Saturday, January 9, 2021

Morning Walk, Proud Grandpa Sharing our News

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Jan. 9th we woke and got up around 8. You’d think I would have had a great sleep but it was disturbed by a stupid dream that had Bill shaking me awake. I slept from 9:30 until our phone call at 11:30. I still had my ear plugs in so it was a good thing Bill answered and chatted with the new Mom. Well, not ‘new’, but a Mom again. 😊 If you’ve followed us on FB and/or read my previous blog, you’ll know by now that Hadley Rose and Jess are both doing fine. We are so proud of that little millionaire family.

There will be no times on my pictures as my walk ones
were taken on my phone
Quiet town at 8:15

Instead of having my tea right away, I dressed for my walk. The sun was coming up in the eastern sky, having just risen a few minutes before. Several people have reported that the days are getting longer, just by mere minutes but longer still. I need to pay more attention as I haven't noticed yet. I walked down past the Post Office and confirmed that they were not open on Saturday morning. Some towns offer that service, I know Durham does. Paisley doesn’t, although you can get into where the personal mail boxes are.

I was happy to be out early enough to see the sun
soon after its rising

Yes, I was a bit enthralled by the sun and the snow

I think this is my favourite though
Oh, and my little green ghost is present too!

I carried on out of town and walked past the Paisley sign, crossed and followed the back streets to Victoria, checked out the Book Barn box and followed the trail to the trestle train bridge. Time for a selfie but I didn’t walk on the bridge this morning. I was the only one out and about so early. It was very cold though, -8C/18F, so I had made sure to wear a scarf, my hat, my head wrap over my ears plus my new mitten gloves.

I checked the barn out and found 2 books
before carrying on down the well trodden trail

A hint not to walk on the bridge, I guess
It's on private property anyway, so I wouldn't dare!

The train bridge was empty of walkers
Too early in the day for them

It was about a 40-minute walk and it was really nice out there. I’m glad I followed my instinct to go early in case I got lazy in the afternoon. When I got back, I made my tea and sat upstairs with Bill while I drank it. Bill put a notification out on Facebook about our wonderful news and I had to comment that Hadley will be celebrating the birthday with Elvis. 😊

Woops! There was one loan walker

At 11:30, I went downstairs and started brunch. Poached eggs and peameal bacon on toast. We wanted to eat enough fulfilling stuff to get us through until supper. I took a small tenderloin roast out of the freezer to thaw. After eating and dishes, I had my shower and then eventually moved downstairs to the garage to work on the puzzle. With the sun shining in down there it would give me lots of light to play.

Leaving the bridge to go down the hill
to Mill Drive, another shot of the sun

A glance back down the Teeswater River to see the bridge
through the trees

Looking ahead down Mill Street towards main street
I was ready for a cup of tea by now

I worked away from 2 until 3:30 when the light faded and my solid pieces were starting to all look the same. I do enjoy working on it though and accomplished a fair bit in one corner. I forgot to tell you that at the Book Barn I found two books, one that Bill might enjoy and one for me. While at the Book Barn box, I quickly Googled on my phone the title of his so thought it was worth a try. 😊

Across from the RBC building, I saw a reflection
of someone familiar

When I came upstairs from working on the puzzle, I played my Scrabble Go games. I have 3 duplicates, meaning 2 games each for 3 my opponents and that just takes up too much time and data. When one of the two games end, I will delete it so we’re just playing one. Wes and Susan had been out for the afternoon so when I went down before 5 to put the roast in Madame IP, they were telling me about the adventure they had. Not my story to tell but maybe one day, they will take us too!

Outside our window, Eddie, W & S's son, was cleaning off
the porch roof of snow

Not an easy job but he stuck to it

By the time he was near finished, he had shed a few layers
the sun will melt the rest by the end of the day

The roast will take 45 minutes, not including the initial time for building up pressure (I’m guessing, since the centre is still frozen), so I came upstairs with Bill while it cooked. I’d added a couple of potatoes and a yam (sweet potato) around the roast as well. Ooops, darn! I forgot an onion this time. No matter, I went down with just a couple of minutes left to cook and gave it a Natural Release for 10 minutes before manually releasing the steam.

this puzzle is falling together quickly
but it is a nice challenge with the similar colours

While that was going on, I cooked some frozen butternut squash for me, fried some leftover mushrooms and cooked some corn for Bill. When all was done and removed from the IP, I made gravy with the drippings. Yummers! This was a Sunday night supper on a Saturday night. 😊 The roast was perfect and although we should have cut it a bit bigger from the tenderloin we bought, we’ll get a bit each for another night.

a good supper tonight
and colourful to some extent!

When dishes were cleaned up, we retired to our room. I worked on my blog and Bill gave me a tip for downloading pictures from my phone. It takes forever and because I forgot my camera on my walk this morning, all today’s pics were on my Samsung. Bill touched base with Wes and Susan about the new Hallmark movie that is on at 9 tonight and stretched out to read the new book I found for him. No word yet on what he thinks of it.

We had a video call from our newest
granddaughter, Hadley this afternoon
She chatted up quite a storm and then fell
She's had quite an ordeal! πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ
thank you, Jess, that was a special phone call

This was a good day and it will prove to be either a night of reading or watching a movie for me. Not sure yet, I have an hour to decide.

The memory today is March 11, 2019
Easton, Hadley's big brother
Good night!

Thank you for your visit, I enjoy having you pop in!


  1. Good too see a healthy new baby!! And thank you for your sunrise photos. When I was a walker, I always found it easier in cold weather to just get out there and get it over with!! And that had a lot of advantages. Thanks for all your posts.

    1. That's all we ever wish for, right? A healthy baby. They're so tiny, we forget how fragile. :)
      It is best to put one foot forward the earlier the better in cold weather.

  2. I left out the word beautiful for the new baby. And for your sunrise photos. So I would have used it twice in my post.

  3. What a cutie ... great pictures. Congratulations again!!
    There's nothing like capturing the sun shining on the snow. If nothing else, the cold weather makes for great photography.

  4. You both have every reason to be proud, those babies are too adorable :) You are a tough girl, out in 18 degrees for a walk! Brrr..I love the sun and the snow pretty! Oh dinner looks amazing! YUM!

    1. Thanks Shirley. :) Interesting to see the differences. Hadley is obviously more feminine in her facial features.
      Bundled up with only my face showing, I don't feel it unless there is strong wind.

  5. Hadley is so beautiful. It's going to be fun watching them grow. As you were walking I was wondering if there are things to do in the cold weather other than skiing, snow mobiles and sledding. Then you mentioned that W & S went on an adventure. I'm looking forward to finding out what the adventure was. Have a great day!

  6. Sweet photos of the babies! It looks like you had a good walk too. I must get off my butt and walk today, we're warming up to -2C later.

    Take care and stay well!

  7. Such lovely photos of the baby.

    You have quite a bit of that puzzle completed.

    I can not think of any post office that is open on Saturdays in Saskatchewan unless they are in a store. You can always get into the boxes though.

    God bless.