Tuesday, July 4, 2023

A Working Morning, Bill Takes a Day to Himself (Happy Independence Day!)

The Ridge

On Tuesday, July 4th as our American friends celebrate their July holiday, ours has been put behind us. The employed masses are back at work, unless they’ve extended the holiday, and we move on into the month with oppressive heat hanging over us. I’m not complaining. It won’t last and I still much prefer heat to cold so will take it as it comes. It’s why we have air conditioning. 😊

This is how I choose to start my pictures today
This was last night. I love how those little legs push
against the cupboard as he sleeps 💗

I slipped out of bed ahead of the boys and passed a small treat to Gibbs as I left the Suite for work. The day was already very warm, 16C/60F, so I wore shorts and a strappy top. Even with the a/c at the Mat, it gets warm while cleaning, especially with the hot dryers running. There were three washers running from two patrons but they were outside waiting for the next cycle. I swept the floors first, they were cluttered with ‘stuff’, then went about the daily chore.

Also from last night - I can't help it.
He is the joy in our world.
I know some find him annoying with his jumping, barking
and pawing for attention, but this is our puppy and to us
he is darn near perfect. 

I was disappointed that Sandy had forgotten to drop my pay in the lock box but I know he’ll follow through soon. He’ll kick himself for forgetting so I won’t remind him – yet. 😊 I nipped up to the Water Store to fill our bottle, opened the door to call hello to Mark, the owner, and headed home Bill needed Ptooties today. I’d taken our sheets in so took them, plus my work bag out of the back and spent the next half hour with Gibbs and Bill.

It didn't take long for the sky to the east
to clear out and bring us heat, heat, heat.

Bill left for Concord, Ontario around 9. He had a couple of things to do there, the main one was to cash in his $50 gift certificate at their hobby store. It is a 2 hour drive so a bit frustrating to have to go that far, but $50 is $50. (insert shoulder shrug here 😊) He made the trip worthwhile by stopping at Shelbourne on the way home at a trailer repair shop for a piece of metal. I’m sure he’ll explain that later.

It would be a lovely drive for Bill today

At 10, I stopped at M’s and took a quick run into town for him in Black Beauty. I had to drop something off and then I reported back to the shop to work on the VW. It has a lot of sanding, hand and air, now that the rocker panels have been replaced and hopefully it will be done with a new paint job by the end of the month. I’m encouraging the quick movement on these vehicles, get them outta here!

Not much breeze today but I'll bet the sheets
dried in very little time.
(oh shoot! they're still on the line!)

By the time 1 o’clock rolled around, I was a hot, dirty mess from top to bottom so hopped in the shower before doing anything else. Bill wasn’t home yet, and I hadn’t expected him to be, so I made myself a bowl of mushroom soup from a half can that was in the fridge. I topped it off with a couple of teaspoons of yogourt, for the fat content that would contain me until supper. It was a late lunch though so when Bill returned home at 3:30 with some leftover fries from his late lunch, I finished them off. LOL

a cold supper which suited us just fine

The a/c was on inside and it was lovely in here. Gibbs didn’t get much outside time today at all but he ran out a couple of times, chased Chippy down the fence, did his business and quickly returned indoors to the cool air. 😉 He’s not just a pretty face! (although he sure is that!) We chatted briefly with Bill’s cousin, Rick, Bill dozed and I read my book. I’m really enjoying this new one and find it very hard to set down.

Peeking out the window and through
the awnings as the evening sun
peeks back at me through the trees
"Good evening, Mr. Sunshine, you brighten up my day"
(another song title for you with a twist)

Set it down I did at 7 when I knew we needed to eat something. We weren’t overly hungry (late lunch, remember?) but had some potato and bean salad with a bit of flaked chicken I’d opened earlier. That did the trick. Bill went to the Hangar, saying it was cooler in there now and I wrote my blog and went back to my book. Gibbs was hungry tonight and gobbled his supper up like no tomorrow. I love hearing that sound, him eating.

Such a GOOD story!

This has been a hot day, another one in a set of 4 or 5 before it cools back to normal. I’ve enjoyed it and Bill had a good day travelling. I said enough prayers to bring him back safely, so I’m glad about that. He had to travel on those busy 400 series highways, which we love to hate.

For our friends across the border.
Good night y'all!

Happy 4th of July to our American friends! Celebrate your ’s out!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. You make me so happy to know that I'm not the only one taking loads of pictures of my sleeping pup!! He did a good job, chasing Chippy off!! I hope Bill found exactly what he needed. Looking forward to seeing his new project.

    1. And visa versa! They're our babies. Thank you, Bill did find what he needed.

  2. Yes the heat is here for one or two more days. No air conditioning here but ceiling fans make a big difference. I also hate to complain, the cold weather will come soon enough. As an aside, I enjoy the 'doggie' photos that you post.

    1. We try to let thy ceiling fans do the work but occasionally we bite the bullet and turn the a/c on.
      Thankyou, i can't help taking pictures of Gibbs. He's our baby.