Saturday, January 2, 2021

Resolutions? Goals? Or Same Old, Same Old

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Jan. 2nd of this new year it was 8 o’clock when we got up. I’d been sleeping for 8 ½ hours but Bill didn’t close the final page of his book until 1:30! My oh my! He is reading so much this holiday and finishing books within a couple of days! It is nice to see him relaxing for this week. Once he’s back to work the reading will slow down which is kind of good since I didn’t bring enough books.

A walk along the river road (Water Street)

The Suite has many good ones that I’ve read and he hasn’t but I didn’t think we’d need that many. I might be visiting the library for him in the weeks ahead. 😊 Susan took advantage of the holiday yesterday and got their laundry done so we didn’t need to wait until Sunday to do ours. I sorted two loads and took them down to get our drinks and say good morning to W & S at the same time. We all slept in!

Looking back to the Legion, bridge and town

Upstairs I read blogs to see what our friends across the U.S. are up to and my heart pined a bit for the warm weather that Doug and the Duchaines’ are experiencing. When they mention going inside in the early evening, when it cools down, I wonder if Bill and I will feel that chill as quickly our first time back to Arizona? That is our biggest ‘resolution?’ ‘goal?’ for 2021. Pray for open borders come October and get our butts back down there!

There wasn't much of it, but blue sky
made brief appearances
this walk was so much nicer than yesterday's up to the Ridge!

As for other resolutions, well, they never pan out for me. If I vow to lose weight, I gain so maybe if I resolute to gain weight?? Ha ha. Yah, no. I’d probably succeed. No, it will likely be a lot of the same old, same old for me since I feel, like other bloggers, that having daily, weekly, monthly personal goals is a better way to go. Small victories can be just as important as the large ones and we get to celebrate more often! 😊

It was past 9:00 when I transferred the first load to the dryer and thought about getting dressed and going for my walk. It would be a short walk but then again, maybe I’ll wait until both loads are finished and put away. I have books to drop off but I don’t know if they will all fit in the Book Barn Box plus walking with them would be too difficult with my ski poles. Once the snow melts a bit and makes for easier walking, I will take them.

Looking across the park where snowmobilers frequent

The day zipped by but at a slow pace How’s that for an oxymoron? We finished the laundry and Bill and I went down for a bite to eat around 11:30. Then, I went for my walk and got my 2 miles in. I took my ski poles and although I didn’t need them on the sidewalks all the time, I needed them to walk down along the river and through the campground. It was beautiful out, feeling quite mild at 2C/35F. When I returned I went to work on my puzzle.

It was so peaceful that I stood looking at the sparse wood area
across the river wishing I could see a critter
I was thinking 'deer' but then I heard this little guy

Bill was downstairs in the basement working on a plane while I was out. I’d bought some peameal bacon last week and had it in the freezer. This morning I took it out and it was just thawed enough to slice it this afternoon and package it into meal sizes. I took some steak out of the freezer for supper as well. I did some more crochet work on my shawl (it will take me forever), read my book and played online games on my Samsung. Trying, with variety, not to let boredom have any part of my day.

He was on the far side of the river and had himself a nice
size fish dinner

We had our supper around 6:30, steak in Madame IP with potatoes on top. Finally, I was able to clean up the last of my green bean casserole and Bill had corn as his side. Having a piece of pecan pie each leaves 2 pieces for another night. I’ll be glad when that sweet delight is gone too. No, I’m not making a resolution!! Ha ha 😊 With dishes done, we came upstairs to spend a couple of hours together. I worked on my blog and Bill did some hobby stuff on his laptop. He has a movie to watch at 9 in the other room.

I'm not sure exactly what it is but I'm sure someone reading this
who is familiar with Ontario's wildlife can help

I waited patiently so I could zoom in to all angles of his body

And I think you can see the colouring around his face

An update: I’d ordered a beautiful leather jacket from Wish on Nov. 13th. Delivery date was to be Dec. 26th. I told you about this. Upon checking the tracking # yesterday, I found that the order was cancelled (!!!) by an unknown user on Dec. 30th. I was furious not to mention very disappointed. After waiting so long…………and being so patient.

He didn't know I was there and went about his business

He didn't seem to be making much headway on the fish
Perhaps it was a frozen dinner?
My excitement for the day 😀

So, I went on and of course “Contact Us” means you get an automated question and answer blurb that comes up. This gal wasn’t happy but apparently, they will refund me within 14 days. I expressed that it wasn’t me that cancelled, as briefly as possible (you can only use so many characters), and can only hope I don’t get dinged for the cancellation. Lesson learned but I still am upset. It was in a colour that I can’t find anywhere else in genuine leather.

All done!

At the Mat yesterday, a new puzzle was left
just the perfect size for my area
Probably an unwanted Christmas gift

Okay, I’m over it and found another one from Amazon that is more $$ but still very nice. I’ve ordered it and was pleased when they emailed to confirm the size measurements before they begin tailoring it. Fingers crossed that this is a ‘done deal’. I’m not saying Wish isn’t a good company, just be careful and read all the information about returns and refunds in advance.

The steak wasn't perfect cooked for 5 min.
It was a new cut from a beef tenderloin of which I've not had much luck before
but I'll try not cooking it as long

This was a great day and with one more day home together, we hope tomorrow is another good one.  

the quiet streets of Paisley
on a Saturday afternoon.

Good night all!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Your little critter looks like an otter.

  2. Great critter pictures, that would have been fun to watch. Good luck with your new jacket.

    1. I could actually hear his munching, that's how peaceful it was around me.

  3. I think it is an otter too, very cool! Shame about your jacket, it sounds like the next choice will be a good one.

    No resolutions here either!

    1. Thanks. It is a shame, it was a really nice butterscotch colour. the new one is black.

  4. Pretty sure that is an otter too.
    My daughter has had some bad terms with Wish. Their sizing is wonky and the quality is horrible. I hope she has learned her lesson.

    1. Thanks Karen. Live and learn, maybe things happen for a reason regarding the jacket. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures Patsy! No resolutions here, just to live life the best we can and be grateful for every day! Shame about the coat, here's hoping they refund your $$. They take it quickly enough, so give it back!

  6. We have had trouble with "Wish" too. It is now off our list of places to buy from. With customer service like they seem to have, they won't be around long.

    1. I'm sorry to hear of the troubles but glad I'm not alone too! They should be out of business already! LOL

  7. That Otter knew that you were no threat to it so just went about playing with its food.
    Nice having a Busy Relaxing Day (Another Oxymoron).
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That otter was smart, knew I wasn't coming across the water! :)

  8. Harvey says it is a nice large otter and you were very lucky to get to see one that close.

    God bless.

  9. That's amazing to see an otter! And get such good pictures! Well done!

    1. Thanks F.G. He was sure intent on his meal twisting every which way to get at it. :)