Thursday, July 20, 2023

Night and Day, I’m Engaged Again!

The Ridge

On Thursday, July 20th I was back to my paying jobs after a nice day off. I left the Suite at 7:10 and arrived to an empty laundromat. Talk about night and day! The environment that I walked into was totally different than Tuesday’s. I was very surprised and pleased as it looked almost as if I had just cleaned and could walk out again. Almost. šŸ˜Š

It was going to be a guessing game
of what weather we'd get today

I went through my normal routine though and since I had 15 minutes left, I washed windows, inside and out. It was 8:20 when I left the Mat and headed straight home. Since we were taking the Cub Cadet back to the repair shop down the road, I called Bill on my way home and asked that he head out and I’d meet him there. I didn’t want to drive up the lane when it wasn’t necessary. That would just get Gibbs all excited and then I'd leave again.

The only negative thing at the Mat
was that 2 machine top dispensers had pods in them again.
One was dissolved, the other had 2, like new. LOL
Were their clothes even clean?

I'm hoping my note gets their attention for next time.

We left the dreaded machine with Rob and drove back home in Ptooties. My hopes are sure not very high for it to be done any time soon but I really am trying to be positive. Bill worked on his project for a bit and since I couldn’t assist too much in today’s endeavour, I pulled weeds from the tiger lilies along the cedar rail fence down by the road. I’ve been meaning to do that for quite a while. It is mostly very long stalks of grass – what are they when they get to be 24” tall?

Who loves ya, Daddy?
He says 'not Daddy's boy'. Huh! ♥

I had my second job to go to at 10 so after making Bill a coffee and me one in my thermos to go, I drove around the corner to M’s. Today was an easy job. The VW is so very close to being ready for priming so I taped the mirrors, sanded the front grill work and then M needed to go into town to stock up for the weekend. šŸ˜‰ Gee, I almost have him trained to do things so he doesn’t call on my days off! 

Although we reached 25C/77F
we were prepared for a storm.
It was still a pretty nice day.

When we returned to the shop, I only had about 45 minutes left of my shift so got as much taping done as I could before 1 o’clock. Since he wants to prime tomorrow afternoon, I’ll go back tomorrow at 9:30 and clean the windows before papering them. It shouldn’t take too long, I hope. Back home, Bill and I had some lunch together. They have a cookie (or two) as a snack at 11:30 so they can wait to eat with me.

With me working in the morning, Bill told me about a phone call that my ring was ready for pick up. Yay! We decided to go this afternoon instead of tomorrow afternoon. Walkerton is just under 40 minutes away and it was wonderful to see my diamond ring again. I suggested that Bill should have got down on his knee with it but other than a laugh from him and the clerk, it didn’t happen. I did, however, get a hug from my sweetie in the store, which told me enough. šŸ˜Š 

Back where it belongs 
and I feel 'complete' again. ♥

On the way to Walmart, we stopped to see Donna and Gerry for a few minutes but my sister wasn’t home. We visited with Gerry before stopping for a few groceries. That should get us through until pensions come in next week. We relaxed for the remainder of the day. Threats of storm action were all over the news and so we prepared by putting things away.

I can’t say we were disappointed when we got about 50 large drops, little wind and only a few grumbles under the dark sky. We watched it move off to the northeast and felt a bit selfish that we were glad to be missed. We hope no one got anything damaging. For supper, we had chicken strips and fries with raspberry cheesecake for dessert. Yum, it was all good. After cleanup, we checked the forecast and other than more rain through the night, the storm warnings are over.

Sometimes, words just aren't necessary.

Supper was easy and tasty.
My dipping sauce for fries was Sour Cream and Lime
For the chicken, I like the honey mustard.

Raspberry cheesecake.
Thinner only because I split it into two pans.

This has been a good day. After the rain, temperatures dropped to 19C/67F. Bill went upstairs to do his new exercises. They involve laying down and of course, he had a helper which gave him even more of a challenge. Hard to exercise when you’re laughing. He was staying up here with us tonight, although choosing his own movie upstairs. I hope to find Marcel the Shell to watch. The previews are so darn cute, I have to entertain my inner child for this one.

Sometimes, you just need help with
your exercises. ♥
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are always appreciated as I know everyone has a lot going on. šŸ˜Š


  1. We have a small engine repair business. My mechanic curses Cub! He hates working on them.

  2. I think Gibbs is a Daddy's Boy AND a Mommy's Boy. He definitely keeps an eye on BOTH of you!!

  3. I can imagine just how much help Gibbs is with the exercise, or at least thinks he is. Funny pup!

  4. I may have to buy a cheesecake and drizzle some jam over it !! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Sour cream and lime for the fries sounds interesting. I love honey mustard for the chicken strips.