Friday, July 14, 2023

Too Busy Visiting!

The Ridge

On Thursday, July 13th we were up by 7:15, no work today. Bill had appointments at the Walkerton Hospital starting at 10:30 so he was showered and ready to go around 9:15. Walkerton is about 30 minutes away but he likes to be early for medical appointments. This was unrelated to his shoulder injury, instead a follow up on his heart tests. The ECG and echocardiogram were both set up, one following the other.

Yup, kinda looks like rain

But, we did have a lot overnight.
Hard to see here but we got about 2"
The wood was to hold the empty pool down
but it was floating by morning.

I remained at home and tidied the Suite. Floors needed vacuuming and I wanted to dust the main floor especially. The woodwork doesn’t get as bad here compared to Arizona so I don’t need to dust as often. Woohoo! Who likes that job? Not me! I swept the Bunky as well, filled bird feeders and swept the patio mat before our company arrived. Duncan and Patty pulled into the lane around 10:45 but not with the Chev and the Airstream.

I had to tell them that they'd
put on weight!
Meaning, of course, their vehicles.

I met him part way down to give him instructions
He didn't really need them. 

They were sure looking bigger in their new 34’ Thor Windsport motor home! It’s beautiful! Other than their 11-year-old grandson, we were the first to see it. 😊 I gave Duncan brief instructions on the 3-point turn he’d need to do to get their new home into place and he did it like he’s been driving these all his life. They’ve just picked up their unit within the last few days. I refused a tour until my sweetie got home from the hospital so we could see it together. Gibbs, however, didn’t wait.

Gibbs likes his buddy, Duncan.
They play chase the toy together

Bill surprised us all when he was home shortly after 11:30, getting in and out earlier than expected was a bonus. We chatted and then toured the motor home and chatted some more inside. The Airstream was nice, not my cup of tea, but there was no real room in the one they had to sit comfortably and visit. That has changed with this one having theatre seating, a dinette area to sit plus a 2-seater sofa. Beautiful!

I have to admit that it was a very good
Together with friends topped it off!

Every time they come, they make supper for us so I beat them to the punch, since they were only staying one night, and told them supper was on us this time. 😊 It was a cooler day but it didn’t rain like we thought it was supposed to, so we sat outside around the firepit. The wood was wet from the steady overnight rain but there was still some heat to keep us comfortable. Gibbs was happy to see them and took turns on each of their laps.

I'd never heard of this but
the salty and the sweet
was delicious!

Supper was pork loin roast, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, carrots and gravy. Patty and Duncan provided dessert which was watermelon with feta cheese. Oh my! Delicious! 

After supper, we all walked down the lane.

At 9:15, Patty and I called it a night and went into our own homes and the men, including Leroy Jethro, stayed a few more minutes while Duncan showed Bill some features on the Windsport. It was a good, whirlwind of a day and they’d be leaving in the morning.

Patty always has a lovely smile.

I tried to get into my book but by 10, I had to say goodnight. Gibbs joined me and that’s why my blog didn’t get written on Thursday night. 😊

The sun at the end of the lane

And as it was preparing to drop
below the horizon.
Gibbs was on duty, waiting for the
two men. 

Friday, July 14th

We were up once more by 7 and I immediately got washed and dressed for work. I had two jobs today so arriving in town at 7:15 would give me some time in between to say proper goodbyes to our friends. I stopped at the Ultramar first to fill up Ptooties, she was thirsty. The Mat was empty of clients so I set about cleaning it. It just makes it easier when no one is in there. It was an hour later when I closed up the shop and office doors.

Moonflower #7, I think.
I'm glad D & P got to see it, they've never
heard of them.

So, sometimes I just have to shake my head.
I find this often in the large front loading washers.
The soap tray is on top and yes it can be too high
for some shorter people to see in BUT
why would you the pods in here?
The dry soap didn't even go in the hole
so how clean did their clothes come out?
I don't know, I just clean it out in puzzlement.

Back on the Ridge, our visitors were just finishing up packing so we sat and chatted some more before, after hugs (for now), they pulled out around 9:30. It’s always great to see these guys, we get along so well. They seem quite pleased with their new unit and learning all about it. We’ll see them again soon but for now, they’re heading to Vineland to visit with Duncan’s family. I left for M’s at 10 and my 3 hours went fairly quickly.

Of course, a picture of the happy couple
(and Gibbs)

So cute! but Gibbs
wasn't waiting for a second. 💓

Between a quick town run, sanding the VW and pushing the BMW into the 2nd bay with his truck using a tire between the bumpers and me steering from outside the vehicle (no seats). I was tired though and dirty. The things I do, I tell ya! I washed and we had our lunch together. Bill had been busy, too, at his own thing, so waited to eat with me. 😊 We had a snooze, all 3 of us, and then at 3, I helped him with his project. In a couple of weeks, hopefully you’ll know what it’s all about.

Bye guys!

But where are they going, Mom?

We sat outside, enjoying the cooler breeze until rain drops drove us inside. It was quite humid. Storms are being forecast for our area later and all around us but they seem to keep blowing on by. The rain is not needed for a few days at least! I poured a drink of the Sangria (?) I mixed up and it isn’t too bad. It tastes pretty potent so it’s a good thing supper is an easy one!

Bill and I were working down the lane
and this is when I walked back up
Can you see him?

The last of the meatloaf, carrots and fries will be easy and filling. The flies are terrible and slip indoors every chance they get so the flyswatter is my right hand these days. We’ve had a couple of great days and hopefully, other than the Mat, I’m done working until Tuesday. 😊

Now, I know you can! 
The weekend has begun.
Good night to another great day!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Nice rig. They are actually much easier to drive than a fifth wheel rig. What I wouldn't give for a little COOLING rain. Have a great weekend and give the kid a scratch for me!!

  2. I was thinking, how difficult must that to be to drive? It looks soooo big! But Nancy suggests it is easier to drive. Interesting.
    Sounds like a good couple of days, with friends and work. I suspect some people don't know how to actually use a washing machine.

    1. I sat in the driver's seat but still can't imagine driving it!
      We had a nice, but short visit.