Thursday, July 6, 2023

Some Work, Some Shopping, Some Play, Some Rain & Relief

The Ridge

On Thursday, July 6th I was up around 7:15 for work. Bill and Gibbs followed almost immediately. I had to clean the laundromat but there was no real rush. I wasn’t working at M’s today so that allowed me a more leisurely pace. It was a cloudy day and we first expected it to be cooler. However, the morning didn’t seem to start out that way, a muggy 15C/62F at 7:30.

The rain was hit or miss.
Some areas got lots, some little, some none.

No one was at the Mat and it wasn’t too dirty when I set to work. When I retrieved the dryer keys to remove the lint, I noticed that Sandy had, once more, forgotten to put my pay in the lock box. I wasn’t worried but at the same time, if he needed a bug in his ear, I would need to give him a poke. So, I did and he respectfully texted back pretty quickly to tell me that I could pick it up on my way home (his shop is just down the road from us) or he could leave it in the Mat this afternoon. 😊

The latter was my option and I headed straight home after dropping a book at the small book library around the corner from where I worked. Bill had been puttering in the Hangar so before lunch,  I dust mopped and washed the floors. My was a peanut butter and cucumber sandwich and it was so good! I haven’t had it for awhile. Bill had a bit of a snooze while I finished the last two chapters of my book. OMG, it was so good and I recommend it giving it 5*’s in my Goodreads app. An eye opener for me. (The Room on Rue Amelie by Kristin Harmel)

The Mission Store picks a tag colour and takes
50% off those items.
Today was yellow, I managed to snag one item to get the discount.

We then took advantage of the wet day, yes, it has finally rained. No watering today, yay! Since we couldn’t be outside we drove the 40 minutes to Owen Sound to pick up a few things. Gibbs needs dog food and Pet Smart is there. Bill needed a couple (or three) things for his hobby/cargo trailer and we needed a new tube for a tire on the blue boy, for dumping our tank. I didn’t ‘need’ anything but with the opportunity to pop into The Mission Store, I jumped at it.

We left at 1:15 and were home by 3:30.
I stopped at the Mat and picked up my pay. 😁

Bill dropped me off first and went across the street to get his stuff at Canadian Tire and Princess Auto. I opted to avoid Value Village, in the same mall, because their prices have been blown out of proportion and I’m just losing interest. It’s good if I’m looking for something in particular but I wasn’t.

I hate to part with them, but with no tread
and the insides beginning to fall apart,
out they go!
They are at minimum 10 years old.

I did find a pair of cargo shorts that I can wear to work, a phone cover (brand new and fits my Samsung perfectly for 2$) and a duvet cover and pillow cases to match. Ours is looking a little sad and I refuse to pay the big bucks for a brand new one. This one will replace the other one I purchased used a couple of years ago. 😊 It’s the way I like to shop when funds are tight. I also found a pair of sneakers and when i got home, tossed out the old worn Sketchers, moving my insoles to the new canvas shoes from Robin's. 

Gibbs didn't stray at all while
Bill and I were preoccupied with our hobbies
He was quite happy on the cushions
On Duty. 💕

I worked on the puzzle for awhile, Bill was in the Hangar and Gibbs stretched out on chair cushions that I set on the picnic table to dry. Until it started to spit, when we came in. Gibbs does not like rain. Rather than BBQ in the rain, I cooked the sausages in the air fryer and we had them on a bun. I’m still picking at the potato salad, still enjoying it.

More doors to open

Bill has been watching the Reacher series so is ahead of me by 3 episodes so I’ll try and catch up tonight. Only 8 episodes in Season 1 and Season 2 isn’t out – yet. We’ve had a good day. We needed the rain and it appears as though it knows enough to stop. The next few days will be pleasant and mostly dry. 😊

After supper, the sun appeared briefly
First time today.
We reached a high of 25C/77F
so a relief from the higher temps

The grackles are plentiful around the bird seed feeders and the grosbeak, nuthatches and finches are enjoying the quiet around the finch feeders. Even the Oriole popped by to indulge in the hummer food. Seems, I’ve managed to solve that feeder problem! I love watching them fill the stations to eat.

It's the small birds I love to watch

How nice to see Mr. Oriole return
for a sip

I wasn't the only one watching.
Good night!

This was a great day!


  1. Ha. You're the only person I know besides me who really likes a cucumber and peanut butter sandwich. (A Wisconsin friend introduced me about 50 years ago...yes, I was 26. People from where I'm from and live again (TX) look at me like I'm crazy to even mention the combination. Well, maybe its something you get acquainted with up north. That's all I know to say,)

    1. Ha! That is funny! I got the sandwich from my Dad. He also ate green onions with peanut butter. I like that combo too.

  2. I do love your feeders. I may just have to see if I can find a couple. There are a crazy number of birds here this year. I'm jealous of your rain ... hoping the monsoon season gets here soon and cools us off.

    1. The feeders are lasting longer than my first ones. They have to be patient with these. :)
      I'll send our next rain your way!

  3. Hmm...I might try a peanut butter and cucumber sandwich. Sounds refreshing.