Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday, Just Hanging Out

Paisley, On

On Sunday, Jan. 10th we began with a lazy morning. There had been a light skiff of new snow that fell overnight but it wasn't much. I sorted the laundry and we went down for our coffee and tea around 8:15 or so. Just a couple of loads again today so they will be done by noon hour. No, I wasn’t ambitious enough to go for a walk first thing. Hopefully my self-motivated push will get me out the door later today. We read blogs and Googled things online until the loads were finished.

First picture taken of the day
Puzzle finished and I coloured a bit before going upstairs

When the last load was folded and put away, we had our brunch. We didn’t feel like eggs and bacon today so we made separate things. With different tastes and not wanting a big meal at noon, we’re quite happy to fend for ourselves. Maybe that is weird for some of you, but it works for us. So, after eating Bill decided to make his lunch for work tomorrow and be a jump ahead of the chore tonight.

The river was slow moving today

The only bit of ice on it was this section across on the other side

He was into a project with his new battery charger today so I stayed out of his way. God knows I haven’t a clue what all the wires and numbers etc. mean! I could read or crochet but instead I decided to go back to my puzzle in the garage. I’m in the mood so it’s a good time to carry on with it. I have a box full to choose from when this one is done although they don’t all have to be done this winter. 😊

I was surprised to see some of the road in the campground was cleared
away by the plow

Around 1:30, the puzzle was done. Good job, Patsy! It’s a good thing because the light really wasn’t great and the last 8 solid colour pieces went in the only spots left to go in! I was feeling tired so came upstairs where Bill was still working on his charger and batteries. I curled up on the bed for a snooze and he joined me at one point. It wasn’t a long sleep for me, as I was wide awake 15 minutes later looking at the ceiling. I didn’t want to disturb him unnecessarily. 

To give you an idea, the white arrow is the route 
I come in from town, Water Street

The river and some campsites are on the right and park land on the left
There is quite a wide area on the left cleared by the plow to make room for
oh-oh maybe lots of snow??

At 3:30, I wrestled myself up and went for my walk. I’m glad I pushed myself to go because it was a mild 0C/32F with very little to no wind at all. The walk was about 45 minutes down along the Saugeen, through the campground and back up to the back streets (east) of the town. At one point I met another walker. She was taking what I assume to be an Irish setter or spaniel of sorts for a walk (or visa versa). What a beautiful dog. He was a pup, she said, but that pup would have no part of me petting him. I wish I’d got a picture of him.

so, if a barn quilt is on a house, it's a house quilt?

Back home, I poured myself a bit of Disaronno and joined Bill upstairs. He’d had his shower and asked if I would play pedicurist for him. He has a hard time reaching his toes and it is surprisingly a small chore that I don’t mind. I give him a hard time when he asks but really, why not? 😊 So, with his tootsies and nails in as tip top shape as I can get them, I went downstairs to make some dessert. Unfortunately, it won’t be set enough for tonight. I guess I should have done it before sitting in the 'salon' chair.

I've been watching to see what was going to happen
here on this vacant property
There is one more lot to the left of this one

and before the snow, I showed you a picture of this
Freddy-look alike at the edge of his property
Off leash, today he watched me but didn't move or make a peep

We were finally having the last of the chili and the last of the spaghetti for supper. I made up a salad to have as a side dish. I suppose I should have made some tea biscuits while I was down there! I’m back upstairs after supper and dishes and I’m glad we’re done with the leftovers. 

The caramel custard was good for a quick dessert

I think Bill enjoyed his chili, but I only ate part of the leftover spaghetti and that was enough. The rest fed the garbage bin. The good news is that the custard dessert was set enough so we could eat it after all.

Guess who went home?
I'm sure there is a very excited little boy running around too

Bill finished watching a movie downstairs until 8 pm and I came up after dishes to finish my post and ‘chill out'. This was a nice quiet day. We managed to get laundry done and a few other things we both wanted to do. I’m happy I got out for my walk; the fresh air was wonderful! I hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday too.

Memory photo
A couple of my favourite people and Oreo
at Pilot Knob RV Resort
Jan. 12, 2020 (so I'm ahead of the game)
Good night!

Thank you for popping around.


  1. A beautiful grandbaby :-) Congratulations

  2. Your comment " a mild 32 " cracked me up. This is my first winter in Green Valley AZ. This past week it was 34 every morning but by mid afternoon it was 75. Glorious !
    Have a good week!

    1. ha ha, I can see why that made you laugh. Your morning temps are what we're happy to reach through the day. LOL Sure would love the 75 though!!!

  3. Congratulations on the new granddaughter!! We had snow here again today west of Fort Worth. Snow off & on all day. It was white this morning but all melted. Still snowing but to warm for it to stick to the ground.It never got above 35 today. We are having crazy weather. Enjoy reading your blog. 💐

    1. Thank you Rita. I'll have to look up Fort Worth, my geography is not good although our travelling has helped tremendously! Can't believe you're getting snow, you must be up high.

    2. No we are very low elevation. Fort Worth is about 30 miles west of Dallas. We are 30 miles west of Fort Worth, 16 miles north of I20. Sun is shining today. No snow at our house today. Supposed to be in 60's this week for a few days.

  4. Good! The beautiful (I remembered it this time) baby went home. Whew. Good. And thanks for your walk photos - I do love a body of water moving through the snow. But having grown up in and still living in a fairly arid environment, with no clear streams or rivers handy, I think they're wonderful no matter the time of year. You do a very good job of showing the lovely things to be found. As for the caramel custard, I want some. Now.

    1. Ha ha your comment was too cute about the baby. ;) (beautiful baby)
      I find I'm attracted to the water as well, even on the Ridge we don't have many streams and when I do, you'll notice I have to take a picture.
      The caramel custard was from a box, I cheated but it tasted nice and light. (even if it wasn't!)

  5. Hey Bonkers, we are from Tigard Oregon, then we are enjoying Plebo Estates! Normally, we do 6 months/ 6 months, but we just got here yesterday(long story). We love both places, with a slight lead here! Anyway, maybe we will run in too you, my name is Rawn Stone, see you later, Bonkers!

  6. Oh Patsy, sorry to BUT in, but we could run in to Bonkers, small World! I'll but out now!, later,Rawn Stone

    1. Ha ha, you guys are so funny! No problem with the channel messaging. I love meeting up with friends so why shouldn't you? :)

  7. Your new grandaughter has a perfect round face! Not like a new born at all. She's a beauty.

  8. I bet Easton is having a good time with his new sissy Hadley. Seems like Easton was just born yesterday!!

  9. Hadley is just adorable! I'm sure the little family is happy to be home together! Does Matt get time off (parental leave?) I know the county we worked for gives 4 weeks time off to new daddies. Sound like a relaxing Sunday for you two. Love your walks and the pictures that come with them!

    1. I'm sure they are happy but I'll bet Jess will be tired for a while. Easton is still so young. I'm not sure if Matt gets time off, never thought to ask. There are provisions for paternal leave here too just not sure at his work place.

  10. I agree with Bonkers. When you talk about a mild 32 I chuckle. Jerry won't go outside until it's at least 50. Beautiful scenery and beautiful granddaughter. Have a great day!

    1. Ha ha, the weather is obviously 'relative', right. 32F for Ontario winter = mild.

  11. Yeah baby gets to go home!! Big brother is going to be so happy.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks. I hope Easton keeps on feeling that way. I reminded Jess that he needs to be a very important helper in Hadley's young life. :)