Thursday, January 7, 2021

Wednesday Work, Wee Walk and Waiting

Paisley, On

On Wednesday, Jan. 6th I woke up to a pretty normal day. Bill left before 6:30 for work and I got up around 7. The sky was showing a hint that sunshine might make an appearance and later Donna texted to tell me it was a lovely sunrise. 😊 I washed and got dressed for work myself before going down to get my cup of tea.

I meant to post this one yesterday
It's a picture I took of a picture so not the clearest
We received it with our Christmas card from Charlotte
Our granddaughters 😍

Ptooties windshield was speckled with light frost
Not enough to scrape but this was before I turned the 
fluid and wipers on

I was ready to leave shortly after 8 so headed out to Durham. A clear drive again so nothing new to report. The Mat was empty and not too dirty at all. I wanted change for our bottled water, it’s $3 in coin, but it looked like Jamie had been in to empty the machines. Luckily, the coin machine took my new $5 bill. It doesn’t always like the newer bills but I must have held my foot just right! 

The sky was pretty this morning
with some blue sky showing

My favourite picture of the day

When I finished, I drove to the Water Store and then to I.D.A. to pick up Bill’s prescription and a few greeting cards for January birthdays. I had planned on stopping at Walmart but this was going to save me a stop on the way home. I nipped around the block to Rob and Pat’s and dropped off her cake tin that came with all of the goodies. Woops, sorry Rob! I should have filled it! 😊 Those cakes and cookies and nougats and fudge bonbons were delicious!! All homemade, thank you, buddies. 💓

I haven't had too many beautiful sky pictures lately
Sorry for the blur

As I was just about to detour around Hanover, I remembered that I wanted to go to Neustadt to see the house that Bill and the guys are working on. I haven’t been there since it was just a shell inside. What a change! Bill was upstairs painting trim, Billy and Brian were downstairs installing trim (?) doors (?) – I didn’t pay too much attention, and it was nice to see Mike installing trim upstairs. I don’t often see Mike as he works more than one job.

I turned left out of Hanover instead of right

Arriving in Neustadt - (I think!) 😆
Better than NO signs though

When I left, I had to stop along the highway to take a picture of an historical corner field marker. My oh my, they sure knew how to do things up in the 'old' days, didn’t they? 

This is the house they have gutted and are renovating inside
The owners will be flippiing it

The floors are done (covered here in cardboard)
and Bill is finishing painting trim
there is a lot of it!

Then, I drove straight home. I saw that Wes had their van parked on the street so just in case the lane was getting cleared out, I did the same. It could stay there for 2 hours, town bylaw, but when I go out for the mail, I’ll find out if Jim is coming today.

I've noticed this post before but today I made a point
to stop
I know you would have too!!

It's beautiful, isn't it?

I brought some cheese, yogourt and sliced deer sausage upstairs for lunch. Billy’s Mom sent the sausage home with Bill and we’ve never tried it before. I had no doubt that I would love it and sure enough, it tastes great! 😊 Around 1:30, I went out for the short walk to the post office. We are still expecting various kinds of mail and parcels so hopefully we see some of that today.

This was a beautiful horse farm with matching house
and stable but I didn't get a picture of it all
This is for our cowgirl, Nancy K.

When I returned from the post office, I took a walk around the patio to check the other two doors of the house and sure enough, nestled in against the pillar at the middle door (which isn’t even a usable door) was our box. It was just dropped between 11 and 2 so it isn’t as if it sat for a long time BUT they didn’t ring the doorbell. Weird, no wonder things get stolen from front porches. At least it was in a spot not visible from the street so blessings for small mercies, eh?

Deer sausage - it is delicious!
Thanks Mrs. Sawyer! (and Billy for shooting the deer)

We received yet another Christmas card, junk mail and a returned birthday card that I sent to my girlfriend, in London, to arrive by Dec. 9. Yes, mailed over a month ago. Silly me, this one is all my fault. Did you know that an envelope cannot be delivered if there is NO street # in the address? And NO postal code? Duh!! I don’t know what I was thinking, well obviously it was an oversight, but I felt terrible!

Jim arrived to clean up the driveway

I never miss Brenda’s birthday; I would remember it no matter what but it is the same date as Daddy’s, making it extra special. Back in the house, I had to call her right away and apologize. She had to have thought ‘hmm, no card from Pat’ and that is terrible, especially knowing that it is a special one for her. We had a lovely chat, filled with laughter, always, and we caught up on a few things. Brenda is my London hairstylist so I also tweaked some ‘golden’ advice from my dear friend.

Ptooties on the left and Wes' van on the right

Jim, the snowplow guy, came and cleared the lane out around 2:30 so Wes and I both moved our vehicles back into their spots. There wasn’t a lot of snow but what there was had piled up in clumps around where we walk and parked. It is much nicer now and Bill can back up to his spot too when he returns. I felt tired again this afternoon, and was grateful that it was a leftover supper night again. Makes it easy. I made my tea around 4 and unlocked the door for Bill soon after.

Looking out the front room window, waiting for Bill
you can see grass along the sidewalk edge
Susan uses her goose in the garden to determine
how much snow comes and goes
We all use some kind of marker, don't we?

He called and said that he and Billy were coming here first to drop off some pieces of wood from the house they’re working at. Wes is happy to get it for his wood stove in the garage and within 5 minutes they arrived and unloaded. Billy then drove Bill back to his place to pick up Black Beauty. I came upstairs around 5 to wait for his return and Wes and Susan got their supper going.

Spaghetti supper

we also cleaned up the pie

For supper, we reheated chili and spaghetti, trying to clean leftovers up. There is still enough for one more night. Bill doesn’t get tired of chili the way I do. Two nights was enough for me so I ate some of the spaghetti. 😉 Upstairs after dishes and his lunch was made, I worked on my blog. I had a feeling it would be left hanging until Thursday morning and that is what happened. I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 9:30.

Today's memory picture
Jan. 6, 2018
If you are in this picture, here is where you were on this date 3 years ago
Bill, Benno, Nancy A, Ken A. Marlene, Pat, Rob
More friends we are missing this year
good night!

Thank you for checking us out today!


  1. The girls are just adorable! I would have a hard time flipping the house Bill is working on! It's beautiful. Good thing you looked around for your package. Your spaghetti looks yummy and that cherry pie! Love your memory pictures! :)

  2. Thanks for the memory picture! Wouldn't we all wish to be there right now. There must be a lot of volume in the postal system if it takes them a month for a return letter. You guys have quite a bit of snow up there. I thought it would be gone by now. Take care and stay healthy!

    1. You're welcome! I was glad to see you two in one. :) Hoping eventually, all our friends will be in one.

  3. That marker is amazing - I don't think I've ever seen anything like it here in Saskatchewan. The house they are working on is fantastic as well.

    One of my packages is finally arriving today! It's coming by Canada Post though so should be in the mailbox this afternoon.

    1. The historical items along the highways are very cool. I try and picture people from those days erecting them. :)
      Yay, hope you have your package.

  4. Lovely picture of the girls.

    That marker is amazing.

    God bless.