Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Puttering at Home Base

The Ridge

So, on Tuesday, July 11th it was my quiet day here at home. No cleaning, no body work. We were up by 7, of course, Bill was up earlier with Gibbs and stayed up to do his exercises. His shoulder is coming along but that is because of his persistence at doing them twice a day. I give him credit, they take a while yet he sticks with it. 😊

Last nights sky was pretty
in pink

It was another mild morning, 15C/60F and sunny with a breeze. Almost a duplicate of Monday’s weather. We’re waiting for Alex, the gravel/digger guy to come and dig post holes but so far, he’s a no show. Hopefully Wednesday. I went out and got Bill’s help to start my weed trimmer before he went down to the Hangar and Gibbs hung around him while I weed whacked around the front lawn here and the gardens.

One job Bill wanted to do was
mount our StarLink dish up on 
the ladder
Not for travelling, just while sitting.
It didn't take him long

Once more, it was a humid day, especially doing that job, so I wasn’t surprised to see it reach 26C/78F by mid-afternoon. We had lunch and after working on the puzzle for a bit, I moved some of the wood along the fence. Bill wants to burn the pile that is sitting there now, probably the last week of July, and we’ll add new stuff. It didn’t take me too long and just as I was finishing, the 20 drops of rain decided to fall. It felt nice, actually. 😊

I thought Gibbs would want to go down
and check the mail but he stopped way
back there at the corner of the corral.
He's the teeny black dot in the right hand picture
and then he ran back to Daddy.

With the patio umbrellas folded down and the hammock put away, I brought the awnings in, expecting the ‘storm’ that was in the forecast. Huh! Thankfully, it missed us although the rain could have stuck around a bit longer. I worked in the Bunky on the puzzle for quite a while and made good progress before it was time to come in for supper.

The evening primrose
and one of my Sedum bushes
You can see the rocky ground that I talk about
on the corral hill.

After trimming around the garden and 
our shovel, you can see the growth
More primrose, glads and dahlias
mixed in with the hostas and tiger lilies

Tonight was leftover meatloaf, one meal of it left, mac & cheese and I had squash. We also finished the rice pudding. Bill did his exercises and went to the Hangar. Last night, I didn’t watch any tv and now that the pages in this mystery are turning quickly, I think I’ll stick to it again. J.P. never lets me down. I needed to print off more tags for the Mat (well, I’m sure Kaitlin would have) so copied those and made up a few to take tomorrow.

From this morning to this afternoon,
soon all I will have left is the blue sky and blue water.

I moved the black box of small kindling
from where the windows are
and eventually, we'll add new wood there.
There is one more pile further to the right
that needs to be burned first. 

a filling supper

M texted me with a time for work tomorrow so my Wednesday morning will be full. This has been a quiet but good day. I’m glad the weed trimming is done at least; still waiting on our riding mower. We are in for a cooler night, 9C/48F, so I guess we'll have some windows open but leave the duvet pulled up. 😃

A commenter asked about the collar
we bought.
There are shock nodes you can attach
but we don't use them.
The sound and vibration are
controlled by a remote.
It is for many situations but mainly
to keep Gibbs close to us.

Tonight's sky.
The storm warnings are gone. 
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. Thank you for the collar info! Everything you have planted is looking very fine! Ah, temperate weather (100 here today, ha.).

    1. Yw!
      Wow. Yes we will enjoy our weather for sure. It's hot enough!

  2. Love the vibration and sound part. I bet it works great cuz he's a smart puppy!! Good to see Bill's exercises are working.

  3. Your gardens are looking lush and green, beautiful! My goodness, you're so fast at those puzzles. It's clear it is something you enjoy a lot.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. I do love doing them and obviously have the time.