Monday, July 17, 2023

Home Work Today, A Beautiful Day

The Ridge   

On Monday, July 17th we took our time getting going. Not that we were lazy about it, we were all still moving by 7:00. I didn’t have to clean nor did I have to work for M today so the day was mine to do as I pleased. Bill needed help with his secret project and since it wasn’t going to rain today (only a 15% chance) once we were finished our breakfast, we went out to get to work. 😊

Good morning!

Bill had to go to get a bladder of water first and while he was gone, I dumped the black tank. He was surprised and grateful and then we worked until 11. I took a break and made us each a coffee, joining Bill back at the ‘work site’. With a stop at noon for a bite to eat, we carried on into the afternoon. A quick trip to the Acreage and a quick trip into town, both involved all 3 of us, and then we worked away until around 3:30. It feels good to do this together and Bill needed some help.

I know you missed this little guy
and his poses!

Then we were done for the day. We were tired out. I had my shower and sat to read. I thought I might fall asleep but although Bill did beside me and Gibbs on top of me, I was too involved in my story. I did get a new puzzle out of the box but didn’t really sit at it for long. I didn’t even get the pieces turned over! 😊 I came back inside while Bill went to the Hangar and managed to finish my book by 6.

This hose is on a rack behind
the storage shed.
I was surprised to see it has intrigued
the birds - to a point

My Shasta Daisies are blooming

Hostas are soon blooming too          

For supper, it was simple. We had meatballs, rice and corn on the cob and it was very good for a change. We watched a movie together and Bill went back down to the Hangar for the evening.

Things to be grateful for.
Our Ridge location

I’m glad we got as much done as we did today, and we did it together. Bill is happy too. I’ll find something to watch tonight until my bedtime. We had a beautiful warm day with the perfect breeze and reached 23C/73F.

Our beautiful home

Tonight's supper
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Sounds like you and Bill had lots of fun working together.

    God bless.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing about the secret project. Sounds like the two of you are putting in a lot of work on it.

    1. Bill is anxious to get it done and to share. We'll need help to do the finishing though.