Sunday, July 2, 2023

Not Fond of Doing This But Here is a Two Day Wrap Up

The Ridge

Saturday, July 1st began and ended busy. I’m not complaining about any of it because we plan it, look forward to it and enjoy every minute. There was even a lovely surprise (kind of) visit in the middle of the day. So, Bill was up early and with his coffee in to-go mugs, left for a morning of flying. I was up soon after and began preparing.

Good morning Canada!

Love the red and white

Tradition calls for Bill’s two sisters and their husbands to come for a barbecue dinner this afternoon. It is our way of celebrating Canada Day as well as each other’s company. We don’t see them often enough so these days are really special. I’ve been in ‘his’ family picture for over 26 years and his sisters are like my own, growing closer every year.

A picture of the puzzle finished yesterday

Bill leaves the meal prep up to me and he just barbecues what I tell him, although we tend to confer about what can we have different than previous years. This year we bought chicken/pineapple and beef/bacon kabobs from M & M’s, I made a potato and bean salad with pineapple cheesecake for dessert. When that was all made, I neatened things up outside, opened the patio umbrellas, swept the mats and straightened and put the cushions out on the lawn furniture.

My camping son, after my own heart.
Patrick, the woodsman. šŸ’•

Bill was home from flying shortly after 12 and he had a few things of his own to look after outside. I’d heard from my son yesterday that he would likely be popping in for a short visit as he was driving through this way to go pick up a canoe from Gayle and John. I haven’t seen him in a long time so this was a nice surprise! šŸ˜Š I offered him a sandwich, not much I know but he was quite happy with that. We weren’t eating big at noon with the afternoon ‘festivities’.

Always nice to get visits
from the kids
They don't happen often enough. ♥

Patrick arrived just after 12:30 and we had a nice visit catching up on his life which is in a bit of turmoil right now. He’s a strong young man and is faring very well and we offer full support to his choices with a bit of advice thrown in. Bill needed to shower so said goodbye to him and soon after, Patrick left. I didn’t know at the time, but he drove to the Acreage to say hello to another aunt and uncle-in-law. I thought that was very nice of him.

Bill, Carol, Brian and Gracie

Liz, Bruce and Gibbs

Gracie is on security detail today

So Gibbs gets attention from her Daddy

Our company arrived between 2:30 and 3. Liz, Bruce, Carol and Brian with, of course, Gibbs’ little friend, Gracie. They touched noses in a greeting and got along very well all day. They are about the same size, Gracie being a miniature Wheaten Terrier and is just a few months younger than Gibbs. So cute with her new haircut. 

All ready to go inside

Tables set for diners

The kabobs are almost done

We sat outside in the shade until after supper, which we opted to eat in the cool of the Suite, with the a/c running. That was planned well, it got quite humid outdoors.

Our meal turned out pretty good

The pups behaved pretty good
during supper
Now you see the Wheaton Terrier
from the front. ♥

Carol and Brian's Electric Subaru

Liz and Bruce's Chrysler Sebring convertible

After they left, by 7, Bill suggested we go see Donna and Gerry for a quick visit at the Acreage. It was a surprise to see Gayle and John there and we visited as long as we could before the darn ‘skitters’ were eating us up! They are really bad this year. 

A quick visit at the Acreage
Bill, Gayle, Gerry

John and Donna

I was exhausted and when Bill went to the Hangar for a bit, I watched the last two episodes of Fire Country so now I’m caught up too. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open when I went up to bed. Bill came up at the same time, kapooped.

Not clear at all but a deer watching
our approach up ahead

A gorgeous sunset as we drove home.
Good night!

What a great day that was, although the timing was off when Carol left so I didn’t get a family photo this year. Never-the-less, Happy Canada Day!

Ignore the glare of our interior lights please.
Happy Canada Day!

Sunday, July 2nd started at a slower pace although I was still up by 7 and sorted the dirty clothes. We had an incident at last night’s supper when Bill’s wine glass tipped and he was doused in red wine. Crap! However, my diligence with hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap removed it completely. Phew, they were good clothes so it was important. šŸ˜Š

As I left for the Mat, I remembered
to get a picture of my third Moonflower bloom

They're too pretty to only last for one day
Maybe that's the beauty of them.♥

The sky this morning was cloudy and would remain as such for the bulk of the day so I decided early to dry the clothes at the Mat. Bill left for the field, in the hopes the rain would hold off. Dollar Store Dave was just finishing up at the laundromat so I was alone to clean and do our laundry peacefully. I played my online games while waiting. On the way home, I stopped to visit Robin and her garage sale. Wow, she has so much stuff and most of it, good stuff.

I was happy to see Robin got her red
maple tree planted!
No more falling over!

She hasn’t paid me for overseeing and watering her plants so when I found a couple of pair of good/new loafers and a clock for the Bunky, she waved me off and said she’d take it off my ‘pay’. šŸ˜Š I'll get pictures tomorrow, if I remember. We had a great conversation as I wandered around for about 45 minutes! I really like her and I think it’s mutual. We click and get a lot of laughs in the process. Back home, Bill was offloading water from the Acreage and then we had lunch.

My wildflower gardens in the

My niece had asked if Bill could take some pictures of their new property for them so after a quick catnap, he drove to meet them around 1:30. I felt worn out so didn’t do ANYTHING else! Gibbs and I did manage a nice walk to the corner where we picked some daisies for my vase and then we crashed in my chair again. Bill was home by 3 or so and I made a tea and the two of them went upstairs to watch a movie and snooze.

There are lots of daisies for picking
so on our walk, we picked!

I was able to finish my Joint Custody book and thoroughly enjoyed the humour, such a change from my serious mystery stories. For supper, we just had leftovers. Kabobs, potato and bean salad and the last of the cheesecake. We tried a glass of wine each, I obviously bought more than we needed for yesterday, but neither of us cared much for it. We may have to dump it before this week is out. Wine is not our favourite drink by any means and we have slowed down considerably on alcohol altogether. At meal times, just doesn't feel right for us.

Leftover supper and it was
good the second time around too.

We’ve had a great couple of days here. Today felt muggy but with no sun, it was bearable with the breeze coming in through the Suite. I wouldn’t want to be working in it but 26C/79F was a pretty nice day. I hope you all enjoyed your Canada Day and to our American friends, your celebration is just around the corner, so enjoy!

An extra bonus for me.
I never got to meet Bill's mom before she passed in
1986 (?) but Carol had some of her jewellery left
after the sisters chose what they wanted. I got to
also pick some things before they were donated.
I love these brooches and feel blessed to have some
of her pieces. šŸ’—

Good night!

Thank you for coming around! Comments are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend to me. Your yard looks wonderful and I love the umbrella over the chairs. I admit, I'm not really a wine drinker either. I have a bottle that's been in my fridge for two years.

  2. You've had a couple of very busy days. I'm not a wine drinker either, the occasional beer is my go-to.

  3. Wow, busy-busy. Sounds like a great way to celebrate Canada Day, you did it up proud. The kabobs look tasty, and I'm sure the efforts you put in to all the rest was much appreciated. Most everyone I know (around our age) just can't handle the booze the way we used to, and if we try, it's a headache for sure the next day, šŸ˜£

    1. Thank you!
      Funny how our desire for booze disappears but there are just too many other things to enjoy.

  4. Very busy, but a good busy I'm sure. It's always wonderful to see family, even if it is only for an hour or two. Some is better than none.
    The wine issue, you can always use it for cooking, add it to soup, stew, marinade for meat, etc.


    1. It was a great day and thanks for the info on the wine. I just know it will sit for a while and I've been good at cooking with it. I'm gonna try though!