Sunday, July 16, 2023

Easy Does It

The Ridge

Sunday, July 16th and we are now, officially, half way through the month. Already!! “Holy Where is Our Summer Going, Batman?” 😊 Bill was once more keen on flying since yesterday was a bust. He was up with Gibbs at 6:15 and remained downstairs getting ready. I dozed off and on until a few minutes before 7. I wasn’t feeling overly ambitious but I had laundry and cleaning to do so got right at it.

Seems I was right to trust the weather man!

We only had one load today, seems Bill didn’t have too many clothing changes this week. I, from working at M’s, had more this time. Only one regular customer today and we chatted comfortably about what other than the weather? We’re all tired of rain in the daily forecasts. It’s good when they’re wrong – sometimes. 😊

It was a hot sticky walk
but a nice 25 minutes with Gibbs

By the time I finished and got home around 10:00, it was hot, hot and more hot. I let Gibbs out while I hung the clothes and he stayed on the step until I was done. Then, it was only fair to take him for his walk. Wouldn’t you know it? He decided to walk further today than he has any day for a long time! LOL By the time we returned home, he was panting and I was ‘glowing’.

There was no room for me under the step
in that hole, so I sat on the patio under the awning .....

The first place Gibbs went was under the deck stairs, dug a bit in the dirt and plopped his back side in it. Oh dear, I hope we haven’t made a mistake by changing his grooming appointment! Today is very humid, easily 24C/74F by noon. Once cooled down, we came inside where we each had a large drink of water. 😊

....and admired my flowering raspberry blossoms

I had nothing else on the agenda today and I took a chance by hanging the clothes on the line. The sky was quite iffy – again – but I was trusting the forecast that it wouldn’t rain before evening. I was right, by 1, they were dried so I brought them inside. Bill had texted that I should go ahead and eat lunch without him, so I opened a can of broccoli cheddar soup. It was Campbells so quite good for a change. Hot day, soup? Hey, it worked for me.

Gibbs and I sat out while Bill grilled supper
He's learning, Gibbs, not Bill. 

The sun through our skimpy trees

It's comfortable indoors with windows opened and both main level fans running. It felt lovely inside all day. Bill was home by 2:30 and after a snooze, he went to the Hangar and Gibbs stayed close by me for the rest of the afternoon. I wasn’t even into going to the Bunky to start a new puzzle. Today, I was into my book, big time! For supper, we had our grilled bacon, cheeseburgers with lettuce, pickle and tomato on mine. Yummy! We topped the meal off with some ice cream.

D'Italiano buns and bread
are the best!

It has been a great day, nice and relaxing. Bill got out flying and felt good about the 3 flights he had this morning. After his exercises tonight, he hopped in the shower but I’ll have mine in the morning. 

And from one sweet thing..........

My book is calling. Last night, I watched another good movie, Stranded in Paradise, and a documentary about Desi and Lucy. That was an interesting hour and a half. As I'm about to finish my post, almost 8 pm, there is thunder off in the distance. Maybe more rain tonight. Great! 😝 another.
Baby Alexander is 2 months old today and 12 whole pounds!
He's happy about that! 💖💖💖
Good night!

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  1. Alexander made me smile :o) Thank you! He's absolutely adorable.

  2. My thoughts exactly .. Alexander made me smile!! Your burgers always look so tasty. Wish I hadn't forgotten my bbq, or I'd be making one for myself!!

  3. That's one happy baby! Alexander is a cutie!!
    I don't think I've ever seen a raspberry blossom like that before. Mom had lots of bushes on the farm but they must have been a different variety.
    Hope it rains at night, and not during the day.

  4. I agree, where is summer going?! And it's going far too fast for me!

  5. As we age it seems like the months go by so fast. Before you know it you will be heading south for the winter.

    God bless.