Monday, July 10, 2023

Warm Again with a Great Breeze

The Ridge

On Monday, July 10th it was a beauty of a morning. The temperature was around 15C/60F and the sky was clear and we had a nice breeze. The good news is that the breeze stuck around all day, with perfect occasional gusts to cool us off. We reached 26C/78F before the day was done and you’ll get no complaints from us! 😊

This morning's visitor

Bill and Gibbs were up just after 6 but I never heard a thing until it was almost 7. Bill stayed downstairs doing his exercises and eating breakfast while Gibbs had returned to Daddy’s side of the bed. I was lost in dreams during the wee hours, friends/staff from Can Am were in them which is very odd. I haven’t seen many of them since last fall.

The van is done at M's
Just waiting for pickup

I didn’t waste time getting washed and dressed and was at the Mat at 7:30. My usual ‘fellow’ came in a few minutes after me, I see him most times he’s in, depending on my shift. We always catch up and he inquired about how Bill was doing. I thought that was very nice of him. I was out of there by 8:45, headed home. Bill was weed trimming while I was gone as the area around the gate posts was all tidied up. 😊

Bacon and eggs for lunch 💟

He wasn’t done though, you know when you are on a roll, and continued long after I returned home. It was quite humid today again but he was dressed appropriately, with a hat and ear protection, so he just carried on. Finally, he stopped for lunch around 12:30 and that was it. I managed to keep busy by weeding around the small gardens at the same time.

Bill's Stinson Reliant (I had to ask before I posted)

Off leash, we walked down the lane to get the mail

He stayed right close by and stopped at the road
(this is an accomplishment!)
I didn't have to use the signal once

The place was looking great, for us not having our rider back yet from the shop. Just don’t look at the front field. We had bacon and eggs, which was good since we haven’t managed to fit it into our schedules for quite a while. After dishes, Bill had a snooze with Gibbs and I went to the Bunky to start a puzzle, another one from Bill’s cousin (mine too, I guess!), Joan. 😊

My corral garden never looks so good until
Bill does his weed trimming magic 

We needed water so when Bill put Gibbs colour on and was going to take him along, I hopped in Black Beauty too. It’s good to refresh that chore, I forget so easily. Gibbs and I walked the length of the Acreage while we waited for the bladder to fill and he stuck right close by my side. This collar is like a babysitter and it is keeping our little guy from getting into places he shouldn’t be. I’ve used the sound signal a very few times, with it on, he just stays close.

Not much colour on the side garden
but it's not dying at least!

Bill went to the Hangar and after a while, I had a call from M. He needed a lift to the gas station down the road and it only took me 15 minutes to do that for him.  The white van is finished waiting for pick up and there are a few ‘mechanic-type’ things he has to do on the VW before he calls me back. Likely Wednesday, I’ll be back at sanding that. Yay, another day off tomorrow!

Gibbs stayed right down there with his Daddy
No wandering.
You can tell I'm pretty 'sold' on this collar
with only having to put it on!

I worked on the new puzzle until a few minutes past 5. Gibbs had his collar on and hung around Bill while he worked outside on his big plane. I can’t remember which one it is, I’m sure he’s told me many times. They all have wings, wheels and a pilot so forgive me! 😊 

Another beautiful picture

All the blue (sky and water) pieces are on a separate

I came inside and made meatloaf for supper, at my Sweetie’s request. No potatoes in the house so mac and cheese and our veggies finished the meal. Of course, there is rice pudding for dessert.

Supper was yummy!

It was a great day and the breeze has kept things comfortable indoors. I did doze in the hammock for half hour this afternoon and I really enjoyed that leisure too. I hope you’ve had a good start to the week. PS – I’ve started a new James Patterson book and it’s starting out good. NYPD RED 4. I also watched the movie DOG the other night and really enjoyed it. A different kind of ‘love’ story.

the other day I used my big Canon
to capture Mr. Oriole
but forgot to download them.
Today, Mrs. Oriole visited but
no picture of her.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.