Saturday, July 29, 2023

Rainy Start, Clear Finish

The Ridge

On Saturday (or is it Friday or Sunday?), July 29th, I think we were all confused about “what day is today?”. We woke up to the sound of rain. Overnight rain, yes that is what we all hope for BUT we also hope that it stops by 7 am so we can enjoy the day outside. Especially a weekend, our working children would say. But, it didn’t.

Gibbs snuggled in behind me as I sat at my
laptop. LOL
Looks guilty, doesn't he?

Bill had his wings clipped because of the precipitation that didn’t end until after lunch, around 1:00. He and Duncan had planned to go flying this morning. As it turned out, we all stayed indoors and then finally, after we had lunch, we emerged from our homes and ventured out. That was it. After a walk to the Baptist Church, separately, the boys set to work again to ‘almost’ finish what they started yesterday. 😊

It had stopped raining by 1:00 when I walked
down to the church. Gibbs wanted to stay with
Daddy today, Mama's boy, eh?

Patty was testing out her oven in the new rv and baked a cake to reward the boys for their hard work. How sweet! It tasted wonderful, I know because I indulged! The rest of the afternoon, we all relaxed together. Patty and I take our books outside but we find too much to talk about so end up closing them anyway. 😊 Gibbs was outside with us, finding shade and yet with the temperature drop from yesterday, we found we were moving our chairs out of the shade into the sun.

The Echinacea are starting to bloom
They are so worth the wait as they stretch
up over a 2 week growing period.

I love these and may have to add more to my
gardens. Do I say that every year? 

We reached a more seasonal temperature of 20C/69F today and when the sun took over the blue sky, it was gorgeous! At 5:30, I came inside to season the pork loin and begin supper. Madame IP would be cooking the roast and potatoes while I cooked the sprouts and mixed vegetables in the microwave. A simple but tasty meal to prepare. It was quite good and just the right size roast for one meal of leftovers.

While sitting out for Happy Hour (?)
Patty brought us  piece of her delicious cake.
Blueberries were baked on the bottom. Yum!

Always lots to talk about when we have the same
interests that we do.

We shared my rich Caramel Cream dessert from the restaurant and then cleaned up the dishes. The boys were tired again from the afternoon work so Bill stayed inside and watched one of his movies upstairs. I finished my blog and at this point, I haven’t decided whether to watch tv or read more of my book. I haven’t told you about it. It’s by Alex George and is called Setting Free the Kites. It is good, right from the very first page in the Prologue.

Oooey Gooey Good!
I couldn't have eaten the whole thing in one sitting
so had to share with Bill. 

This has been a great day. This morning, during the rain, I made up an Excel table to record our expenditures from each winters’ travels since we started in 2016. It is quite interesting to see how those figures have gone up and down. I do need to start writing the book of last winter so got that information ready for the next rainy day! I hope you’ve enjoyed your Saturday. By the way, at 7:30 as I'm close to finishing, the clouds have started to return to the sky. At least no rain is in the forecast for Sunday. TG.

From inside, you can see how clear the sky is.
The clouds filtered back along the horizon.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. Nothing better than good friends and good food!! Those flowers are gorgeous ... yes, add more!!

    1. That is so true! I think I will add more of those echinacea.

  2. The echinacea are absolutely beautiful. I never had any luck keeping them overwinter at the old house, and there isn't a place for them here. Maybe my next place.
    It's nice to get rain overnight, but better still when it is done by the time you get up in the morning. We haven't had any here for at least a week, and the heat is returning tomorrow.

    1. The rain patterns all over Ontario are crazy this summer. We don't need anymore yet it is every day's forecast it seems. LOL

  3. I enjoy your blog every day! I save it to the end 'cause I know I'll always enjoy it.

    1. that is so sweet of you to say, F.G. Sorry, I missed a day and now I'm behind!

  4. Can you send some rain our way? Things are just so dry here, farmer's crops are burning up or very stunted.

    Harvey dug up some echinacea from a field...He thought it was a wild flower, which it really was where he found it.

    God bless.

    1. I'd love to send rain your way! We've had enough for a while. I wish I could find some echinacea in a field rather than buy more. :)

  5. The moon flowers are poisnous to pets and people