Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! First Day of 2021

Paisley, On

So, I didn’t make it to midnight last night. It was 11, after first my book and then my phone kept falling out of my hands, that I toasted Bill with the last mouthful of Disaronno and closed my eyes. They were already halfway closed throughout the preceding hour. I was done for. Now, I did roll over at 12:10 to face Bill and got my first 2021 kiss. He was still reading his book and managed to stay awake until after 1 am.

Driving to Durham, the sun was just hanging in there
behind the clouds

Today, Friday, Jan. 1st we were up by 8. We went down for our tea and coffee, read blogs and sent out multiple wishes on social media upstairs. It’s hard to reach everyone but we all try and then I’m glad when that part is over. Aren’t you? The day is fairly mild and no precipitation for the morning, at least. Good news so far on this Ontario front. 

Leaving the clear highway, Bill chose the back roads
to bypass Walkerton and Hanover

Bill had his shower and then we had a bite to eat with our second hot brew of the day. Everything is new. Everything is fresh. First time for this, that and the other thing in 2021. The morning passed quietly and around 12:30 we headed over to Durham to clean. The Mat was busy and cleaning around people was a bit challenging as they were in many of the areas. 😊 Not unexpected. I’d texted Jamie to let him know of our later arrival.

It is going to be hard for you to tell how deep
this is but trust me, I'm glad I wore my knee high boots

We weren’t there long when Jamie and his pretty daughter, Emma, showed up. He paid me for the month of December and surprised me by giving us a couple of Tim Hortons gift cards. Not necessary but very much appreciated. From there, we drove to the Ridge with the intention of dropping off the Christmas tree box, a stuffed full box of ornaments and a couple of other boxes of ‘stuff’. Boy oh boy, we didn’t quite expect it to be such a challenge.

It was pretty wild and windy up on the Ridge
so I didn't hang around taking pictures
The wind keeps the snow off the shed roofs

We had to park on North Line, no way were we able to turn into our lane, and walk through 15”of heavy snow all the way up the drive. You know the walk I enjoy all summer? Well, not today! By the time we got up there, after multiple rests, we were huffing and puffing. In shape? Not by a long shot. That was very difficult. 

I tried following in Bill's footholes on the way up and down
but they were too far apart and twice I lost my balance and went
down on my knees
It was better for me to create my own holes 😄

I remembered what my little sister, Wendy, said about feeding the birds on New Years Day so I grabbed a dish full of bird seed from the Bunky and spread it out. It means good luck and can’t we all use some of that right now? For example, we needed it to get back down the laneway! 😓

I made this photo a bit darker so you could see our tracks better

It took us 45 minutes to an hour to get things up to the Bunky and get us back down to Ptooties again. On the way through Hanover, we made a stop to wish Donna and Gerry 'Happy New Year' before trudging on home. We'd had to borrow his keys. For supper we had cottage roll, carrots, peas and scalloped potatoes with a delicious blueberry buckle dessert. It was delicious.

Baptist Church Road heading home

In our room, around 7:30, outside our window was white again. The snow was heavy but someone must have missed the message that Christmas was over and we didn't want any more of the white stuff. Bill and Wes had discussed repositioning our vehicles for the weekend to make it easier to get the truck out for driveway clearing so Bill got Black Beauty and Ptooties moved around before settling upstairs.

Supper was good!

It was a good day, nothing untoward for our first day other than forgetting some keys for the Bunky. LOL Thank goodness we could use Gerry’s set or it would have been a wasted trip. I hope your first day of 2021 was a good one. May you only experience joy, happiness and good health in the days to come.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Happy New Year to both of you!!! We had snow here yesterday & last night west of Ft. Worth. All melted today but still cold.

    1. I think it will be back and forth for us, snow, rain, melt, snow etc. :S
      You had snow? Brr that shouldn't happen!

    2. We don't get to much in the winter but it does happen occasionally.

  2. Cottage roll?? The potatoes are right up my alley. Now I have to go buy potatoes!! Happy New Year to you both!!

    1. Yup. A cheaper cut of ham from the shoulder butt end. It is cured in brine and smoked then wrapped in netting. Mom used to boil it on the stove but it is best simmered for a bit and then cooked in oven or instant pot. It's delicious!

  3. Love the very first picture! Oh the Ridge looks so pretty, but I wouldn't want to trudge up there either! Nice of Jamie to not only pay you but the gift sweet! Dinner looks yummy! Happy New Year!

    1. It was peaceful up there but oh how the wind whips through the open area!
      Jamie surprised me and yet again, not really, he has a good heart. :)

  4. Can you imagine me with my short legs in that snow? No, I can't either. I also didn't know what cottage roll was. Happy New Year!

  5. Glad the First Day of 2021 went well for the both of you.
    Since you are only visiting the Ridge occasionally it's certain it is drifting and building up.
    I remember travelling to Port Elgin many times through the Winter and seeing all that deep snow.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the New Year.

    It's about time.

    1. thank you Rick. For sure, we'd need a tractor to clear the laneway if we were living there.

  6. The snow trudging will only make us all appreciate the great southwest desert that much more when we get a chance to return. Happy New Year!!

    1. You're right! You can bet your '''' you know, we won't be doing that again in that much snow!! We're too old!

  7. You have way more snow than we do.

    Yesterday was a day of quiet reflection, the start of decluttering, and working on projects for this month.

    God bless.

    1. You're right about yesterday. good day to make plans even if only some of them are fruitful.

  8. Yes, I hope it is a Happy New Year for all!