Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Carrying On As Usual, Package Deliveries! Dull Winter Hump Day

Paisley, On

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, I went about the usual work day ritual. Bill left at his normally scheduled time and I got up right away, checking my phone for weather updates. It was going to be hovering around the 0C/32F mark for the best part of the day with no precipitation to hinder my drive. After my tea and a small portion of Cheerios with cream, I made coffee in my thermos and headed out.

The expected ice on my windshield

I knew there would be frost on my windshield from Tuesday morning’s freezing rain but I wasn’t expecting Ptooties to be adorned in the complete sheer costume of ice. I’m surprised it actually clung to her dirty ‘landscape’! I started her up with the defrost on high and the heat cranked. Then I started at the side windows scraping. It beats sitting in the car watching and waiting. It wasn’t very cold out really, and I was only wearing my fleece lined jacket and puffy vest. 😊

but I wasn't expecting the all over ice coating
At least when it melted off, it took some dirt with it!

Driving along, it looks like I drove through a glass storm!

Funny, maybe my shell is toughening up! The drive was fine, clear and dry, and when I got part way down Concession 8 I pulled over and got a message off to Donna. She had picked up some 11% fat yogourt for me at Independent the other day. Walmart doesn’t carry it and I like shopping in Walmart over the big grocery store. I guess because the prices are better on some things plus I can wander into the ‘forbidden’ non-essential areas if I want.

There are so many old one-room schools in our
area renovated into single family residences
I'd love to tour them all!
this one is in transition

She would be working when I came back through Hanover so I stopped at their place on my way to Durham to pick it up. Thanks sis! The laundromat had one lady in when I went about hanging 4 notices. She thought the signs meant ‘closure’ so we discussed that the Mat is an essential service. I pointed out that the signs cover Jamie since as a business owner, he should be enforcing (to some degree – how you do that when you aren’t there 24/7) masks. Anyway, I finished cleaning up, we had a couple of nice conversations and I left her to it.

On my way home, once I see the windmill
up there on the left, I know I'm about 10 minutes away

Next stop was to fill our 5-gal water jug and then to Walmart for stock up on food items. I always feel quite comfortable in there but today it seemed others were not. It’s like the news from yesterday has everyone freaking out – again. They’re walking down the aisles properly but stopping in the middle and waiting for a person who is off to the side picking up items for their cart. Just move over already and let me pass. We’re all wearing masks. That was the most frustrated I’ve been.

There was actually some sunny breaks, rarely but

I go to the self-checkout line where no one is today. It is mindful of a slalom course and as I approach the opening to the 7 or 8 machines, a friendly staff greets me with a smile. I raised my arms in the air and said ‘winner!’ She got a good chuckle out of that. 😊 If I can brighten your day, even though she didn’t need it, I will do my best. In and out easily and when I left, she was right there cleaning everything I touched. Good job!

I'm back to enjoying some good  lunches again

From there, I caught the country road out of the city and zipped home. After putting things away, finding room for everything in the fridge, I made myself lunch. It was 11:45 when I was eating my egg, deer sausage, tangerine and sardines. That was filling. A message came in from Canada Post that my parcel had arrived at the post office and Bill texted almost immediately saying his was there as well. 😊 Cool!

Yay! 2 packages arrived today

I walked down and picked them both up and mailed a card at the same time. The wind is feeling much cooler than it was this morning at 8 even though it is a few degrees warmer on the thermometer. I had no plans to walk this afternoon, rather staying inside, showering and crocheting. I will also get down and put my puzzle back in the box and prepare for the next bright day with a new one. Looks like we will be getting some ‘weather’ (wet stuff) starting tomorrow night. Yeuch.

You can see the small tripod box in the big box
LOL lots of bubble wrap though

After opening my parcel, a big box for such a small tripod, I puttered around with my new toy. It is very similar to my previous ‘funky’ tripod so shall be named the same. As one commenter said, maybe if I backtrack in my pictures, I might find where last I used it. Smart lady, Marlene! Unfortunately, I take a lot of selfies by sitting the camera and my phone on inanimate objects all over the place so it might be harder than it sounds.

there it is! Cute, huh?

My phone or my camera fits
Of course, Baby Hadley on my screen

the little remote bluetooth control

I was testing the distance with the remote

I like the Bluetooth remote but my last one had that too. What I like better about this one is the distance of 12’ that I can be away from the tripod/phone to snap the picture rather than using the built-in timer. It won’t work with my camera but that’s okay. It may extend further than 12’, that is the distance across our room up here. Tomorrow’s walk, maybe I can test it right and proper. I didn’t get my shawl out to work on after all but delved into my book instead. I’m close to finishing.

Ooh! I forgot about this puzzle!
I'll enjoy doing it

I sat on the bed waiting for Bill
You can see how close I am to the end of the book

Bill texted around 4 that he was on his way so I unlocked the door for him. We sat together, he dozed, and I read. By 6, I had turned the last page. It’s a good book and even though Bill didn’t think he’d like it for some reason, I know he will. That gives him another one to read when he finishes The Patriot’s Club by Christopher Reich, which he seems to be enjoying.

A good supper tonight
with Jello for dessert

I went in to watch Jeopardy with Susan and Wes and then did a couple of rows of crocheting. This was a good day. I hope yours was too!

Jan. 13, 2019
Bill and I tour the metal sculptures
at Borrego Springs with Rob and Pat

And a beautiful sunrise in Borrego at 
what used to be our 'free' BLM land
Good night!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It will probably be a quick one but I enjoy those too.

  2. I like the selfie setup. I'll have to look into getting one. Too bad you and Bill aren't in Borrego Springs this year.

    1. It means carrying something extra around so I might not take it too often here when I'm so bundled and bulky. But I love it! It wraps around things so no excuses! :)

  3. That's amazon .. HUGE box for an item one quarter the size. LOL
    All that ice makes me cold ... I'm a happy camper to be in Yuma where it's 70+ degrees. Miss you both!!

    1. Typical, eh? We give the boxes to Wes for his wood stove. :)
      I wish we were in Yuma!! Love those temperatures! Miss you too!

  4. Your brunch looks yummy except the sardines! YUK..LOL..Yep you never know what to expect from Amazon! People are crazy, we get that here at Walmart too. Just let me shop and get out of here! Sure wish life would get back to normal!

    1. Sardines aren't to everyones taste, that's for sure. A reminder of Daddy for me. :)
      I only dawdle in the clothes section, the food aisles are easy if I can find what I want.

  5. I always laugh at the size of boxes that get used. Your puzzles are always so beautiful. We went to the Foothills Walmart yesterday and no one was skittish. Have fun with your new toy.

    1. Nice to hear that the Walmart customers there are relaxed. Careful but not 'skittish'. :)

  6. That deer sausage looks good! Haven't had any in a long time.

    1. It is a unique taste and I find I can't eat too much at one time. I've sliced a few pieces and put about a 5" portion in the freezer.