Saturday, July 15, 2023

What a Funny Day! (weatherwise)

The Ridge

On Saturday, July 15th, your guess was as good as ours as to what kind of weather we were going to have. The forecasters have been putting ‘chance of rain’ or ‘possible thunderstorms’ in every day, we think because they don’t know either! 😊 Maybe that’s not true, but we listen to the 3 different forecasts (on 3 different networks) and then basically just keep an eye on the sky.

Our area is lush with greenery
If you look direct centre,
you might be able to see the roof of
our Suite.
This is from North Line.

So, Bill was keen on flying so he was up for his breakfast earlier than us, did his exercises and left for the field around 8, I think. Gibbs and I were up around 7:30 so saw him hook up the cargo trailer and pull out the lane. Gibbs doesn’t miss a thing when we’re coming or going. I finished my tea and because it felt so damp, we just stayed inside until around 9:30, we went for a walk.

It's as if he understands the whole
picture thing when I say 'wait'.
He hears the soft click and he knows
he can move. 💗

The sky was still looking ‘iffy’ but it was quite warm, humid actually. Bill messaged around 10 that he would be home momentarily so I sat outside with Gibbs until he got himself parked. He was the only one at the field. He unhooked Black Beauty, which he doesn’t usually do on Saturday in the hopes of repeating his process Sunday morning again. Today, we needed fresh water so he unhooked for that reason. Gibbs was all keen on going so I put his collar on him, gave Bill the remote and off they went.

There were a lot of this shape in the puzzle
so that was fun! 
Just the water of the canal left to do

I worked on the sky pieces of the puzzle. When they returned, Bill told me that there was a huge difference in Gibbs’ behaviour. No whining, no disappearing over at the Acreage, just the best behaved little guy. The collar has paid for itself in our ability to relax more when outside. It doesn’t hurt him in any way and it isn’t even turned on half the time! We’re both pleased with the purchase.


We had some lunch, the boys dozed and I finished the puzzle. It was another good one, of course! I left the Bunky doors open because now we were ‘told’ that the rain wasn’t expected until around 7 pm. Bill went to the Hangar and Gibbs and I went upstairs to watch movies. I watched two good ones. I would never have seen them if it wasn’t for streaming. 😊

Gibbs likes his family to be outside at the same
time so until Bill came up from the Hangar,
we waited at the picnic table. 

Useless and Wild Oats are worth a watch. The first one if you like some horse action. The second if you like a laugh and if you enjoy Shirley MacLaine. I do. All of a sudden, the sky opened up and it began to pour with a vengeance. I grabbed a hooded jacket and ran out to close the Bunky doors noticing that Bill’s trailer door was still open. He made a dash to close that and we were both soaked! Ha ha.

Then came the downpour

Gibbs doesn't like going out in the rain
so he just sat and watched it.
I'm sure he was worrying about Daddy 'out there'.

Not 7 pm but at least they were right about
the rain this time.
The pond is certainly staying full this summer!

I made my tea around 4 and by then the rain returned lightly this time. Poor Gibbs hasn’t been out for an afternoon walk to check the mail, maybe later. We had some very sad news last night that our dear friends had to put their sweet little princess down. Nothing is worse than seeing a loved one suffer, even our 4-legged ones, so our prayers go out to Lori and Roland for the loss of their little Biker Queen, Schatzi. 💔 I was going to include a picture of her on the bike but wasn't sure if that would be too soon.

Home grown

Because of the unpredictable weather, we’re having mini sausages and pancakes with locally made maple syrup for supper. Breakfast for supper. 😊 We’ve had enough rain yet it is still coming down. LOL. 

Instead, you get sleepy Gibbs. It's that kind of day.

It has been a peaceful day and mild enough around 21C/70F all day so we’ve been able to have the windows open as well. By 5:30, the winds have increased and I wonder if we'll see our storm this evening. I hope you have had a good one too and hope you found some indoor things to do too!

Not a good picture
but the Jays are back.
Good night!

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  1. I have the same reaction to the weather forecast - just watch the sky (and the radar).

  2. Down here in TX, I just check the National Weather Service, which has about 5 offices around the state. I use the one closest to me. And they are right 95% of the time. I think the tv guys and internet forecasters use them too....only they present it with a lot more drama!!

  3. So sorry for your friends, our fur babies are so precious and making the hard decision to let them go is never easy.
    My goodness that was a downpour. Gibbs had the right idea to doze.

  4. That Schatzi ... she was a kick!! The way she threw her food up in the air before before she ate it ... what a sweet little girl. She will be greatly missed, I'm sure. Gibbs cracks me up ... laying on the picnic table. I'm glad that collar is working ... such a relief knowing they won't run off.

  5. My sincerest condolences to Lori and Roland. Schatzi lived a wonderful life.