine. It went well and he has some exercises to do on his own with instructions about heating and icing before and after. With 4 more sessions, hopefully he’s on the right track. We are feeling positive about this next step. 😊

Okay, all doors can be opened now.
Do you have the key?

We had some lunch and then took a drive in as far as Robin’s garage sale. She texted me this morning to tell me that she had my pay and that she sold Bill’s inverter. Bill has never met her so it was a good opportunity to rectify that. Robin paid me more than I expected but I wasn’t going to argue! She’ll keep in touch for when she needs me to help out next time.

He seems to like these cushions
I emptied 'our' pool today, we won't
be needing it for a while.

Back home, Bill worked on his cargo trailer and I worked on the puzzle. Long enough to finish it and at 5:15 Gibbs and I came inside. Okay, so he didn’t come in until about 5:30, but with the temptation of a treat, he joined me inside. For supper, I made homemade fries for Bill to deep fry and used the air fryer for chicken strips and the microwave for my squash. Supper was quite tasty and easy.


The day has been perfect! The rain has stopped for a couple of days and we had gorgeous sun all day long. We reached a lovely high of 21C/70F, a little warmer tomorrow and the weekend is around the corner. This has been a great day. Now, I need to go get some ice ready for Bill, he has completed his first round.

The blue sky was dotted
with a few clouds

Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Of course Mom ... pillows are softer!!! I'm surprised he hangs out so close and doesn't run off. Gibbs is such a good boy. Good news for Bill ... sounds like he's healing up pretty fast.

    1. Ha ha too true. He does wander sometimes but he is always on the property. Yes, we are happy with Bill's recoup.